Saturday, November 10, 2018

Movie Review- BIGGER-Available Now

This is the tale of two brothers Joe & Ben Weider who created an empire.
Facing many challenges along the way but not letting that get in the way of their dreams of building an empire for bodybuilders.

They would start off small, these two from Montreal and go to start Mr Olympia which of course would bring Arnold Schwarzenegger to become the first overall winner that year. Many years later we know who he is.
The likeness and physique of the young man playing Arnold makes you have a double look at him often in scenes. They do a great job there of making his innocence come through and his naivete as well.
There is more than just the Mr Olympia story here there is also the issue of competition and this plays out like a typical scene in most of these movies are the biopic's. Making the audience want to hate the "bad guy" so much to have him root for the lead character(s) It's something that kind of weaken's a film such as this. It has some really great performances and some good storytelling, minus some key factors that it plays out like a made for TV movie.
Joe and Ben would start off by making the publication "Your Physique" which they would later change to "Muscle & Fitness" Magazine. Their circulation  has dwindled from 327,000(2014) to 271,000(2016)-US Numbers(stats from Statista).
Joe would later create "Shape" magazine with his wife Betty, "Shape" would later be bought out by Meredith Corp and combined with "Fitness".
In it's time "Shape" was the fitness magazine for women.
All in all I did like this film and thought they pulled off what they set out to do, minus a few things mentioned previously.

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Anthony Nadeau

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