Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Terrifier Is Coming For You: Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack Will Kick Off Dread Central Presents Collector’s Series!

I was lucky enough to have been able to see this fantastic little horror film and was curious as to when it was coming out on any platform to alert my fellow horror fans of it's release.
Well , that day is upon us as I was told a few hours ago that TERRIFIER  will be released upon us on March 27th on a Blu-Ray & DVD Combo pack.
Here below is the news I received:

No more clowning around! After several successful VOD releases and a series of monthly theatrical event screenings, Dread Central Presents are now bringing their horror movies home, where they belong, with collector’s edition Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs, starting with Damien Leone’s 80's slasher throwback TERRIFIER on March 27th. 

“We are still avid collectors of physical releases, so it is important for us that we make the films available that way,” said Dread Central Presents’ Director of Distribution, Rob Galluzzo. “We worked very closely with Damien on every aspect of the disc, including the cover artwork, the menus, and the special features to make sure we delivered a great package to fans that have been waiting for Art the Clown’s arrival. Dread Central has always been for the fans, by fans, so we know what we’d want to see and you’re going to get that with our collector’s edition discs.” 

In TERRIFIER, a maniacal clown name Art the Clown (David H. Thorton) terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way! From Damien Leone, the director of ALL HALLOW’S EVE and FRANKENSTEIN VS THE MUMMY and starring Jenna Kenall (THE BYE BYE MAN) and Catherine Corcoran (RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH), experience the film that Bloody-Disgusting called “the scariest clown on screen!”

TERRIFIER will begin shipping in an all-region Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack on Tuesday, March 27th at a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Pre-orders are available exclusively through the Epic Pictures’ store at $14.99 here:

Terrifier Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack(click here to order)

Below is a full listing of bonus features and content you’ll find on the disc!

Features Include:
- Audio Commentary with writer/director Damien Leone and David H. Thorton (Art the Clown)
- Behind-The-Scenes Footage
- Interview with Jenna Kanell
- Deleted Scenes
- Art the Clown Time Lapse Make-Up Video
- Stills
- Red-Band & Green-Band Trailers
- English and Spanish subtitles
- Collectible Reverse Cover Art
- All Region

Pre-orders are also available on iTunes: 

Terrifier on iTunes(click here)


Also I would like to share with you again if you did not read my review for the film it is below:

Terrifier Review(click here)

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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