Sunday, May 5, 2019

Blood Of Heroes-Symbolic Voices Digital Music Review(Voodoo Queen Management)

From the opening notes of the first song, not sure what we are going to hear...BUT THEN!
"Fucked Up Shit!" kicks into high gear and doesn't let you go throughout the entire song.
Formed in the fall of 2016, Blood Of Heroes has been paying their dues and playing clubs, etc, the usual blood, sweat, and tears that a lot of bands have.
All that hard work has paid off,  as they have signed and have their new album released through AMG Sony.
They do a great cover of The Cars song "Moving In Stereo" with some great guitars and bassline to help the vocals along. Then finish the song off with a somewhat classical music exit, seems fitting.

"Mr. Creepy Man" starts off with a great riff and then met with some good vocals by Rich Treadway. The song makes a musical change(after the laughter) about midway through and really keeps the listener interested in where this is all going. For some reason at this part(vocally), I thought of Layne Stanley(Alice In Chains) when he sang "Rooster"

This album has good riff after another from song to song. Rich Treadway belts out the vocals, Phillip & Eric are in charge of the guitars-Torbjorn plays the deep bass and Nicolas keeps everything moving with his pounding of the drums. Overall this is a good album that I have enjoyed listening too.

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Anthony Nadeau


Johnnie said...

Blood of Heroes is the best "Metal" around. I've been to several of their shows. The Passion, energy & pure love of metal shows in every song. ROCK ON!!!!

Johnnie said...

Blood of Heroes is the best "Metal" band around. I've been to several of their shows. The pure passion, professionalism & dedication shows in every song. ROCK ON!!!