Saturday, July 6, 2019

Upcoming Films --Announcement of The Murder Muse By George O' Barts

 I just got some exciting news from my good director friend George O'Barts down in sunny Arizona. You might recognize his name from a couple of my previous reviews. George is the filmmaker of the irreverent and unapologetically offensive comedy "Pizza Shop: The Movie" from 2013 and the dark drama "Faye's Redemption" 2017. The next film he promises to bring us is a horror entitled "The Murder Muse". 

George offers this brief description of the film's story: An Arizona Dinner theater, Mother's Murder Hosting, harbors a dark secret hidden in its props room. After the theater owner, Evelyn Brown a former Hollywood star is found dead, the theater is acquired by community college acting instructor Tom Wilson. Tom spends his life's savings purchasing the place at an auction with the hopes of selling the former stars original scripts to bankroll his own filmmaking endeavors and turn the dinner theater into a movie studio. These plans are dashed when he discovers he got much more than he bargained for after one of his students helping clean the place up comes face to face with the former owner's ghost. The phantom shreiks the ominous message "The man in the chair wants to kill you all" at her, then vanishes as suddenly as it had appeared. Tom and his students find themselves caught in a battle between two spirits they don't understand. One that claims to be their salvation and the other one the first spirit claims to be pure evil. The group must solve the mystery of the man in the chair if any of them hope to make it to the end of the school year.

The Murder Muse began filming on June 12 and is expected to be completed by October 2019. More updates will be posted on the groups Facebook and a review of the film once that's been finished will appear here.

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