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Agonia Records Press Release: SUSPERIA (Ex-Dimmu Borgir/Satyricon Members) Stream New Album 'The Lyricist'

Having only hearing of Susperia and not knowing their style of music I have always associated the name with the 1977 film by Dario Argento--it is a horror film.
The reason for the connection the names is there good combination between horror and Heavy Metal has a good history and rightly so.
Both of the first videos for the album are very dark in music and in the visuals for them as well, making the connection even stronger than some artists.
With this talent on this album it will not be surprising  to see this one do well, I wish them luck.
Look for my full review of the album , coming soon.
Here is the first video from the album:
My Darkest Hour:

Now onto the Press Release:

SUSPERIA stream new album "The Lyricist"
Norway's melodic black/thrash metal outfit SUSPERIA, comprised of former Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and Old Man's Child members, release advance stream of their new album "The Lyricist", due out on March 16th via Agonia Records. Listen to the band's first new album in nine years at this link:

"The Lyricist" is available for pre-ordering at this location. 

The origins of SUSPERIA can be traced back to 1998 when Tjodalv, then occupying the drum seat with Dimmu Borgir, and long-time friend Cyrus (ex-Satyricon, Old Man's Child) got together to share ideas and write songs. Clearly rooted and seasoned in the Norwegian black metal scene, SUSPERIA elevated its sound into more melodic areas of extreme metal, embracing and exploring a variety of musical avenues with ease.

On "The Lyricist", SUSPERIA has gone back to its black origin in many ways, one of which is a more grimmer expression. The characteristic melodic twist the band is known for is still present, and an additional layer of variety has been added thanks to new vocalist, Bernt 'Dagon' Fjellestad (whose stage debut with the band was made at last year's 70000 Tons Of Metal Festival). From SUSPERIA's pragmatic point of view, the new album is a "good old-fashioned kick in the head, both old and new fans should find enjoyable".

"The Lyricist" was recorded at three different studios in Norway between February 2015 and May 2016. The album was later mixed and mastered at Strand Studio (Chrome Division, The Wretched End, In Vain) by Marius Strand. Cover design and artwork was prepared by Vincent Fouquet. New band photos were shot by Espen Bakken.

1. I Entered
2. Heretic
3. The Lyricist
4. My Darkest Moment
5. Day I Died
6. Void
7. Feed The Fire
8. Whore Of Man
9. Come Alive

Album formats:
- Digipack CD
- Black LP
- Black & blue on trasnsparent LP
- T-shirt (men's & girlie sizes)
- Digital 


Dagon - vocals
Tjodalv - drums
Memnock - bass
Cyrus - guitar
Elvorn - guitar

SUSPERIA on-line:

Agonia Records:

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