Thursday, December 28, 2017

Independent Movie Reviews: Truth Or Dare

We start out opening on a beach where 4 people are standing in a row and another across from them. Cameraman is positioned to film the scene of Jennifer(Jessica Cameron) pointing a gun at Tony(Brandon Van Vliet), welcome to Truth or Dare folks.
Jump ahead a bit and we have a crazed fan of the group that holds them all hostage to play his own version of the show. He kind of goes off the wall when he is thrown out of a talk show that has the group and Tony who was allegedly killed in the opening video on the beach. Hiding from the world he makes the appearance on the show.
Derik(Ryan Kiser-Above) has his own reality of what the show should be like. So he stabs others when they lie on the truth and makes one individual eat glass as punishment. Some are even dared midway through the film to harm or shoot a cup off the head of Tony. He who made it through the first initial video.
In a mindset by the end of the game the host makes the last few "members" of the game play a game of Kill or be Killed. Maiming each other to a point of onscreen brutality that I have not seen in sometime. I can handle the blood and gore , it's the pain that the actors are portraying that makes it hard for me, I know the rest is all staged.
I have always tried to watch Behind The Scenes of movies since I was a teenager, it always amazed me the amount of work that goes into making a movie. It started with David Lean and Hitchcock, then as I grew older seeing how John Landis and team pulled off the transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.
Here we move ahead, Carrie Mercado is the Special FX Makeup person for the film and she did an amazing job here.
Jessica Cameron who stars as Jennifer also co-wrote, produced and also Directed this film. Way to go Jessica that is not an easy task from what I understand.

Be warned the trailer is a Red Band trailer and is gory:
While Derik seems to be the only one that is twisted, wait until you get a load of all the dark secrets the others in the room share when they are asked for truth. Quite alarming to say the least.

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Anthony Nadeau

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