Saturday, November 30, 2019

Short Story Cinema: Porch Light -Nine Minutes of Pure Entertaining Fun(Updated Nov 30th Evening)



As a part of the Santa Monica Film Festival this weekend the festival has its sights on the short film. 
With four nominations this great little tale is up for
Best Short
Best Comedy(WINNER!)
Best Performance by Steve Hofvendahl
Best of Festival.

I was sent the film for review from my friend and producer of the film Isabel Drean(Let Go)
Story Synopsis:
When an armed intruder comes screaming an' hollering through the front door, what's a man gonna do? Blast him. But, it might end up costing him his favorite jeans.
I loved this little story of two men who have run into some troubles to which we find out what that trouble is a few minutes into this 9 minutes film.
The work done here in the few minutes we have with these characters is better than some of the full-length films I have seen this year, honestly. Sometimes less is more.
A crime has been committed, so without cross-contaminating anything, they both strip down to their underwear. 

One goes further and has to remove his shorts and then an unsuspecting visitor comes to the home he then places his cowboy hat over his privates.
I just liked the overall premise of the film and the kind of campy, quirkiness that is not often seen in film these days of late.
It is fitting that the film is in Santa Monica Film Festival as that is the hometown of Director/Producer Julia Bergeron(Writer-Director Porch Light & writer of Murder Van--in pre-production)

Already a winner at other festivals I am sure this will do well this weekend as well, best of luck to the team that worked on this film!

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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Julia Bergeron said...

Thank you Anthony for taking the time to review our film!
So glad you enjoyed it!