Saturday, December 21, 2019

CD Review: Tylor Dory Trio- "Unsought Salvation" Musical Expression Of Sound Delivers! (Asher Media Relations) Available Now


This trio had one of my favorite albums of 2015, they continue here with their follow up album "Unsought Salvation", they do not disappoint here either!
Showing that Canadian talent is still relevant and has some great musicians, from Edmonton, Alberta this progressive trio has more depth in one song than some entire albums that I have heard this year!
Another Canadian trio is listed as an inspiration for this band and that is none other than RUSH, it does not surprise me one bit.
Here is the video for their first video from the album
"East of Eden"

From one song to another we are treated to a musical expression of sounds and vocals all over the map, such a tight young band this is. This makes me so excited to see what they have up their sleeves for their future, musically speaking.
"The Fallen Man" starts quietly and then increases to a much heavy sound--heavy bassline, riff, and drums to be admired and gave me goosebumps! I actually cannot stop playing this album!
The band commented on this new album from the press release for the album:
“The album should serve as a valid continuation from ‘Carried Away’ alongside spiritual ties to the first EP. ‘Carried Away’ was tonally quite dark, we feel that ‘Unsought Salvation’ is a more balanced presentation featuring some upbeat tracks alongside darker and heavier tracks that you may have come to expect from listening to ‘Carried Away’.” 

The album's bass, drums, and guitars were recorded in Norway with Christer Cederberg at Cederberg Studios in Kristiansand in 2017. Vocals and synth were recorded in their hometown of Edmonton at The Laboradory.
You can hear their new song below-"Dying Light"

"The Spaces In Between" just kicks it all in from the start and gets melodic for the chorus, this album is so amazing.
All that being said this band has grown so much in the terms of their style and playing and have their own sound mixing their influences together and making it all their own.

Thank you for reading this & Keep On Rocking!

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