Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Behind The Scenes You Tube Channel-New Movie Reviews & More!

So I have had a YouTube channel since 2009 and have mostly had it for interviews with musicians and people in the movie industry.
I am now starting some videos where I will be doing movie reviews on and on the first video I give thank you's to all the studios and filmmakers that have sent me movies since I first started my blog back in 2011.
In future videos, I will be reviewing movies on an individual basis.
At the top of this page on the right side in a box will be my new videos each time that I have a new one to share. As shown in the picture above.
For the first one I am going to share it here and if you like what you see and hear then please subscribe to my channel and then you will get my updates as they happen.
For each new video that I post I will be changing the picture to go with the review. I will be doing singular reviews for movies to start off with and then maybe more at a time. I would like to just focus on one movie, to begin with.

In this first video, I thank the studios and Independent Filmmakers for sending me their movies over the years. More of those to come as well.

Thank you for reading this 

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