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Blaze -A Fire Deep From The Heart Of Texas-Movie Review(Route 504 PR) In Theaters December 14, 2018

Blaze is a low-key movie about a singer who is not known by many. I had not heard of the man myself before watching the film, he is in fact a real person and the film was co-written by his widow Sybil Rosen and Ethan Hawke, he also stars as the Dj sort of as a narrative of the story in a way. Ethan Hawke also directed the movie.

This is not your standard musical bio-pic instead we have a narrative that is circular in telling the story of Blaze Foley, some mesmerizing performances along the way to keep interest.
He was an unapologetic person, believing in his words in his music , his love for others even though at one point his love for inanimate objects would be the reason for his split with his wife Sybil Rosen.
There is a beautiful connection between the characters in this film and is brought to life by Ben Dickey(Blaze Foley)& Alia Shawkat(Sybil Rosen)not often that an actor/singer can pull of a performance like this.
Where other bio-pics may have the name of the artists to guarantee the success of the film, instead Ehtan Hawke relies on the acting of his lead actors and supporting cast.
Quite often there are scenes shot such as above , we are an observer on a man and his surroundings , which fits perfect seeing as he was a man of mystery to a lot of people. Allowing others to only see what he wanted them to see, so the framing of the scene makes sense and works.
As the story unfolds it becomes more interesting he is at one point of the film becomes irate that a man is using the phone in the small space of the area he is performing in and shouting as well. Blaze makes some comments  and the man realizes that his remarks are about him and subsequently an argument ensues , a fight follows.
Where other films would have used this as a selling feature for the film, this does not after all the film is not about that, it's about the artist and the songs he sings from his soul and who they are written for.
I think for the story being told here ,we needed this smaller approach to it and I applaud the filmmakers for doing so. There is a smooth transition in the editing of the film.
While he is in the truck waiting for Sybil to come from the Dr's where she had an abortion , he sings a song of random thoughts to himself. She comes back to the truck and the scene ends with us following a man walking in front of the local store to the T & T Liquor & Lounge. We follow him through the store and into the lounge where Blaze is on the stage(a corner of the lounge)he is the man that starts the argument that leads to the fight in the film.
That is the other thing about the film is that all of the violence and there is very little, is all off screen.
Again I feel that they didn't want to make the story of the violence but about the man and the music he made for all of us to enjoy. He became the unsung Texas songwriting legend that helped spawn the likes of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson.
Like many that desire the spotlight of fame , they often become more alone in their personal lives , his love for drugs and alcohol would not be his demise but rather trying to protect a dear friends money from being taken by his son.
Another argument takes place off screen where Blaze is shot and succumbs to his injuries. We are witness to the last few minutes of his life, not in graphic images of his wound but just his life taken at such a young age.
His most recognized song that many Disney fans would know is the lead song from "Robin Hood", at least it was for me when I heard it in the film.

It starts today in theaters across Canada

Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Halifax (Cineplex)

Here is the trailer for the film

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