Wednesday, May 22, 2019

British Columbia Talent--CD Review: Rebel Heart -Yuk Fu, Classic Rock Music From Courtenay, BC!

Band Members
Ian Goodship
Jimmy Dupuis 
Charlie Aiken
Josh Fulford
Henry Grierson


Courtenay, BC

Back in February, I made a New Music Release video on YouTube and this band commented on the video asking "How do we get you our songs for review - tnx"

I then contacted them and after a few emails, they sent me their music!

I have had a few short email chats with Charlie from the band. We discussed the members of the band as I noticed one was missing, Charlie wrote back.
"Yes we were a 4pc – I use to play keys for some of the songs but I also play rhythm guitar and lead vocals – so we decided to add a keyboard player."
"We will be getting new photos done shortly with the 5 of us."
That person is 
Henry Grierson
I feel that if Steve Earle met Tom Petty and wrote some songs together, then if they had this band sing the songs --this would give you an idea of how they sound! That is at least for their first song on the album "Self Made Man".

Here is the MP3 video for the song.

I really like their sound through all the songs on this album. The title song is really catchy too, good rhythm, groove, vocals, and a  great bassline all of it, drums too being a drummer myself I find myself tapping my fingers and feet to the beats.

Here is a live song that they posted Dec 2018 on YouTube.

Another question that I had for Charlie was if they have some new music they are working on and any tour plans for the summer.

"Yes, we have been working on recording for our 2nd CD with producer Paul Laine and engineer Ron Obvious. We have several festivals booked that we will be playing this summer."

So they may be walking away in the picture, but they are far from being done anytime soon by the sounds of things that Charlie told me.
I leave you now with my personal favorite song off the album.
"Light The Fire"

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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