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Short Story Cinema -'Jumper' Screening At The Cannes Film Festival, May 19, 2019(ChicArt PR)

(From the press release)
"The American Pavilion at the 71st Festival de Cannes has included in the selection of their annual Emerging Filmmaker Showcase the bold dramatic short film Jumper, by Egyptian-American actor-director Ayman Samman. In this powerful yet intimate 11-min film, the subjects of sexual identity and suicide are trapped in a vertiginous dilemma between morality and choice, following tradition or following your heart. The short cautionary tale aims to spark a much-needed dialogue in the Middle Eastern community while featuring dimensional, non-stereotypical characters from that group."

Credit: Shakeel_Bin_Afzal
Actors: Ayman Samman and Rasha Mohamed


Sunday 05/19 @ 4pm: Emerging Filmmaker Showcase – American Pavilion

Wednesday 05/22 @ 12pm: Short Film Corner - Palais G

My Review:
This 11-minute short film starts out with our lead actor Ayman Samman as Jack Salama at home, refusing to answer his phone. He is a policeman we find out as his partner knocks on the door Rasha Mohamed as Nola Rimes asking him why he isn't answering his phone.  
Credit: Shakeel_Bin_Afza
Actor: Mico Saad
She tells Jack that there is a jumper and she needs his help as he is looking to speak with someone who understands his culture.
The two men have a pleasant but also a difficult discussion about what brought the man to the top of the roof, to begin with.
I always feel that a lot of these short films deserve more credit than they sometimes get and it's nice to see that this will get some major attention, soon.
It is a well done little film.
The acting and all the crew should be proud of their work done here.
Ayman Samman

Director, Writer, Lead Actor
Credit: Shakeel_Bin_Afzal

Director's Biography

Ayman Samman is an Egyptian-American, director/actor who was born in Cairo, Egypt. Ayman holds a degree in Egyptology and fronted one of the very first Heavy Metal bands in Egypt. As an actor, he was seen in American Sniper, Scandal, The Looming Tower, Madam Secretary, and other large-scale productions. Ayman strives to create his own films which are void of the on-screen stereotypical Arab characters and create opportunities for Middle Eastern performers to be in those projects.

Behind-The-Scenes Still
Credit: Shakeel_Bin_Afzal
Director Ayman Samman giving instructions to actor Mico Saad.
Director's Intention

I wanted to tell a story that featured Middle-Eastern characters dealing with issues that are rarely discussed in our culture. Jumper tackles topics that are still considered taboo in Middle Eastern communities such as Suicide and LGBTQ issues. I believe films and stories can heal or serve as a catalyst in someone's healing.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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