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Interviews with Lost Nebula, Be Faced, Desert Merc(July, 2018) The Astoria Hastings , Vancouver BC-Canada

I was given the opportunity to attend this show that would be host to 3 other bands that night. I asked Jon Asher with Asher Media Relations to be able attend and interview Lost Nebula from Mexico. I was quite excited to do so.
Upon entering the venue I met with James Buhs, the manager of Desert Merc and I was asked to possibly interview his band and also a touring band from Australia Be Faced. I would welcome the opportunity to meet more bands than I had scheduled too as I am all about helping the up and coming bands.

This impressive rock band  Desert Merc would start off the night and set for what the other bands had to contend with through the night. Even though that was not their intent but such a tight unit the 4 members are -being told later in the interview that night that this was only their second performance--wow!

Before we started the interview we were interrupted by a man that was certain he was a woman and then proceeded to tell all of us that we are of both sexes when we are in the womb. He was topless and then took it upon himself to squeeze his nipple to the point of extracting liquid from his breast. This is slightly covered in the interview immediately following this report. The picture below is asking where he went??That was the exact area he appeared at, I think it still gives Scott the drummer nightmares!

Remember when music was about song writing not about Pro Tools tricks and backing tracks? We do!

The brain child of Paul D'Eath (Mushroom Trail, Soma City Ward, Universal Freak, Devils 'N' Angels), DESERT MERC is here to remind everyone why we fell in love with rock 'n roll in the first place.

Next would be Be Faced  from Australia ,this was their first tour of Canada. Be it a small tour they were very happy to be a part of it all.
This night would see this band performing as a trio as their other band mate was at home in Australia, but listen to the interview to find out why --if you don't already know. They would be possibly the heaviest band of the evening, really pleasant to speak to the 3 of them. They really seemed to enjoy their short time in Canada and plan on touring as soon as they possibly can.

From their Facebook page:

Recognized as “heavy-tech metal,” Be Faced has its roots in genres old, new and theoretical. Be Faced have been bringing their head-banging, electrifying metal music to audiences in Australia since 2013. The band’s high-energy performances transport audiences as Be Faced blends foundations of the old thrash metal with evolving technique and powerful riffs, keeping the fans thrashing and roaring for more. “Dime is not dead. His spirit lives on through Be Faced, giving you thrash the way it used to taste” - Willem Hendriksen, Retro Rehash Radio, Blue Mountains.
Be Faced? The name comes from the idea that all things that are to be challenged and overcome must be faced. When Sunday afternoon jamming and drinking between brothers and friends in the Blue Mountains turned into a coordinated musical mission and passion, Be Faced was born. The band draws its distinct style from old and new, not excluding blues and jazz Their main influences include Pantera, Lamb of God, Periphery and Gojira, to name a few.
Since their formation, Be Faced have performed more gigs than you can count in Australia, alongside powerful bands such as Red Bee and King Parrot, before touring across USA and Canada in 2018. Following the release of their first EP, Ingot (2016) and their single ‘Taxed to Death’, Be Faced are now back in the studio, working on their second album set to release mid-2019.

Next would be the band that I would be coming to see. I had brought my
girlfriend to the show and we had a long day and we were both tired and unfortunately would not be staying for the bands performance.
I really enjoyed meeting the three young men that make up a good amount
of the band. We had a really great discussion about keeping your faith in
believing things will work out for the best.
Out of the three bands I interviewed that evening they are the only ones
that have a video.

It's a number of years old now but this will give you an idea of how
they sound.

Without further ado I give you the interviews.
My apologies to all those of you that have been waiting foe these.
I have compiled them together in one video to make it easier to find.
You all have been waiting patiently for me to finish this and I thank you.
Thank you to Jon Asher with Asher Media Relations and to all the band
members I spoke with that evening!

Thank you for reading this

Anthony Nadeau

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