Friday, March 2, 2018

Vancouver Short Film Festival Interviews with Mayumi Yoshida & Lawrence Le Lam

When I arrived at the Vancouver Short Film Festival on Sat January 27,  I was happy to see so many people I had met in previous years before and meeting some new ones as well.
I had some scheduled interviews planned and I was able to meet with both of them , so without going any further we shall proceed with those.

First off I got to meet with and interview Mayumi Yoshida, who had her short film "Akashi" show the previous evening. 
She told me about the film , the history of it and future showings of the film and upcoming projects as well.
Below is the interview:

Her film would later that evening go on to win two of the bigger awards of the night, see below.

Shortly after my interview with her I met with Lawrence Le Lam where we discussed his film "Cypher" which was the film that was closing out the night. Lawrence had one in previous years at the same festival for his short "The Blue Jet" we discuss both  of the films and what he is working on now and also future projects.

Also in a lucky evening for both of the people that I interviewed his film "Cypher" would go on to win most of the major awards as well for the night.

Congratulations to all of the crew members and their wins for the evening. 

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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