Sunday, December 2, 2018

Dark Sky Films Review-Await Further Instructions(Available Dec 11, 2018)

It's Christmas time and the family is gathering at Mom and Dads for the holiday feast. It's full of Christmas cheer and plenty of bickering for all to hear.
It's Christmas eve and they are having a family disagreement to the point of Nick(Sam Gittens)and his girlfriend Annji(Neerja Naik)are planning on leaving the family festivities earlier than planned.

As they plan for their escape early in the morning as they open the front door , there is something in their way. Black and not able to budge it, they check the windows and other doors-it's everywhere.
Their cellphones do not work, computer either. The television seems fine and has a message on it. " Stay Indoors & Await Further Instructions"
Now my interest is perked and so is theirs. They are seated around the table for dinner and  a new message
"All Your Food Is Contaminated-Eat Nothing"--more messages coming in
"Wash Yourselves With Bleach" Syringes drop through the chimney into the fireplace. Message-"Use Trial Vaccination Kits-Atmosphere Contaminated"
Annji being a nurse is concerned that the syringes are not new and that is posses a danger for everyone in the house.
They sterilize the needles and everyone...eventually takes the dose of whatever is in the syringe.
Kate(Holly Weston)-Far left in picture above is concerned for the baby that she is carrying in her stomach.
Grandad(David Bradley-above) has an instant reaction to the injection and dies.
Spitting up blood , it's not  a pleasant sight at all.
"Vaccination Procedure Complete" "Return All Clinical Apparatus Via The Access Slot"
The movie continues to have messages and the tension in the room and the entire house is starting to take it's toll on everyone. They are frustrated and confused as to what is happening, is it an attack or something worse?
The father of the house is becoming odd and making assumptions that the government is telling them what to do via the television.
This is a good little tale of what happens when things get out of our control and we are told very little except Further Instructions.
Fear makes people do things they wouldn't normally do , but when you're left with the idea that all you know is what you are being told by something as random as the television in your living room.
Sure this sounds absurd I am sure that some of you might say that, trust me when I say that this was a really enjoyable little Christmas Sci-Fi Thriller.
So it's not going to make you want to hug your family closer, maybe want to visit them next year when this gets figured out.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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