Monday, December 24, 2018

Horrorshow BLACK CHRISTMAS Fri, Dec 28th Hollywood 3 Cinema Doors 11:30pm, Film @ Midnight! $5

The same year that I started this blog May, 2011 my friend Jon Aaron also started his Horrorshow. 
I have had a few articles on his show and also on him a few years ago. I thought as a way to end off the year instead of doing Best/Worst shows but instead help promote the things that my friends are  working on or doing.
This is for all of us that like horror movies all year round, he also has Cult Classics from time to time.

He had written this Friday evening's show in Pitt Meadows BC, Canada.

It's the time of year again boils and ghouls!
Time to deck the halls, ring hells bells & spread that old holiday FEAR!

This month we venture back to where it all began... 1974. A full four years before Michael stalked the streets of Haddonfield, a young director by the name of Bob Clark took terror to new heights as he spins a sinister story of some sorority sisters who end up on the wrong side of a telephone call one bleak winter's break.

What happened next goes on to be one of the most hideous holiday horror stories ever crafted for the silver screen!

So join us creeps and cadavers, as we celebrate a landmark of the macabre, this month we screen: BLACK CHRISTMAS!

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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