Monday, November 18, 2019

The Divine Fury Movie Review-Available November 19, 2019 On DVD & Blu Ray(Well Go USA Entertainment)

Well Go USA continues it's great title releases this year, with another one for the books as far as exorcism movies go. I was fortunate enough to receive a DVD of the film for review from Well Go USA, made possible by the great people at Taro PR.

The Divine Fury tells the tale of a young boy-Yong-hu(Park Seo-Jun) who loses his father(a police officer) at a police roadside check. He asks the young man to get out of his car, with that he accelerates, dragging the officer and running him over before fleeing the scene.
Yong-hu continues to practice the faith that he and his father shared, with the priest from their church- they have a few prayer meetings for hope to cure his father of his injuries. His father dies and at his father's memorial he lashes out at the priest, throwing an object and hitting him.

Fast forward and Yong-hu is now a major star in MMA in his country, with a record of 17-0. They also have UFC referee Herb Dean refereeing the match which brings a little more authenticity to the scene for me.
Switching gears to the main focus of the film and that is the priest above Father Ahn played wonderfully by Ahn Sung-ki. He has been appointed by the Pope to rid others of demons, his calm demeanor leads to help to reach Yong-hu and possibly have the young man help him in his quest to save humanity from evil.
Yong-hu wakes up one night to find a mark on his hand, which is also bleeding and we later find out he can use that to heal others. Very interesting storyline for the majority of the film.
Speaking of evil, we are reintroduced to the young man who dragged the officer, running him over and leaving him for dead. Ji-Sin(Do-Hwan Woo) is a slick and convincing evil man here he has others join him in his fight to bring pure evil to the world.
This may sound like a lot of movies before but there is a realm that is different here- somethings are hard to put into words here without really giving away the entire movie. Let me just say that I have seen a lot of movies over the years- horror movies are a big favorite of mine as well, so this really is nothing new here. The difference-maker here is the way it all works out and the delivery of it all.
   The scenes with Ahn Sung-ki and Park Seo-Jun are fantastic, these two actors really make the film believable and they also work really well off of each other.
This exorcism above is really intense and the young actress is really superb in her portrayal of being possessed.
We have had many possession/exorcism movies over the decades, this one has a lot of religion in it, however much like The Exorcist it only relies on it to tell the story and it really is a classic tale of good vs evil.
I am a big fan of this movie and cannot recommend it more, easily one of the best films of the year.

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