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New Music Releases May 31, 2018---Wild Planes, Gaahls WYRD, Blindberry Ghost, D-A-D, Kaleidobolt+ more!

This-like many other weeks have a number of New Releases. Please note that the releases seen here are only from the labels that I review for, this is a mixed bag of music. I have so many labels that are kind enough to share the music with me.
Without making this terribly long for you, the reader and for me to put together, I have thought of a new format and that is to have the album cover, a little snippet on the band, label, etc and then I will provide links for the websites and if available , also a music video.
Reternity - "Facing The Demon"
MDD Records
31 May 2019
German collective Reternity are "Facing The Demon" with their debut full-length! With the experience of Carsten Sauter (Mighty D., Pyroclasm), Semen Brik (Echo.Mensch), Sascha Beul (Remember Twilight, Darkness Ablaze) and Stefan Zörner (SpiteFuel, Lanfear, Strangelet), Reternity delivers a compact and extremely multi-faceted record, with a wide-ranging and versatile style approach.

Arcane Mysteries (CD, LP) 
Hells Headbangers 
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present FUNERAL STORM's highly anticipated debut album, Arcane Mysteries, on CD and vinyl LP format. Featuring members from Hellenic scene legends Varathron, FUNERAL STORM delivers truly ancient - and truly authentic - Greek black metal in the most classic early '90s style, full of mysticism and might.

FUNERAL STORM was formed in 2001 by Wampyrion Markhor Necrowolf under the name Raven Throne as a one-man-project. The name was later changed for legal reasons, and after several changes, the moniker FUNERAL STORM was chosen. Lyrical themes were set early on, and are heavily inspired by occultism, legends, myths, evil, mysteries, horror, and the Cthulhu mythos.

Hellish Grave
Hell No Longer Waits
Release: 31 May 2019
HELLDPROD RECORDS is proud to present HELLISH GRAVE's highly anticipated second album, Hell No Longer Awaits.

Hailing from Brazil, HELLISH GRAVE formed in 2011 with the intent to play blackthrash influenced by great masters of the style, such as Vulcano, Sodom, Celtic Frost, Venom, and Nifelheim, as well as classic heavy metal acts like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Mercyful Fate. After the release of a demo and an EP, in 2016, the band released their debut album, Worship Macabre, via Kill Again Records, which is also the label home for Violator, The Force, Attomica, etc.

Emboldened by that momentum and striking while the iron's red fucking hot, HELLISH GRAVE return with an even stronger second album, Hell No Longer Awaits, via fans-from-the-beginning HELLDPROD RECORDS. Pushing forward a more unique identity with the force of an iron fist, HELLISH GRAVE here aren't easily labeled as simply "black thrash"; their songwriting chops have deepened, and they've found an ever-elusive balance between tight execution and Bachanalian wildness. More to the point, they're delivering fucking ANTHEMS that are more accurately described as BLACK heavy metal: the headbang reigns supreme, and it's supremely evil. Not for nothing is the album devilishly titled Hell No Longer Awaits, such is their slaying...

Hidden Lapse
Rockshots Records
Release: 31 May 2019

Power-progressive metal band HIDDEN LAPSE has just unleashed “Dead Jester”, the first single off their sophomore album “Butterflies”
The band comments on the album:
“We are all ‘Butterflies’, our lives spring into each other, too fast. This album puts us behind the eyes of eight unique anti-heroes and victims of our time, who don’t belong here though. ‘Butterflies’ is all about being trapped in recursive routines and still remaining on the outside.”
The new album “Butterflies” is an aggressive and melancholic power prog album, with ethereal vocals, abrasive riffing and pounding drums.

"Aftermath” ft. Guests From Primal Fear, Soilwork, Destruction - Out May 31, 2019
Rockshots Records
After almost 7 years of absence, CONSTANTINE from Athens, Greece is releasing his most promising work to date, his second solo album “Aftermath” on May 31, 2019.

”Aftermath” itself is a modern metal masterpiece with CONSTANTINE delivering his most soulful, technical, inspired performances & compositions with collaborations with some of the most prominent vocalists in the world of metal & rock, such as: Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Bjorn ”Speed” Strid (Soilwork), Schmier (Destruction), Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Firewind) & Chris Clancy (Wearing Scars).

TryglavNight of Whispering SoulsExtreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records
Tryglav, black metal from Croatia has released a new single “Night of Whispering Souls” off the debut album of the same name, which will be unveiled May 31, 2019, via Extreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records. The solo act comes from the dark mind of Boris Behara, who was looking to express his vision in his own way and have full control over the music.
Tryglav is a god in Slavic mythology that represents the sky, the earth, and the afterlife. Channeling this power since 2018, Behara creates melodic, aggressive classic black metal with 80’s horror imaginary that is suitable for all fans of the genre looking for something fresh to bang their heads to.

Tryglav Facebook

Cipher - "Réminiscences"Self-released29 May 2019DIGITAL | CD"Réminiscences", the new offering by French melodic death metallers collective Cipher, is like a chest in the cellar which we use to keep our memories for a long time and we end up forgetting what's inside it. But one day as we pass by, we wonder about its content, so we open it and rediscover bits of the past ... pieces of our life. To celebrate 20 years of existence, Cipher has decided to re-record old songs from their discography. “Réminiscences” features 11 tracks released on previous albums plus 1 cover from A-HA. During this exciting experience, you'll be able to testify the band's progress over the years and their path to find an individual style within the melodic death metal genre.

I Am The LawDance of the Southern WitchJudge, jury, and executioner have arrived in metallic form. I Am The Law, the punishing quintet out of Nashville, Tennessee, are here to exact justice while swigging from a bottle of Coldcock Whiskey. Bluesy groove metal is the trade they ply, tracks drenched in the warmth of the South that can switch from lackadaisical to fist-swinging with just one wrong look. That’s the vibe on new double-single “Dance of the Southern Witch”/“The Earth Will Eat Today”, two wildly different tracks to showcase the dualistic styles mentioned above.

EVIL ANGELUnholy Evil Metal (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present EVIL ANGEL's long-awaited second album, Unholy Evil Metal, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.
Formed during the dark days of 1998 in Lahti, Finland, EVIL ANGEL finally burst upon the international metal underground in 2002 with the Dark Forces of Hell demo. For the next number of years, the band would continue to perfect its outbreak-of-evil style of black thrashing metal across more demos, splits, and the aptly titled Metal Onslaught EP. That last-named record was crucial in pointing the direction forward for EVIL ANGEL: each new recording brought them down into deeper depths of primitivism whilst underlining their connection to the unyielding strength of true METAL.

Concrete FuneralDebut Album "Ultimum Judicium"
Concrete Funeral is a no-holds-barred contingent of death/thrash from Calgary, Alberta that has done much to project themselves to the forefront of their local music scene since 2015. Known for packing venues and festivals while bringing a heavy and powerful presence to the stage, Concrete Funeral has had the privilege to play with bands such as Archspire, Battlecross, Disciples of Power, Kataklysm, and Toxic Holocaust.
Incorporating a vast variety of influences with some of the more prominent being Warbringer, Zakk Wylde, and Onslaught, and Hypocrisy, Concrete Funeral produces a sound in the veins of Death, Exodus and Lamb of God. Citing references like Hobo With A Shotgun; the band embraces over the top comedic horror and frequently embellishes their metal with those themes. Concrete Funeral is comprised of four talented musicians from Alberta that collectively have decades of experience behind them. In May 2019, they will be by releasing their debut album “Ultimum Judicium” with plans for future touring within Canada.

Wild PlanesSingin 'N' Slingin Independent Wild Planes is a rock band based out of New York City consisting of Lead Singer/Guitarist Kris Carmello, Bassist Jimmy “Ray” Hoag, and Drummer Andre Jevnik. Being labeled as a "wild"  band with an unmatched energy and a big personality, Wild Planes is on the rise fusing Rock "N" Roll and Pop."Singin 'N' Slingin is the best body of work we've written so far. From start to finish, its rockin and groovin. We wanted to pay homage to our rock n roll roots and we did just that! Our leading track, 'Money,' is about what we all love and hate.....Money! We wanted to write about Money lyrically within the verses from both sides, having a lot and not having enough. In the end, Money makes this funny world go round. As a band we are wild, funny and always having a good time. This EP captures who we are." Wild Planes
Wild Planes Facebook

Gaahls WYRDGastiR - Ghosts InvitedSeason of Mist
Gaahls WYRD, fronted by legendary black metal vocalist, frontman, artist and composer Gaahl, will release their highly anticipated debut album ‘GastiR – Ghosts invited’, via Season of Mist on May 31st.   Gaahl is known as one of Norway’s most talked about and respected extreme metal musicians. His work with TRELLDOM, GORGOROTH, WARDRUNA and GOD SEED has been widely regarded as some of the best the black metal scene has had to offer.  Under the moniker Gaahls WYRD, the vocalist assembled some of Norway’s finest metal musicians. The band consist of Ole Walaunet (The Batallion, God Seed, Grimfist), Frode Kilvik (Krakow, Aeternus) and Kevin Kvåle (Horizon Ablaze). This highly qualified bunch has recently toured a finely selected, career spanning repertoire from Gaahl’s time in TRELLDOM, GORGOROTH and GOD SEED to great acclaim. 

TOXPACKKämpfer Napalm Records „Kämpfer (German for fighter) is for everyone who struggles day in, day out in modern times. For everyone staying true to themselves, never giving up and who keep fighting for their dreams and goals!“ – TOXPACK Berlin based TOXPACK certainly always were true to themselves in the band`s 18 year-long history, and it comes as no surprise their ninth album is still all Sturm & Drang: Pure street rock, as raw as it can be, and as melodic and catchy as it should be! The five piece delivers rough anthems full of longing („Setz die Segel“, „set sails“), calls out imposters („Arschloch“, „asshole“) and writes an ode to the much loved Berlin bar „Trinkteufel“. Kämpfer is rich with heart`s blood and embodies the perfect soundtrack for all those highs and lows life has in store for all of us: This one`s for all you dreamers, kings, losers, drunkards, heroes and those who won`t back down – those who fight.

Into The Night
High Roller Records
Leathürbitch are a promising new American band skillfully combining glam and speed metal. They were formed in 2015 by founding members Patrick Sandiford (guitars) and Meshach Babcock (drums) and consist of a group of seasoned musicians that have made a name for themselves in the Northwest metal community. Based in Southeast Portland, Oregon,

Thrash La Reine
La Foi, La Loi, La Croix 
Thrash La Reine is a Montreal-based French heavy metal trio founded in 2017. In their music, they comprise styles of their main influences of thrash and power metal as well as paying homage to their home city and the francophone punk bands that were notorious in the Montreal scene during their college years. In each song, they mix the epic themes of power metal with the social topics of punk and thrash metal to make a style that they dubbed ‘’Epic Thrash’’.

Thrash La Reine Facebook
GloryhammerLegends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex Napalm Records
The GLORYHAMMER story tells the legend of the glorious hero Angus McFife, who wages a long war against the evil sorcerer Zargothrax, in order to free the people of the Kingdom Of Fife. At the end of the second GLORYHAMMER album Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards, Planet Earth had been destroyed by the Hootsman, with an explosion so powerful it ripped a hole in the very fabric of spacetime. And yet, Zargothrax was still not defeated, for he managed to use his last shreds of power to escape through the dimensional rift. Vowing to defeat the evil sorcerer, Angus McFife XIII followed him into the portal, with no idea where it might lead… In this latest installment of the GLORYHAMMER story, the galaxy waits in fear for the return of Angus McFife XIII, who fought the greatest battle the galaxy has ever heard of, against Zargothrax. All hope of the Kingdom of Fife lies in the strong arms and the infinite wisdom of their young prince.

Release: Blindberry Ghost - Blindberry GhostFormat: CD & DigitalRelease Date: May 31st 2019Record label: Concorde Music CompanyGenre: alternative rockCountry: Finland
Blindberry Ghost is a new Finnish band in the rock genre. This power trio shed its skin and transferred its sound into rock music. Blindberry Ghost was founded in 2018 but the guys have been playing together since 2012 in roots genre. The band is well known for its high-energetic live performances and huge trio sound. Blindberry Ghost will release its debut album on 31st of May.

VORTEX OF ENDArdens Fvror Osmose Productions Born in the northeast of France in the early 2000s, Vortex of End is one of the most uncompromising bands that has risen and terrorized a slowly dying black metal scene.   Years have made Vortex of End's music richer, its violence harder, and its ritual more glorious, and the band thus became the spearhead of what French black metal should have never stopped being: a mix of totalitarian darkness, an elevation through pain, courage through destruction, intelligence through violence, accomplishment in blood. JOIN THE PHALANX. FEED THE EGREGORE.

Release: Chronoform - From the VoidFormat: DigitalRelease Date: May 29th 2019Record label: Inverse RecordsGenre: Modern MetalCountry: Finland
From the Void is the debut album of the Finnish modern metal band Chronoform. Uniquely combining modern and traditional metal, From the Void offers the listener crushingly heavy riffs, progressive and groovy parts as well as some room to breathe.Preceded by 3 singles, which got a great response on streaming services, From the Void marks a crucial milestone in the band’s release history. Having worked on the album for quite a long time, Chronoform have been able to shape their sound well, which means that the record doesn’t sound like it was made in a rush.

D-A-DA Prayer For The Loud AFM Records Eight years. That’s how long it’s been since Denmark’s most celebrated rock band D-A-D released their last studio album. But now the wait is over. The band’s legion of fans can start the countdown to May 31st when the Danish rock legends unveil their latest album, 'Prayer For The Loud’. It’s been a long time coming but it has been well worth it!
The new album harks back to the core of what D-A-D does better than most: four guys who play thrilling rock music with ferocious energy, catchy songs and an infectious commitment. 'A Prayer For The Loud’ has a clear musical link to classic D-A-D albums such as ‘No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims’ and ‘Riskin’ It All’.

1914The Blind Leading The Blind Napalm Records

The Brutality Of The Great War – Pure Historic Blackened Death/Doom Metal!
Metal with WWI lyrics is a traditional affair – especially in the extreme metal sector where bands such as Endstille, God Dethroned or Hail of Bullets set the bar high. But none of them took the matter as seriously (visually too!) as 1914! The Ukrainian act mixes blackened, massive death metal with audio drama soundscapes and disquieting melodies, and tunes like ‘A7V Mephisto‘ bring in the majestic doom factor. The Blind Leading The Blind towers over the listener with dense atmosphere and technical supremacy and even has a surprise up its sleeve in shape of the blackened punk cover version of The Exploited`s ‘Beat the bastards‘. A future genre classic!

Pohjan Porteilta 
Purity Through Fire 
A lurking-yet-potent essence in the ever-fertile Finnish black metal underground, NATTFOG have been a study in "quality over quantity" since their formation in the dark days of 2007. After a demo and a split LP, NATTFOG boldly proclaimed their arrival with the debut album Mustan auringon riitti. Righteously raw yet majestically melodic, Mustan auringon riitti was quintessential Finnish black metal to the letter, but uniquely maintained a rowdy 'n' rousing folkloric element which suggested further mastery to come.

KaleidoboltBitter Svart Records With one foot in classic heavy power trio rock’n’roll and the other knee-deep in a psychedelic frenzy, Finland’s Kaleidobolt blast off into inner space with their third album Bitter. Having perfected their craft on the road all across Europe, with two previous albums under their collective belt, Kaleidobolt have become a fierce live experience, guaranteed to blow minds and ears.
Kaleidobolt, however, is far from your usual deafening stoner rock experience. Their music is all about texture and depth, and beneath the lysergically frenzied riffs hide worlds of exquisite soundscapes. For the new album, the band decided to take an even greater leap into worlds beyond and hired Niko Lehdontie (Kairon; IRSE! and Oranssi Pazuzu) to produce the album and Lauri Eloranta (the current go-to guy in Finland for indie pop and rock bands) to mix it.

Pale MiseryBlack Candles And Gutter ScumLouisiana blackened crust merchants PALE MISERY will release their Black Candles And Gutter Scum debut May 31st. A sonic ambush of second wave black metal and filth-infused crust emerges from the dying earth. Droning riffs poisoned in depression and drenched with violent distortion devour any dismal sense of hope. PALE MISERY crushes all that crawls with a devotion. Out of time and out for blood. Starting as a duo, bassist Thorn Letulle and drummer Garret Cantu set the groundwork for what was to become PALE MISERY. Initially un-ordered chaos, the sound found structure with the early arrival of guitarist Jacob Neu. Solidified in their vision, the three went on to write, record, and produce Black Candles And Gutter Scum.Captured over a period of two weeks, the majority of the album was self-recorded in the band’s home studio while drums were recorded in a wood shop. With the mission to capture the harmonic richness and dynamic performance of the band, atypical techniques were drawn upon; vintage methods paired with modern gear, along with Letulle’s custom built speaker cabinets.

That is all the releases for this week. Please let me know in the comments which one of these you enjoyed the most.
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