Friday, November 30, 2018

Dead In A Week(Or Your Money Back) Movie Review- In Theaters November 30, 2018(Route 504 PR)

Quite some time ago I had said that I wished that someone would make a film of someone who works in a challenging position that has aged and is no longer good at what they do. My wish seems to have been answered.
Dead In A Week tells the dark comic story of William(Aneurin Barnard)-(Dunkirk, Bigger)who has not been very successful in ending his own life. Ten failed attempts at it, it seems he is not meant to die after all.
At the start of the film we meet William on a bridge contemplating to jump or not. Along comes a figure in the dark-this is not a scene from "It's A Wonderful Life". The stranger asks if he needs any help "Need a push?"
The stranger is Leslie(Tom Wilkinson)-(The Full Monty)(above)who is a assassin for hire, upon leaving he gives William his business card and tells him to call if he fails again.
William is a writer who has written a book about all of his attempts of ending his life. He has the book returned in one scene and gives Leslie a call. They meet at a local diner and the contract to end his life is signed.
Leslie used to be the top assassin in his day very much like we see in most assassin movies. The difference maker here is that Leslie is older now and misses his mark, and often now.
That is where the comedy comes in and I don't think they could have picked a better person than Tom Wilkinson to play the part. He adores his wife of 30+ years as does she of him. This is a nice balance in the film.
Penny is played wonderfully by Marion Bailey, she plays a wonderful character and she herself has been acting in many films as well, such as: The Lady in the Van. Penny waits patiently for Leslie to come home also for his retirement.
After a few mishaps Leslie is called into  his bosses office and told to take a retirement clock and enjoy his last days with his wife. Afraid of retirement , he continues his quest to make quota for the company.
William gets a call from a publisher who is very interested in working with him and his book.

Later in the film he  becomes involved with the young woman who works at the publishers, Ellie( Freya Mayor) she supports William and he tells her that since he met her suicide has not been on his mind.
I quite enjoyed this little film and if dark humor is something that you enjoy , I think you may enjoy this as well.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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