Sunday, April 1, 2018

Little Shop of Movies Review: Happy Death Day(Available Now)

At the opening crawl of the image of the Universal opening for the film it tries to start 2 times and both times starts over again. Third time the charm they say.
We open with a young woman waking up in bed to find she is in a dorm room--she immediately gets dressed takes some Tylenol and is out the door, but not before running into one of the young man's friends first as she leaves the room.
Our lead Tree(left-Jessica Rothe)is a super bitch thinking that she owes no one anything. Including her roommate Lori(Ruby Modine) who baked her a cupcake for her birthday. Upon leaving the room she tosses it into the garbage without hesitation.

She later heads out to a party and on the way she is being watched by the person in the mask behind her--he catches her and as soon as he kills her--she wakes up in the same bed at the same time as she did that same morning.
She repeats everything that happened that day and evening -except for going to the same place she went to only a few hours before.
As the movie continues on it gets a bit creative in that she is starting to realize that its all happening yet again. She is aware of her surroundings and that is starting to have a major affect on her --she is feeling like she is going crazy.
Now we get a little closer to the middle of the film we start to get into the standard jumps and scares, there starts to be the typical walk around the room and have the bad guy jump from somewhere.
This becomes the standard norm now, just another cookie cutter horror movie from the people at Blumhouse.

I really lost interest in this after the 50 minute mark it had nothing to really give any thought or consideration for any of these characters. They were all such dry and uninteresting "people" in such a boring and overdone film.
I have less and less faith in modern horror films , at least those that come from this production company and the consistent bad movies they continue to make.
Everything wraps up like a sappy Disney or Hallmark movie it made me laugh and angry at the same time. Dumb and a waste of time.
The producer of this film also produced The Purge, Get Out and The Visit which have to be three of the worst movies I have seen --so I will steer clear of this producer like I do with Micheal Bay.
This one is in the same family of lame ducks.

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