Friday, November 24, 2017

Independent Film Reviews: Faye's Redemption

I have had the pleasure of seeing George's films before his last film I reviewed was "Pizza Shop" which he also sent me a copy of.
This film is a different genre for him as he usually does comedies , this one is a drama. He wrote and directed this film.

Noticing that she has not left her house in a few days Faye's landlord comes to check on her.After a few knocks she let's herself in with a key she was given. Finding the house smelling of death she finds Faye's cat and Faye is also laying on the floor.
Next we see Faye lying in a hospice bed looking pale and suffering from a cough. She has her concern as to why she is there and we go through some periods in her life with visitors , hospital staff and even a demon and an angel. There are some really good scenes throughout her stay at the hospice , she is able to face her fears and reflect on past memories as well.
My friend George O'Bart's told me it is a very basic story about coming to terms with the end of our lives.He has made a very touching film about just that. The performance of  Debbie Overybey was the highlight of the film for me and if your lead actor is not holding their ground on their own , you are in serious trouble.
The nurse to the left of the doctor has a sad story of her own to tell. She lost her brother and it haunts her to this very day that we are home with her. She keeps it hidden because she has work to do at the hospice and not to worry others. Robert Bielfelt has some touching moments as Faye's son's lover that is later just a confidant and good friend of Faye in her final stage of life.

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Anthony Nadeau

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