Friday, April 13, 2018

Save The Rio Theater: An Experience You Can't Download

December 18, 1930  The Stanley Theater was born and after a hard decade in the 80's it was closed down in 1991. It too was threatened to be torn down but in 1997 it was saved by a group of citizens and investment groups.

It now serves as a theater for both live theater and movies as well.The theater was purchased back from Famous Players that same year. In later years Cineplex would buy out Famous Players in 2006.

"The Theater was re-opened under the Artistic Direction of Art's Club Theatree Company  production of "Swing" in October , 1988.(1)"
(1) was from "South Granville .org-The Stanley Theater"

Another staple in the community of Vancouver is the Hollywood Theater on Broadway Street. The theater opened in 1935 and closed permanently in 2011.

"A development application by 4184 Investments Ltd. has been submitted to the City of Vancouver to redevelop 3133 West Broadway, a property immediately west of the theatre building, into a new six-storey building with mixed-use purposes.

The new building, designed by Marianne Amodio Architecture Studio, will consist of 4,423 sq. ft. of ground-level retail and 40 market housing units in the upper floors. There will be two levels of underground parking with a total of 47 parking spaces.

The new building will have a total floor space area of 63,000 sq. ft., including the 8,000 sq. ft. theatre, which is one of Vancouver’s largest standalone theatres with 651 seats – larger than the Rio Theater in East Vancouver.

It will have a similar business model as the Rio Theatre, with a focus on live performances, independent film screenings, cultural events, and non-profit and free event space."(2)

Now we come to the final approach to the Rio Theater and Corrine Lea and her staff's undying love for this treasure in the city of Vancouver. Where others give up and walk away, she fought the BC Liquor Board and won the right to serve alcohol in her theater.
It had a rippling affect across the province.
Where others will just have live theater and movies, this is where the Rio stands out. From Movies to live concerts, theater, film festivals, live music, spoken word & Burlesque dancers. A true market of unique and different styles for any taste across the board.
With an effort to she started with a petition and within 5 days they were able to get 20, 000 signatures!
Here are some videos below , some history and also the 30 hour  Telethon that raised $80, 000 over the 2 evenings.



                                         MUSIC VIDEO
                                   THE LAST STAND



The telethon went on and both Pat & Eric I was told by Corinne that they fought long hours and tiredness and was able to keep on track of the events happening and there were even some guests at The Rio that stayed for the entire 30 hours.
Their love and dedication showed and ended up generating more amazing numbers for The Rio of the entire time of $80, 000.

 Now we have all this video for support but there is some other news as well if you are not following what is happening with all of this.
Actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted back on March 11th, he also gave a generous donation that he has requested remain unknown.

The Rio Theatre in Vancouver is legendary. Spoiler Alert: I plan to be buried there. You can help rescue this landmark of community and art by clicking: 

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