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Press Release: The Vancouver Short Film Festival January 26-27, 2018--UPDATED!

This will be my 4th year covering the Vancouver Short Film Festival. I am more than honored and thrilled to be covering it again, I will be attending both days of the festival.
I hope to see and meet many of you that may be in attendance.


January 4, 2018 (Vancouver, BC) - The Vancouver Short Film festival is excited to announce its 2018 program. With a mission to support and foster the growth of BC filmmakers, this year's programming team had the tough job of selecting 31 short films from a record 180 submissions by local filmmakers. VSFF will run January 26th-27th, 2018 at Vancity Theatre with the aim of continuing to build ties between emerging and established professionals in the industry this year and for years to come.
Call for Volunteers: Are you interested in giving back to the local film community while making new friends? The Vancouver Short Film Festival is currently looking for volunteers to help out! If you're interested, please fill out the VSFF Volunteer Form HERE!

2018 Festival

VSFF’s 2018 program is filled with many amazing performances, and will have a record number of female directors featured this year. Looking for a little bit of drama? Craving some comedy? Anticipating some action and a whole lot of horror? We have got you covered! With 3 more films than last year, get ready to be entertained by 31 of the best short films BC has to offer!

Want something a little spookier? Get your popcorn, and settle in for an extra special treat: for the first time ever VSFF presents the After Dark Screening - a curated horror screening featuring spectacular horror films from BC filmmakers. 

Hosted by Gigi Saul Guerrero - the female creative force behind Luchagore Productions, and Director of Stage 13’s La QuinceaƱera, this is an event you definitely won’t want to miss. 
Her directed film "Bestia" -which won Best Short Feature at last year's "The Blood In The Snow Canadian Film Festival." is playing Friday night January 26 at 10 pm!

Gigi was kind enough to share her thoughts on the hosting and her new venture as an instructor at The Vancouver Film School in Directing! 

"When I was approached by the Vancouver Short Film Festival to host The "After Dark" screening I was so excited. I felt very blessed , I have never hosted a show before.     I've always attended screenings & I think it's a such a great  opportunity to talk to the filmmakers and ask them questions and to get the audience to interact.    For me it's so important to attend these kinds of festivals , because it's the only way to network and the only way to see the faces of the creators and have the opportunity to talk to them.

Now that I am a teacher at The Vancouver Film School it's one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done in my entire life & my whole career. Every time I get to teach I get to not only show them new things but I get to share my experiences and seeing the bright faces on the students for me it's super inspiring, because that's what film making is about. It's about collaborating and sharing & learning from each other. So I am very, very lucky that Vancouver Film School asked me to be a part of it.

For full details including the schedule, and to purchase your tickets, visit our website at

Ticket prices online at the VSFF Box Office are:

Adults: individual ticket $15 / passes $55

Student/Senior: individual ticket $12 / passes $42

Shorts of Note:

Unintentional Mother by Mary Galloway 
Official Selection: 2017 Whistler Film Festival
Synopsis: For an Aboriginal girl who must choose between running from her abusive father or staying as a devoted nanny, family is all about perspective.

Flash Flood by Alli MacKay
Official Selection: San Francisco Transgender Film Festival & 2017 Whistler Film Festival, screened at the Montreal Festival Du Nouveau Cinema
Synopsis: Flash Flood, an animated documentary, brings three transgender voices to light while they share their intimate relationships with their identities. Parallel to this, in a dreamlike universe, three people find themselves marooned separately during a cataclysmic flood event. As the three subjects struggle to find each other, memories and thoughts well up from deep within their bodies.

The Good Fight by Mintie Pardoe
Premiered at the 2017 Vancouver Film Festival
Synopsis: A young nun yearns to explore her sexuality before taking her final vows and committing to a lifetime of celibacy

Cypher by Lawrence Le Lam
2017 Top 6 Finalist of Crazy 8s Film Festival
Synopsis: 5 years after the 1992 LA Riots, worlds collide when a Korean-American high school student finds himself drawn to LA’s underground hip hop scene, where he discovers a platform to confront his painful past.

High Energy by Peter Faint
Peter Faint has directed two major short films including Darts (2016) and High Energy, which will screen at VSFF this year.
Synopsis: A boy oppressed by his social standing at school dangerously finds community in the racist and misogynist forums of the Alt Right and pick-up artists as he is ultimately goaded to execute real-life change.

The Vancouver Short Film Festival is a great opportunity for local filmmakers to share their work in public alongside professional filmmakers while also becoming part of a skilled and supportive artistic community. We hope to see you in January!

About VSFF
The Vancouver Short Film Festival (VSFF) is committed to the celebration of the vibrant community of short film, video, and animation artists on the Canadian West Coast. We hope to build ties between emerging and established professionals, and provide an arena where all short filmmakers, including students, can screen their films in public and support their fellow colleagues. Our ultimate goal is to connect short filmmakers to a broader audience in order to grow the local film industry.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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