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Epic Pictures Review: The Lodgers-Available Now on DVD/Blu-Ray & Netflix

Rachael & her brother Edward live in a mansion together that was left to them from their deceased parents.
There is a curse on the home. A rhyme is spoken of the curse the film opens , we (as they) are reminded of it a few times in the film.
Edward traps himself in the house, fearful of the outside world. Where as Rachael wants to leave the house , town and everything she has known before and start anew.
There is a shame that is spoken of that lives within the walls of the house. We are uncertain as what this is  all about. A few times Rachael tells Edward that they are not their parents and too old for such things. What does she speak of?
This is a ghost story that is effectively told, if you can appreciate a slower paced film and allows it to tell its story I think you will enjoy this.
The gate in one scene shows us that unwelcome guests are automatically shut out from entering the grounds.
Rachael meets the local young man Sean, who they quickly fall for each other, she is a bit more hesitant on the romance than he is.
This film does not introduce anything new here, however the performances are enough to have kept my interest and to see how it all plays out.
There are some great visuals throughout the film and was filmed in Ireland's most haunted house as well.

Here is the link for the house:

Loftus Hall

Here below is a Behind The Scenes of the film:

Then here is the trailer for the film:

The Lodgers is available on a 2 pack DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack and is available through the Epic Pictures website, link below:

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