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Epic Pictures Review: Brothers Of The Wind(In Theaters & VOD June 19, 2018)

Beautiful Cinematography , Music that soars with the eagles , all this and a wonderful tale of a young boy and a baby eagle that are both given a new hope for life in this sometimes cruel and harsh world.
Quite often we have seen these tales of young meeting with an animal of the wild, however here it is not for the sake of the boy but for the sake of the animal here and what is best for both brings an understanding between himself and eventually his father,

We have Lukas(Manuel Camacho-Among Wolves)he is a quiet boy since the passing of his mother, his father who is distant and drinks his sorrows away is a hunter and lays traps and often shoots at the eagles that fly overhead. He does not understand his son and his want to only speak with the animals.

Keller(Tobias Moretti-Cold Hell)is a man that keeps to himself and knows that Danzer(Jean Reno)keeps a watch on his son as well as the animals in the area.
 Jean Reno is one of those actors that can fit into any kind of movie , I remember first seeing him in The Big Blue and then as a hitman in The Professional. Here is a the narrator of the film as well as a great supporting actor for our lead and the animals that accompany this magnificent film.
There is of course drama , but the film is shot very much like Jean- Jacques Annuads "The Bear", we do not have talking animals or anything particularly cute, but life happening here. We are almost treated to a nature documentary with some of the footage that I think might have just been by luck of the directors , but amazing to watch one scene with mountain goats.
Later in the film Lukas is told by Danzer to get the eagle into the sun to help the wings change color, he is also told that sausages are not good for him--dark liver however is.

There are some basic tales of woe and the typical father/son character story but this is so beautifully shot and the performances give it a little something more, like a movie Walt Disney himself would have shot.
If you love the wild and the animals that are in it -I cannot recommend this film enough. It is a tale for all to see as it is in the Epic Family a great addition to a  company that I have had the pleasure of reviewing for the past few years now.
I have seen a great amount of family films over the decades being a babysitter for 13 years and doing daycare for another few years having 2 boys of my own and playing Santa Claus for the  past 11 years.I can honestly say that this is one of the best family films I have seen in a decade.

They also have a statement at the end of the film:

"At no time during the production animals were harmed, neglected or recklessly treated.(All pictures were shot in harmony with nature)
They also give credit to WWF Austria and the beauty of the Alps.
Filmed on location in Austria , Italy & Switzerland.

Trailer for "Brothers of the Wind"
Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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