Monday, August 18, 2014

Little Shop of Movies:Frankie & Alice-Available Now(2010)

With the Teenage Turtles and all explosions happening on movie screens across the globe it is always a challenge more and more to find a film that actually makes you pay attention and feel rewarded doing so.
Story Synopsis:
A drama centered on a go-go dancer with multiple personality disorder who struggles to remain her true self and begins working with a psychotherapist to uncover the mystery of the inner ghosts that haunt her.
Honestly the way in which this film treats how the doctor cares for her and the way in which each individual illness is treated in this film is a breath of fresh air, not an easy subject for many to talk about. That being said is also something that is not easily understood--many many people were locked up and poorly treated because of their illnesses. The doctors are usually always abusing their patients etc, more things to dramatize and trivialize due strictly to  the fact of not knowing or caring to do the research or talk to people that suffer from symptoms suffered that they are covering in their film.
Frankie(above) is a stripper in a local strip club , she also has another woman inside of her (Alice)-who is a racist white woman that hates the fact she lives in a black woman's body and tries to cover it up with cream.
The incidents covered in this film are never done to any extreme to where the viewer would laugh etc, but to share her story and see the illness that is possible to be in all our minds.
Stellan Skarsgard plays her doctor that is unconventionally caring for her -very sympathetic and caring Dr. Oz.
Stellan has always been a favourite actor of mine and he shines here.
There is some real raw emotion in this film that a good number of times is told just by the eyes or body language as it is evident in the picture above --no words are spoken as Halle Berry walks out of the frame here but some real power.
The old saying less is more needs to be practiced more in film today.
This film has given me a new found respect for Halle Berry-her performance here is one of the best I have seen this year or any other in regards to performance by an actress, period.

Here is an article by Variety stating the film has been shot in 2008 and then released in some festivals in 2010-now available on DVD in 2014-see what took so long.

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Anthony Nadeau

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: The Muppets Most Wanted(Available Now!)

The Muppet's hold a dear spot in my heart as they do for many around the world.
I first saw Kermit on Sesame Street as many my age did.
This was of course the original group of actors the show would go onto to get critical acclaim for it's educational aspect and entertainment for youngsters.
They would develop a big following even to the point that celebrities wanted to be on the show.
(Above: a young Micheal Jackson shares the stage with Oscar The Grouch)
They would move onto something that would have a bigger impact on the world of puppetry and that was The Muppet Show, were each episode would have a celebrity on the show.
The guest list would be a who's who of  the celebrity world, Vincent Price, Alice Cooper, Lynn Redgrave, Sylvester Stallone, Elton John.
The list goes on for many stars made appearances and now the lovely group and so many of the original crew of Muppet's are back for a sequel.

So all that said this is the time to get on with the review in question.
There are so many tricks of the trade now that there clearly was not back in the day but in standard Muppet's tradition  there is very little outside of traditional puppetry here and that is what has always worked for this group of many assorted creatures and things.
There is an evil Kermit, well not really but he is Constantine and he has a mole on his right cheek.
Oh and he has an accent , but when switching places with Kermit he states he just has a cold, not ones to question their friend/leader they believe him much to their surprise later in the film.
Laugh all you want I can hear  you from here folks , writing this review like this is a legitimate piece of cinema, no not at all but it serves it's purpose and that is to get our fill of Muppet's--how bad am I? I dislike Lady Gaga but watched her Christmas special last year as they were her special guests.
I really enjoyed myself with this film it is not as fun as the first but it will do for me.

I laughed some good laughs and there are a few stars in this(of course) Sam The Eagle, Sweetums and many of the regulars of the show are in this film.

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Anthony Nadeau

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CD Review: Cimino-Angels & Animals(Head First Entertainment)-Available Now!

Band's Bio:
Most easily classified as Rock and Roll, CIMINO has been classed as Post-Grunge and Alternative Rock, with ballads that even cross over the lines of Pop. However, they most often fall into the category of Hard Rock. When reviewed, CIMINO is commonly compared to bands including: Shinedown, Buckcherry, and Alice In Chains, yet there always seems to be one thing separating CIMINO from the current rock scene.

There are some good songs on this album but we have heard this time and time again. From Poison to Motley Crue , Velvet Revolver you can clearly hear the influences they have taken from those mentioned bands.
I do like this album but do not love it by any means

"Fame" is a song that is either censored on the album or just cutting the word off in the lyrics, takes away from the song as that would bring some depth to the song a bit more, instead it takes away.
Turn around and then the song "Never" comes around and easily one of the better songs on the album , the lyrics , vocals and the ballad of it all it does play well and everything works on this one.

"Start All Over" is the song that will get them noticed if it has not already, radio friendly and standard rock formation song for sure.
Have a look at the video below:

This is not a negative review at all even though it may read that way in a world where the majority of what is played on the radio is electronic nonsense I applaud this group of young men keeping Rock N Roll alive , honest.
They are all in their 20's have more determination than I did when I was their age, never had an interest in being in a band , mind you.

"Sick" has a great riff throughout the song and some crazy guitar and bass work as well as the drums , great party song.
I have to say as the album is played more as this took a few days to get this review done -internet problems.

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Anthony Nadeau

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CD Review: (HED)pe-Evolution(Available Now!)Pavement Entertainment

Such a diverse amount of music played on this album , almost every song sounds like a different band altogether. With a heavy rock song kicking it all off "No Turning Back" -have a listen below.

You can feel the evident respect and hear the influence of many previous bands in their music , "Lost in Babylon" sounds to that of Rage Against The Machine , this is what I hear anyways.
This is a great album I also hear influences of Godsmack as well in "No Tomorrow" and these influences are heard not as a judgement but as a fan of the mentioned bands and that is a great thing.

Then there are fantastic songs that it doesn't matter who influenced who, but rather just enjoy the music and that is so easy to do with this band man what an album!! "2 Many Games" is fantastic piece that is all over the map musically and so cool, listened many times to this song.

Band Bio:
Many have asked what the name (Hed) p.e. means and stands for. According to vocalist Jahred, "The name (Hed) p.e. is a name I came up with which basically means our consciousness is connected to the planet and the planet is evolving, therefore, we as her children, evolve with her. The "p.e." originally was defined as PLANETARY EVOLUTION, and sometimes morphs to PLANET EARTH and back, but both carry the same message, the (Hed) is the symbol for consciousness. WE ARE ON THE MOTHERSHIP!"

I really have enjoyed listening to this album a number of times so far and will listen some more as well.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau