Thursday, December 6, 2018

100 WATT VIPERS Release Official Music Video for "The Bell Tolls Heavy" (TAG Publicity)

Stripped down music video, just the two men on a porch. Nothing big and fancy just bare bones music,  let's the viewer enjoy the music for what it is.

Below is from Tag Publicity:

December 5, 2018 - Bluesy hard rock duo 100 WATT VIPERS has released the official music video for "The Bell Tolls Heavy" off of their newest LP, Holy Water. Filmed and directed by Connie Crowder, "The Bell Tolls Heavy" was shot in Starke, FL.

"The 'Bell Tolls Heavy' is about the struggles of the working class man. It's about working hard, trying to live with honor, feeding the family, and getting beaten down again and again, but always getting up. No matter how weary and tired he becomes, he always gets back up, and is truly a rich man as a result." - Paul Joseph

"The Bell Tolls Heavy" Music Video below:

Track List: 
1. Aces High 
2. Penny In The Well 
3. You Ain't Gonna Take Me Down 
4. The Bell Tolls Heavy 
5. The Thunder Cries 
6. I Am the Traveler 
7. Holy Water 
8. My Old Bible 
9. No Salvation in These Fields 
10. After the Storm Comes the Peace)After the Storm Comes the Peace 
11. We Ride On 
12. Hard Summer Coming Down 
13. Ain't Got No Golden Cup

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