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Bloodlines: The Art & Life of Vincent Castiglia--Available November 13th-On DVD & Streaming

Let's talk about art, shall we?
When you think of art you often think of the masters -Van Gogh, Matesse , Renoir, and for some even Andy Warhol.
Think abstract, still life, there are so many.
Now think of the colors, watercolor, oils and water paints.
Then there is.....
Yes you read that right and what you see is right(above).
Vincent Castiglia paints with blood, his own and on some special occasions other people's blood as well. What might strike some reading this as odd is something that should not be judged until it is fully seen to be appreciated in John Borowski's new film, Bloodlines: The Art & Life of Vincent Castiglia.
Where Vincent has such a great skill as a painter, regardless of his medium or desire to paint in blood, John captures the art and the styling of Vincent so very well in this very intimate and enthralling documentary about a man that was basically tortured as a young child by his mother. He shares some very personal things with the viewer and yet through all of the pain and anguish --emerges an artist.
His decision to start in blood really happened when in a fit of anger smashed a number of things in the apartment they were in and wrote. "Welcome to my Hell" in his own blood on the wall from his fingers that were dripping of it.
Later the pain would become too much for Vincent and he started abusing drugs--any drug he could get his hands on, went into his body.
This is not a plea for sympathy on his part or something the director is trying for either, this is a pure tale of truths that happened in his life and the pace and style of this film is one of the best I have seen this year.

John Borowski has made a good number of documentaries on serial killers over the years. I had reviewed his film "Serial Killer Culture" a few years back, with this film he really knocks this one right out of the park. He really shows his craft here with the skill of telling the story to keep the audience involved. Even if you are slightly disturbed by the sounds of the painting in blood, there is nothing sinister here or even remotely disturbing. What I found disturbing was the footage of a plastic surgeon doing some of his work. I think Vincent does amazing work and John does a fantastic job of capturing that.
                  John Borowski(left) Vincent Castiglia (right)

We meet some friends of Vincent who have known him for many years and have seen him in his darkest and best days.
We meet a few fans of his work , including some from Heavy Metal bands, such as Slayer. Kerry King and Gary Holt are big fans of his work and Gary even had Vincent use  blood and do some work on a guitar for him.(seen below)
Sometimes the best art is born from the darkness, Mary Shelley apparently wrote "Frankenstein" on a stormy weekend. Had it been a nice sunny weekend maybe the creature wouldn't have come to life.
The same can be said here if you will, it's still art whether you agree, like, dislike his paintings. It's his release , it is what he has found that does best for his expression and that is what art is all about.
Vincent explains to us that he tried the other varieties of painting and found he couldn't connect with the paints him. He needed something that he could fully express himself with.

"This is how-I pray
These are my prayers. This is my sacred space. 
That canvas is like the alter.
I'm spilling myself out, on that alter & giving a blood sacrifice in the name of art, & evolution & personal progress."
(Vincent Castiglia)
Vincent even did a painting of John Borowski(above).
Amazing work by both creative parties here, John really helps Vincent's work breathe a life of it's own. I think this is a masterful film. 
Sometimes the most tortured souls can give us such beautiful gifts.

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Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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