Friday, October 13, 2017

VIFF 2017 Review--Hollow In The Land(Canada)

Written & Directed by Scooter Corkle who was born and raised the small Canadian community of Castlegar, BC was in attendance during the screening of the film and had some nice things to say about the outpouring of support he had from the local community and the surrounding towns, such as Nelson.

The film starts with a group of teens gathering and words are cast and fists are thrown until the local police show up.
"Really Miller? You pick today of all days to do this?" ask the officer.

There was a crime committed to the day of the first event of the film and that was Alison(Dianna Agron) and Braydon Miller's (Jared Abrahamson) father -Keith was responsible for dragging a young man behind his car for a few blocks and is now in jail. Years before their mother left because of their father. Now alone the sister looks out for her troubled younger brother. He has the typical outlook on life as many youngsters do and that is it's him against the world.

A night that he and his young girlfriend are  interrupted by her angry father-a night they thought they had for some intimate time-fade to black--. 
Her father's body is  found in the house, she is unconscious and the father's truck is missing along with Braydon, he is quickly the suspect in the murder.

Alison not believing that her brother is capable of such a crime, she sets her sights on finding out who is really responsible. All the while trying to find her brother before the authorities do.
Even with everything seeming to fall against her and her family , she doesn't give up hope for a silver lining. Bodies line up as we near the end, but it's worth it in the end.

For a first time  feature film Director this shows some really good promise and the use of scenery is well used to help create that dark mood of the film. I really enjoyed the score as well it fed the feel of the film and the editing helped keep the story moving along at a good pace.
The addition of Shawn Ashmore(X-Men Films)is good to help get some fans of his work to watch this little film. In Canada it has been picked up by Elevation Pictures and hopefully will get some decent push after it's festival run.

Owner  Elevation Pictures

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