Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dread Central Presents An Epic Pictures Release--Terrifier

For the better part of the last decade or so there has been an abundance of "Horror Movies" that are so overly produced or directed by people that have no idea what they are doing.
We have the same scenarios , which is fine very little changes in regards to settings and horror has been around for centuries.

We here have a standard setting, two young women being stalked by a maniacal clown .......this is where this film kind of turns things on the proverbial head.

We have two young women that are out after a night of drinking, it's Hallowe'en night that is the reason for their dress.
They are too drunk to drive home and plan on getting some food and letting themselves get a little sober before attempting the drive home.
Also in the same neighborhood is 'Art The Clown" who is out for more than trick or treat, he's in for some scares and he's not joking around. The women somewhat tease him and head to a pizzeria --where he follows them, not a big deal right?
He goes in and sits kitty corner from their table and stares-smiles at one point(above) but is so very creepy. This movie pulls out all the stops, it is edge of your seat kind of creepy they really pulled this one off. This is the most impressed I have been in a horror film in a very long time.
Not giving into his stares , it is after all Hallowe'en night so it's probably some joker in a clown outfit trying to get some scares.

She could not be more wrong....this is one of the most maniacal evil characters created in some time for horror. This is something we need more of is some creative energies put back into the horror genre. With all the movies for teens and young adults there is very little originality anymore , when there is we all want more of it. But these days it is so few and far between.
This is a frame from the film but as one of the young women are trying to get out of an abandoned building --he blocks the door like he is standing in the picture. Then he jumps at her, makes for a very uneasy scene that's for sure. But man it felt so good, lol.
There are a few more bump in the night sort of scares but the overall affect of the film is one to be remembered for years to come and I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to have seen this film.

This is not for the squeamish or for children it is quite intense and brutal in a lot of the film. For those that love horror I cannot recommend it enough. There is a young woman that actually stands up to the monster and gives him a bit of a showdown , knocks him down a peg.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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