Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dark Sky Films Review: The Witch Files on DVD & Digital Platforms Available Now

From the press release:

High school becomes literal hell for a group of young women who tap into witchcraft in order to fulfill their every wish in THE WITCH FILES. The witty new thriller arrives on digital platforms and DVD on October 9, 2018.

While spending a dull detention together, an unlikely gathering of teenage girls discovers one of their group may possess supernatural powers. Intrigued, they follow her into the local woods, where they harness the ambient energy of witches who were persecuted there hundreds of years ago.

Realizing they now have the ability to make every desire a reality, the girls form a coven and soon have the entire school under their control. Their newfound power, however, comes at a deadly cost, and before long they find themselves under attack from one of their own ... who isn't about to give up the good life without a fight.

THE WITCH FILES, from director Kyle Rankin(Infestation, Night of the Living Deb), is told with a mixture of deft humor and teenage drama that will appeal to fans of Charmed, The Craftand Mean Girls. It proves we should all be careful what we witch for.

The film stars Paget Brewster(Criminal Minds, Community)Holly Taylor(The Americans)and Greg Finley(The Secret Life of the American Teenager)
This is my first time receiving a film from Dark Sky Films and what a great way to start with this little gem of a film. 
Meeting in detention as mentioned above these young woman quickly become interested in each other and then over time become friends.
It mixes humor and some cleverness to make this one stand out amongst the rest of the similar films of this type.
I don't need to make mention of those films as anyone that may have a slight interest in the film, will have already heard the comparisons by now.

We have a diverse group of young women and they use this new found "magic" to their own benefits, as I am sure most of us would.
Some use it to "help" them with school, shopping and even with the purchase of a new car.
I like the diversity in this group of young women and even though it starts off as a typical teen film, it ends up being more than that. A group of strangers that quickly become friends and some very good performances throughout the film, keep the viewer engaged.

Even the little bit of special effects work as well, there is a small effect that we can tell they had a limited budget but knew how to use that to their advantage , stretching one of the few frames of the young woman to a larger scale than the truck behind the young woman in the picture above.

If you enjoy films of witches and ones like Hocus Pocus that you can watch with the younger members of your family , then I believe you will enjoy this one as well.

Well done all around.
The trailer is below:

  Here is a Behind The Scenes video of the movie as well.

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