Friday, December 29, 2017

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Villainess Available Now

                                      In Korean & English w/Subtitles

From the opening scene and ongoing for about 10 minutes we have our lead character fighting a large group of men in a hallway, staircases and a large gym for working out.
She is fast and precise with her movements , at first with her gun which she is so very skilled at. Then with the two large knives when she loses her gun.
The action is dizzying and shot on a Go-Pro from her perspective for a few minutes and then we get to see her in action--boy can she fight. Good opening scene.
From a very young age she is schooled in the ways of an assassin --a boarding school of sorts if you will. There they are trained in various degrees of guns and knives and swords. She has a child early on as well. The movie is set in today's world and in a series of flashbacks to when she was being trained etc.
This really is a tight knit film, everything works and the action scenes are fast and furious. There is a bike chase and when the other bikers get to her bike they take out their swords and they have a sword fight as they are riding their bikes at breathtaking speeds.
There is a mid movie sequence of love and romance that actually works really well , in an action film a lot of the time they don't but there is a real chemistry between the actors and some really quiet and gentle scenes.
Even on her wedding day , prior to walking down the aisle -she has a target she is needing to take out.
In the washroom of a very nice mansion she is told the gun is in parts in the toilet and more under the counter. Once assembled she holds what you see above. She stops the exhaust fan in the wall so she can take out her target.
The part that most impressed me about this film is how it can go be a hard edged action film with lots of blood and violence to a quiet film ,showing us that there is far more than meets the eye with these characters. Underneath their rough , violent exteriors they just want to love and be loved just like anyone else.

This is easily one of the best action films I have seen, great acting -story is above average , the action is some of the most intense I can remember in quite sometime. Check out the trailer below:

Here is the motorcycle scene I referred to earlier in the review:

There have been a few comparisons to that of a film called Nikita, which was a remake of Luc Besson's brilliant film "La Femme Nikita" , yes I would compare this to the latter film and not the poor Hollywood remake.

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