Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Asylum Movie Reviews: Atlantic Rim -Resurrection(Available Now)

Some people laugh when I tell them that I review for The Asylum, saying they make low budget films. Well so do a lot of studios, here's the thing though when I mention the name of the studio , I often get a blank look. I then say best known for Sharknado, then that is when the attacks happen.
I like movies of all genres I am a movie connoisseur , I will give anything a try. 
In all fairness The Asylum was the first "little" studio that let me review for them back in 2012 when I was sent the actual DVD of "Grimm's Snow White" I have not done a review for them for sometime now but they have allowed me to continue non the less.
Thank you Courtney Kensington!

We are back in the same territory as before, not so familiar faces but the time is 3 years later than the last attack. Many of those on this mission had friends and loved ones die in the first attack.
The creatures are back and the machines are in need of attention but because of the attack that is happening on the shoreline, they need to be battle ready regardless.
 Dr. JP Roth(Steve Richard Harris) has been trying to get the machines ready and preps the new crew of the machines and asks them to be alert as their movement is somewhat slow and could pose a risk for their safety.
Transformers meet Godzilla is basically what we have here and the bigger monster looks like a giant crab/cockroach kind of mishap.

They kill one of the smaller ones , seen crawling at the bottom of the screen and try to analise what it is that they can use to kill it.
We have a man from the Pentagon who is sent out to help with the mission, different scenario here is that this General Worthington(Terry Woodberry-top left) is not an ego maniac or a control freak , he is simply there to help.
There are some decent action scenes and the special effects seem to be getting better, a lot better than when this company first started and the acting was pretty fair too. Consider that the majority of the film is the actors trying to imagine what is in front of them, real make believe, not an easy task I am sure.
All that being said this is not one of The Asylum's stronger pictures , that is for sure they have had better ones than this.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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