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RIOT V- Live In Japan 2018 Available on DVD/2 CD & Blu-Ray/2 CD August 30, 2019(AFM Records)

Mike Flyntz – lead guitar

Don Van Stavern – bass 
Todd Michael Hall – lead vocals 
Frank Gilchriest – drums 
Nick Lee – rhythm guitar

Being a music fan for as long as I can remember and really mostly Rock N Roll and Heavy Metal since I was in my early teens, having older brothers that listened to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. After all, that time and the length that this band has been together, forming back in 1975 and having their first album released in 1979- I am totally surprised that I have not heard them before now. They have a new fan in me. Such a tight band and clear and such a range of vocals from the lead singer Todd Micheal Hall
From left to right: Frank Gilchriest, Nick Lee, Todd Michael Hall, Don Van Stavern, Mike Flyntz(From the band's website)

On March 11th, 2018 Riot played "Thundersteel" in its entirety at Club Citta in the country with which they had been having a strong connection with - Japan. This DVD / Blu-Ray set is its document. See how the fans react to the songs. See how they are excited. See how those songs stood the test of time. The album still surprises the listeners. It still sounds fresh it never gets old!

With that part from the bio from the label states the songs do not seem to age, the one song that stands out for me is "On Your Knees" the drumming by Frank Gilchriest is so tight and the one complaint that I have about the concert footage is that we hardly get to see Frank except a few shots from behind the set. There is not a camera really focused on him, being a drummer I was curious as to what he was doing through the songs.

Below is a video from the concert to treat your ears and whet your appetite for the release this coming Friday! The song is "Thundersteel"

I still sit here amazed and somewhat ashamed that I have not heard this band before, for whatever the reason may be, I will be paying close attention to their future music. With this being released and the band has new music released last year it may be a while before that happens.

With all the concerts I have attended over the decades this is just your standard Rock concert with the just stage lights and the band playing their music, nothing fancy just the tight music and the fans appreciating them being there. But the appreciation goes both ways and in some other ways as near the end of the concert,  Don Van Stavern(bass) & Mike Flyntz(guitar) give each other a light kiss on the lips.
A smile from both of them shows their love for each other and their fans, it's great to see.

  It's always great to see band members playing their music with smiles on their faces, it shows their love for the music and they are playing for the love of music.

   The overall sound is great, with the headphones on you can really hear the double bass on the drums and bassline really well. Both guitars come through clean and crisp and the vocals are also very clear.
Check it out on the next video from the concert, the very last song for the night's event!
The cut out the intro to the video so I will share with you here that special guest Masayoshi Yamashita (bass)from the Japan heavy metal band Loudness!
He is the original and current bassist for the band that has also been around since 1981.

Very thankful to have seen this concert and found another band to follow.


01 - Armor Of Light
02 - Ride Hard Live Free
03 - On Your Knees
04 - Metal Soldiers
05 - Fall From The Sky
06 - Wings Are For Angels
07 - Land Of The Rising Sun
08 - Take Me Back
09 - Messiah
10 - Angel Eyes
11 - Metal Warrior
12 - Thundersteel
13 - Fight Or Fall
14 - Sign Of The Crimson Storm
15 - Flight Of The Warrior
16 - On Wings Of Eagles
17 - Johnny’s Back
18 - Bloodstreets
19 - Run For Your Life
20 - Buried Alive
21 - Road Racin’
22 - Swords And Tequila 23 - Warrior

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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