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Chris McIvor, President and Executive Producer of Frank Digital, is pleased to announce that Humboldt: The New Season, the restorative documentary about how the families and the community pull together and heal in the year after the tragedy, co-written and co-directed by award-winning Kevin Eastwood (After The Sirens, The Death Debate, Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH) and Lucas Frison (Talent, Fragments of Penny, Modern Mimes) will premiere on CBC Docs POV on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 9 p.m. ET (9:30 NT) on CBC and the free CBC Gem streaming service.

Humboldt: The New Season filmed over 11 months beginning in August 2018, as training for the new hockey season began.

Crash survivor and Humboldt Bronco from the 2017-2018 season, Layne Matechuk (R) works with his physiotherapist, Jonathan Fouhse (L))
When a devastating highway accident in April 2018 thrust Humboldt, Saskatchewan into the international spotlight, voices from across Canada and from around the world responded with condolences, vigils, and tributes. As the shock subsided and the world stepped back to let the community grieve, the directors of Humboldt: The New Season stayed with the families for 11 months, beginning in August 2018, as training for the new hockey season began, and the families and players gradually adapted to their new reality, including the trial and sentencing of the truck driver, with surprising and touching results.

Humboldt: The New Season follows five of the survivors: Brayden Camrud and Derek Patter as they return to play for the 2018-2019 Humboldt hockey season with a different coaching staff and new teammates; Tyler Smith, Kaleb Dahlgren, and Layne Matechuk who continue their recovery while trying to pursue their love for hockey in new avenues;  the late Logan Boulet's parents who carry on their son’s legacy by spreading the message of organ donation, something Logan helped raise unprecedented awareness about across Canada; and Mark Cross' parents as they see their son's memory live on through the York Lions hockey program where he was a former player (and where Kaleb was recruited). This is a story of healing without ever forgetting or letting go.

“To the rest of the world, Assistant Coach Mark Cross was one of the people who died on April 6, 2018, in the Humboldt Broncos accident. To me, he was a lifelong best friend. With this documentary, I wanted to honor Mark and the 28 people he worked with on the team. We filmed with the Broncos and a number of families for one year following the accident, and their resiliency has shown me that the memory of the lives lost will never fade,” said Lucas Frison.

“I learned so much from everyone we met making this film: about healing, about resilience, and about finding peace – and meaning – in the aftermath of immense loss. It was profoundly humbling," added Kevin Eastwood. “This is a story that had a lot of media attention. In the early days, we’d have just set up our camera when suddenly other news outlets would show up and set up their cameras on either side of us. Whenever that happened, we’d turn our camera in the opposite direction. After a while, that became our focus - to keep looking in the direction others weren’t.”

Humboldt: The New Season is produced by McIvor (Indictment: The Crimes of Shelly Chartier, Play Fair, Fostering Hope) and Libby Lea (Predator’s Last Stand, Fostering Hope) of Frank Digital and Lucas Frison and √Člise Beaudry-Ferland (Talent) of Prairie Cat Productions. Jeff Peeler (Still Standing, Baroness Von Sketch Show) serves as Consulting Producer.

Appearing in the film:
Derek Patter - Bronco (current season)/crash survivor
Brayden Camrud - Bronco (current season)/crash survivor
Kaleb Dahlgren - former Bronco/crash survivor/York Lion
Nathan Oystrick - new coach & GM
Christina Haugan - wife of deceased coach, Darcy Haugan
Carol & Lyle Brons - parents of deceased athletic therapist, Dayna Brons
Tyler Smith - Bronco (current season)/crash survivor
Layne Matechuk - former Bronco/crash survivor
Kevin and Shelley Matechuk - Layne’s parents
Nancy & Paul Jefferson - Tyler’s billet parents
Celeste & Kurt Leicht - parents of Jacob Leicht (deceased player)
Bernie & Toby Boulet - parents of Logan Boulet (deceased player who became an organ donor)
Laurie & Scott Thomas - parents of Evan Thomas (deceased player)
Marilyn & Brad Cross - parents of deceased assistant coach, Mark Cross
Russ Herrington - coach of York Lions

Cinematography by Brad Crawford (Echoes in the Ice, Flashkick, Loss of Contact), edited by Joni Church (Sorry for Your Loss, The Prairie Diner), music composed by Anita Lubosch (Marti Gras: Feast before Fast, Lovesick, Polar Bear Town), and three songs from acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter, Sierra Noble.

CBC has broadcast rights in Canada. Theatrical distribution in Canada and international sales are handled by Jhod Cardinal of Upstream Flix.

Kevin is an award-winning filmmaker who works in both documentary and drama. Most recently he directed After the Sirens, a documentary for CBC about the epidemic of PTSD amongst paramedics that was nominated for a 2019 Canadian Screen Award for Best Documentary Program. He also directed The Death Debate, a behind-the-scenes look at the landmark Supreme Court of Canada case on physician-assisted dying, as well as seasons 1 and 3 of Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH, an award-winning documentary series about Canada’s third-busiest emergency room. His credits as a producer include the documentary features Vancouver: No Fixed Address, Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World and Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson; the CBC television series The Romeo Section; and the movies Preggoland, Fido and The Delicate Art of Parking.

Lucas Frison is a 2014 graduate of the University of Regina with a BFA in Film Production. After finishing film school, he founded Prairie Cat Productions and directed and produced the short film Fragments of Penny. In 2015 he started work on the comedy feature film Talent, which was a selection of the 2016/2017 Telefilm Talent to Watch program. Talent was released in 2018 and saw festival play in Dublin, Montreal, Red Deer, Regina, and Rome. Lucas has also been a cooperating artist for All Nation's Healin' Thru Artz and William Derby School where he taught film production units to youth. 

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