Sunday, November 17, 2019

Music Reviews - Nocturnalia III Winter--Available Now(The Sign Records)


There is always music, it means many different things to every person that hears it. An artist can spend many hours, days, weeks even years getting that perfect sound across to us, the listener -how we feel about it again comes down to each listener.
There is nothing flashy here, just some great music all around, this is easily one of the best albums of the year. Here is the video for the current song I am listening too.

"Spell of the Night"
With one great song after another, great rhythms throughout-vocals clean and clear just is great to hear good music and there is a lot out there folks, turn off the radios and try and find something different that might not get played on the radio.
Here is a lyric video for their song 
"Beyond The White"

They have a haunting song/ballad that is easily my favorite song on the album "Come Alive", just Linus singing with a guitar for the opening of the track then the rest of the band comes in and really backs up Linus's vocals, hitting high notes and really just keeping the album interesting musically, not a dull track on the album.
From the band's bio:
The spiritual aspect of their music has also been an important part of the songwriting as well as their intense and fiery live performances, where they encourage the audience to let go of habitual structures and allow the music to resonate in higher levels of the consciousness. Nocturnalia lets creativeness take form on its own premises and puts meaning free from words into music.

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Anthony Nadeau

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