Monday, December 2, 2019

Blood In The Snow Film Festival-Puppet Killer Movie Review

I'm sorry but if you cannot believe that puppets can actually kill, then read no further.
Anyone who has an appreciation of horror films knows that dolls and the like have always held a place deep in the horror fan's heart.
There is Chucky & Annabelle who many are familiar with as far as dolls go, puppets have also gone crazy and insane.
Anthony Hopkins was in Magic, where he played a ventriloquist with a mad puppet, however here we actually have a puppet that does, in fact, kill quite a number of people. 

Lisa Ovies directs this fun, campy take on the traditional story of teens going to a friend's cabin for a weekend over the Christmas holidays and run into a serial killer puppet.
This puppet who's name is Simon belongs to Jamie, who has not seen Simon since his childhood when his wicked stepmother was killed, by Jamie/Simon? no one knows for sure.
Lisa has a small part as Jamie's mother before she dies of cancer, his father remarries and his wife is not understanding the fascination that Jamie has with old horror movies that he has still on VHS.

Speaking of death, this little puppet killed off a good number of talented people that I know that in their own right are pretty talented women who also contribute a lot to the horror genre.
 Gigi Saul Guerrero has a part in the film who herself has directed a few shorts and her first feature film, Culture Shock.
 As I mentioned that Lisa has a small part in this as well does Jessica Cameron at the end as the news broadcaster.
I really liked the campiness of the film and it's fun it has with the serial killer/slasher films that have become such a staple in horror. Say what you will about the genre overall, but it certainly has entertained me since I was a teenager and I am now in my 50's, horror will never die.

I look forward to seeing more from Lisa and the crew to see what they do next!
Thank you for reading this!

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