Saturday, December 21, 2019

Mayday, Movie Review--Is There A Demon On This Flight? Stars Micheal Pare'

This is not a hijacking movie, what we have instead is a ghost story/Bermuda triangle kind of story.

Air Marshall Adam Aderson(Micheal Pare'--Eddie & The Cruisers, Streets of Fire)is on the flight, watching over the crew and passengers. When suddenly one of the passengers disappears into thin air. There is nowhere for anyone to go while an airplane is in flight, of course.
More passengers start disappearing and then the captain of the airline as well.

 Micheal Pare' is the only star in the film and he does a good job here. There is a demon on the flight that is taking souls and the few, quick flashes we get of it are some of the more interesting parts of the film. I wish there was more of it, to be honest. But sometimes less is more.
There, of course, is panic and fear amongst the passengers, one is also overly possessive of his suitcase and won't let anyone handle it.

The tension continues to grow and eventually almost all of the passengers disappear at once.
There is a book along with a dagger and a ritual is performed to get the demon out of the airplane.
Some of the acting leaves a lot to be desired especially one of the flight attendants, but overall this was a decent thriller ride on Flight 88.

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Anthony Nadeau

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