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Interview With Badass Film Festival Co-Founder David Aboussafy

I had heard of The Badass Film Festival when my friend Nadine L' Esperance had her film "No Pets Allowed" show there. I was invited but could not attend that year but would the following year and have press for both years.
I have been given the opportunity to interview(via email) David Aboussafy co-Director of the Badass III Film Festival this year at The Rio Theater February 26, 2017 starting at 2 PM.
I will be in attendance for this years festival , hope to see you there!

What can people attending this year's event expect?

Thanks Anthony for attending from the beginning, and for your ongoing support of the Vancouver Badass Film Festival!

In brief, Badass film festival goers this year can expect an even more killer line-up of new extreme short and feature films from around the world, (our submissions tripled from the previous two years) in a bigger and more action-packed environment. The films will be headed up by the premieres and first and only Vancouver theatrical screenings of the  highly anticipated new feature films: Director's Cut (Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette's new twisted meta-masterpiece), and Frankenstein Created Bikers (Jimmy Bickert's new balls to the wall indie exploitation epic perhaps the last such film to be shot on 35 mm film, and the sequel to the legendary biker film Dear God No!).

There are also live events hosted by our master of ceremonies Mister NIckel, including post-screening Q & As with attending filmmakers and cast, appearances by Samantha Mack and others, and performances including those by by Tristan Risk, Burns the Dragon, a very special live presentation before the screening of Frankenstein Created Bikers. There will also be an award show with nominees including Hollywood heavy-hitters, indie mavericks and up and comers from both Vancouver and around the world (see site for nominations list just posted).

_OR watch the evenings host Mr Nickel read off all the Nominations here:

Now that we have finalized our selections, our schedule looks like:

FEATURE  The Valley of the Rats   2pm
Intermission 15
International 3:30pm
Turbo Killer  4 mins
For Blood  11 mins
Commune 15 mins
Retribution  13 mins
The Stylist 15 mins
The Parting Glass    17 mins
Intermission 15
  CANADIAN  5:00pm
Engineers  6 mins
Bon Jovi Witness   11 mins
Un Amour Dangereux  4 mins
The Third Date   8 mins
Burning All The Past Away   4 mins
Marauder  13 mins
Static   16 mins
Intermission 15
LOCAL  6:15 pm
AlphaMem 10mins
Mortem 4 mins
Summoned    6 mins
Ghost Can  6 mins
Baiting the Abductors 3 mins
Ready to Burst 11 mins
     FEATURE   Director's Cut   745pm
   FCB    pre-screening live performance   915pm
     FEATURE    Frankenstein Created Bikers   945pm

With a love for the underground film circuit , this is easily one of the best festivals I have attended.
Having saying that, did you think/know that there would be a market for this style of film festival?

Not initially.  When we set up Badass I in late 2014, Marc Boily and I were simply just a nude photographer (Marc) and a psychologist (me) looking for a venue to screen the crazy films that we and our friends liked (and made). I had previously quite enjoyed the old Cinemeutre festival which ended in the mid-2000s when Kier-la Janisse moved to Australia, and had noted that this left a gap left as historically the big fests (eg VIFF) and playing it safe studios tended to exclude more extreme or challenging films. We had hoped that fans of extreme films would still, as per the motto of our current venue The Rio Theatre,  want: 'an experience that they can't download.'

Two of the major films of last years festival recently found distributors -was their showing at Badass have some help with that?

Yes, as you noted,  last year's top Canadian feature from Badass II, The Evil In Us (from Vancouver's Sandcastle PIctures, Jason William Lee, Director, & Dalj Brar, Producer) and the most badass international feature Atroz (from Mexico, Lex Ortega Director, & Abigail Bonilla, Producer) both announced distribution deals shortly after their Badass Film Festival screenings.  The Evil in Us found success at Sitges and Frightfest with a distribition deal from Raven Banner, with recent wide releases in the UK and Korea, and an upcoming North American release date.   Atroz topped several best of extreme horror lists for 2016 and is being distributed now by Unearthed Films.

Standouts of the previous first Badass year included Quincy Perkins' Swingers Anonymous from Florida (whose poster sported part of your review after Badass I) which was featured at Cannes, and Vancouver's Luchagore/ Gigi Saul Guerrero's El Gigante (which went on to win over 50 awards at other festivals around the world and also a distribution deal with Raven Banner).

I would, of course put all the films' post Badass Film Festival successes down to the quality, originality and impact of the films, and the persistence of their teams'  Producers/Directors, & etc.  Most of the sales happen at film markets like AFM or Cannes, although buzz from even small festivals like ours may help get distributors or buyers attention.

Valley of the Rats is a film you co-produced any thoughts on the making of it?

I am the Executive Producer (among a few other roles) of the new feature film
The Valley of the Rats , whose new cut is kicking off Badass III.  It's a vision of auteur filmmaker Vince D'Amato, and very much in the Italian thriller giallo tradition. It's also a testament to the general awesomeness of the available talented Vancouver cast and crew that we were able to make a quality art-house over the top extreme thriller, on a shoestring budget, and in a very short time.  It stars Momona Komogata and Jesse Inocalla and Produced by Will Carne.  For my part, I especially enjoyed bringing together and working with the cast of this film, especially cult film star Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, Cat People) and our local scream queen superstar Tristan Risk along with Lavender, one of her albino pythons.

My future film projects include development of a higher budget film with the D'Amato team which is to be shot entirely in Italy, Los Vampiros Sexuales.  I am also helping to write and produce Marc Boily and Jason William Lee's new high concept science fiction thriller AlphaMem.  I am on the production team of the literary creature feature Sherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein -also to be shot in Europe.  I am also developping the 'Mad Max, without guns, stuck in strip club' feature script that I wrote with Samantha Mack, Maniac Strippers vs. Bikers. I also co-produced the Elias Ganster creature feature Ayla, which will hit the festival circuit shortly.

Your location has changed from it's previous home of Vancity Theater to The Rio , any reason for the change for those that are curious?

Badass I and II completely sold out our first two years at the great VIFF/Vancity Theatre, where we very much enjoyed presenting our first two festivals.  We've moved this year to the fabulous Rio Theatre which has about twice as many seats to allow for more people to participate in the badassery and to the see the films on the big screen

(that being said a sell out is expected and those who are interested in attending should get their passes quickly to avoid disappointment at the link at

Our attendees at Badass I & II also drank our prior venue dry,  and The Rio assured us of a well-stocked bar and theatre drink service. The Rio Theatre is also cool with our fire and burlseque performers.

Badass III will really be an experience you can't download.

You had mentioned to me  last year of making this an entire weekend event or even a week long event, any changes to that idea(s)? Or is that still in the planning stages?

Yes, our aspiration is to develop The Vancouver Badass FIlm Festival into a  longer festival. This past year there were some issues with potential new sponsors who cited the Badass II screening of the very extreme Atroz as a reason for withholding sponsorship.  This may change going forward, as new partners or a bigger submission and ticket sale base may allow funding of additional days in future years consistent with our aspirations.

I would like to thank David for the time spent on the questions and will see you all getting Badass, soon. here for tickets & Information

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Thursday, February 2, 2017



I have known the Soska Sister's for a number of years as well as many people across the globe do as well. This is their annual Blood Drive PSA. Again the talented Patricia Chica, who has been so kind to me over the years in sending me her filmmakers movies to review and have been so very impressed with the work she is backing and even the work she has done previously before this.
Look for more segments of this month's Women in Horror , interviews & articles.

Los Angeles’ Scream Queens unite
for a good cause in Patricia Chica’s
Las Cholas segment.

(Hollywood, CA) February 1st, 2017 – Michelle Romano’s Roman Media Inc. join forces with award-winning director Patricia Chica in the production of a segment for the Annual Massive Blood Drive PSA, curated by the Soska Sisters.

Every year internationally renowned identical twin filmmakers, the Soska Sisters (American Mary, Hellevator), invite you to bleed for an incredibly good cause: Women in Horror’s PSA for a Massive Blood Drive. Donating blood is something that many people find off-putting and terrifying. By using humor, innovation, and provocative imagery, this PSA will encourage viewers to face their fears and help out those in need of blood. The PSA premieres this February 1st 2017 on YouTube in honor of Women in Horror Recognition Month (#WiHM8).

For the fourth year in a row, the Soska Sisters have invited award-winning Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica(above) to present her vampire driven segment Las Cholas to be included in this year’s music video. The final edit includes different parts directed by various innovative, unique, and irreverent horror directors across the globe.
The musical track entitled "BLOOD" was created by Kevvy (Kevin James Maher) of FAKE SHARK. The collective is edited again by the talented Paolo Kalalo.



The concept of Las Cholas is to showcase Los Angeles’ most unique Scream Queens: 
Tiffany Shepis, Tonya Kay,  Devanny Pinn, and veteran actress Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist). Philip Friedman (Insidious), Michelle Romano (producer), Ivan Sharudo (actor) and Patricia Chica (director) also have a cameo in the short.

“I appear in the video as a Chola, not because I want to be on camera, but because I needed to be inside the convertible car with the actresses, so I could direct them and give instructions to the cinematographer Rachel Dunn. I also did camera B myself while the car was moving on the road. That’s why I dressed up like a Chola, to look like I belonged in there”, explains director Patricia Chica.

The full-length version of the story will be released later this year.
Las Cholas is an American-Canadian co-production that was written-directed by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica, produced by Michelle Romano of Roman Media and Patricia Chica, executive produced by Morris Umali. Associate producer: Kimberly Shawn Geir. Cinematography by Rachel Dunn. Assistant-Director: Jonathan Weichsel. Blood effects by Ivan Sharudo. Makeup by Amira Aranda, Oksana Voiko, Kimberly Shawn Geier, Cheyenne Garvert, and April Rudy. Hair by Princess Santiago and Kimberly Shawn Geier. Props by Miranda Austin. Blood Effects: Ivan Sharudo. Sound recording by Camille Fadl. Editing by Patricia Chica. Starring Tiffany Shepis, Tonya Kay, Eileen Dietz, Philip Friedman, Devanny Pinn, Ivan Sharudo, Michelle Romano, and a cameo by director Patricia Chica.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

British Columbia Talent--Interview With Samantha Landa -Drummer Vancouver BC, Canada

Samantha was endorsed by Los Cabos last year.
Los Cabos here)

What was your inspiration to start drumming and was it your first instrument of choice?
My first instrument was piano--I played classical from age 3 to 13. At age 11 I was partially inspired by a boy band to start drumming...I won’t mention which one...but I always liked a good rhythm and I didn’t want to play piano anymore. I asked the grade 6 band teacher what the ‘hardest instrument in the band to learn’ was, and she said ‘drums or french horn’. Drums were cheaper and simpler because they had a kit at school, so my mom said yes.

Who would you say influenced your drumming and made you want to make it a career choice?

Mercedes Lander (Kittie) was my main influence as a young teenager, and then Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater) and Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth). I’ve always loved performing and entertaining people, so I thought sure, if I can play live for people and get them moving while playing the instrument I love, if I can make a career of it I’ll do it.
Copyright Visions By Pixel(Derek Carr) -Used with Permission

For me, a lot of people cannot believe that I like/love Heavy Metal why do you think metal gets such a bad rap?
I think because metal ‘looks’ scary with black clothing and spikes, and the heavier stuff ‘sounds’ scary with the brutal, aggressive vocals. I’m not surprised it seems like a crazy, intense lifestyle from the outside. But then you meet metalheads, or go to a metal show, and realize metal lovers are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. And this music is a great way to get out bad feelings and pent up energy. Maybe that’s why metalheads are so chill.

Is it Heavy Metal you first chose to drum to? You seem well rounded in your skills as a drummer.

I started with rock, punk rock, for the most part. The bands I was listening to at the time, which was probably Gob, early Green Day, NOFX, Pennywise. I started getting into post hardcore, and prog metal, which just got heavier as the years went on. Now I think I’ve settled into melodic death and thrash, although I’m still exploring other sub-genres all the time.

Dead Asylum is a local Vancouver, BC band how long has the band been around and how did you become a part of it?

I’m one of the founding members of Dead Asylum--we started the band in 2011.

Some exciting news --for those that do not know.
Brazilian band Nervosa -(signed to Napalm Records)had recently had to replace their drummer for a small tour and you were asked to be their drummer for that. You are now also going on tour with them in Europe as well. Am so very excited for you and how did this all come about for you? Any ideas if they plan on keeping you as their drummer for the long haul?

We have mutual friends in other bands, so when their drummer quit and they needed to find a (female) drummer in North America who could learn their set in less than a week and go on tour, a friend recommended they contact me. The North America tour was great, and here we are about a third of the way through the European tour with Destruction, Flotsam & Jetsam and Enforcer, and we’re having an incredible time.
-Copyright -Kevin Eisenlord Photography(Used with Permission)

I thank you for your time on this Samantha and wish you the most success in your tour and with the band.
Anthony Nadeau

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Vancouver Short Film Festival: January 27th--Synopsis of Shorts with Reviews

I have been fortunate once again to be able to attend the Vancouver Short Film Festival at Vancity Theater January 27 & 28th, 2017.I am also a media partner this year with the festival.This is my third year covering the festival.
The first night listings follow below. I am also once again very fortunate as the Festival's Co-Director Kristyn Stilling just this evening has sent me the links for all of the 30 shorts playing at this years event.
The listings below are from the festivals own website this is their writing and in the next few days I will have Saturday's events as well as the reviews of the shorts.
OLD MAN is an existential journey into the mind of a man who has lived his entire life in fear. As the titular character summons the strength to face his fear of the ocean, he finds himself embarking on an unexpected journey. Arresting visuals and a haunting score make for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

I found this film very interesting visually, had a certain idea of what the story was about,a man a fear of drowning in the ocean.
Even though I got all that I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped.
BLOOM OF YOUTH | Director: Hanching Howard Zheng | Run Time: 17 min
A young man returns home after graduating from college to propose to his sweetheart and open a school to better their small Chinese village. However, a mother’s dreams and senseless violence create obstacles that love must overcome.

I thought this film was beautifully shot and the acting was good , it's a story of  love gone wrong or loving the wrong person according to others. The performances were good however familiar the story.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT’S KILLING THEM | Director: Joel Ashton McCarthy | Run Time: 14.5 min
A pitch-black comedy about Vivian, a lonely serial killer whose three loves in life are math, accounting, and killing random people. This all changes when she meets the handsome Alex, a colleague at the insurance company where she works. Now Vivian has a new lease on life and a new reason to commit her gruesome acts.

I was able to view this great short last year when Paul Armstrong gave the DVD to me of the films that had won the Crazy 8's Film Festival awards. This is one of my favorite's of both festivals and am thankful to have seen it yet again.
ASLEEP IN VALHALLA | Director: Max Train | Run Time: 13.5 min
A young woman travels to Copenhagen to be with her sister who has fallen into a coma. While living in her sister’s (now vacant) apartment and living a routine lifestyle, she begins to suspect she is falling into the same pattern that inspired her sister to take her own life. Through the use of experimental narrative, music, and practical effects we get a visual / audio scrapbook of theme and expression.

I enjoy the visual experience of a film and underlying subjects of what the filmmaker is looking to do. This film has a message and it is about depression and suicide. Although for the first bit of the film I thought the way the words were spoken as a memory and for the most part were interesting, I just felt sort of lost in it all , almost too much of the same shots. I would have the opening of the lead words into the short at the end for the audience to not get an idea of what this is trying to be, but instead allowing them the chance to get what is happening on screen.
ROADSIDE DEADGUYS | Director: Christopher Lorenz | Run Time: 6 min
Robbie and Patrick are two unfortunate spirits stuck on the side of a lonely road for the rest of time. To get by, the pair must learn to stave off the boredom of eternity. Or at least how to get along with one another.

This was a original and fun short to watch. They are bored and  call out random cars that pass them as they sit outside of their roadside graves. The dry humor was good and the acting helped this short move along well.
BEFORE SHE’S GONE | Director: Arun Fryer | Run Time: 19 min
A documentary love story about a sixty-seven year marriage and the husband’s role as caretaker after his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s fifteen years ago. With 8mm footage from 1955 to GoPro video from 2015, ‘Before She’s Gone...’ is a tender tale for the ages and a celebration of hope amidst everyday adversity.

Easily the best short of the evening , without question. This was a beautifully told story of love of someone you have spent so many years with. The man's undying love for his wife is not only inspirational but I told him after the evening was over that he could teach others how to love others unconditionally. He thanked me for the words , very humble in his mannerisms and speaking to others as well.

THE FLOATERS | Director: Nick Wilson | Run Time: 10 min
Romantic entanglements, broken toilets and expired pregnancy tests threaten to turn what was supposed to be a fun cottage weekend into a confusing nightmare. It all comes to a head when the mushrooms kick in and the truth comes out.
This film generated the biggest laughter of the evening, quite comical and strong writing and acting as well.
The scenes of the pregnancy test were fantastic --I did not know what they were dringking miday through the film, I was told later it was magic mushroom tea, which did end up with some very funny scenes.
Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Monday, January 23, 2017

Vancouver Short Film Festival January 27 & 28th, 2017 Vancity Theater

Saturday January 28th, 2017
Programme 1
This starts at 1 pm in the afternoon and has some interesting titles. Vacuum's running amok , some Science Fiction and a Western to name a few.
The titles and descriptions-including pictures below are from the Vancouver Short Film Festival's website:

THE PERFECT  VACUUM | Director: Becca Johanson | Run Time: 6 min

Four walls and an abusive owner stand between a tiny vacuum-cleaning robot and its quest for adventure.

THE AGONY OF OBSOLESCENCE | Director: Meysam Motazedi | Run Time: 12.5 min

Newly immigrated from Iran, Mahsa and Majid have impatiently awaited their first day of school. When the day finally arrives, a battle of wills between father and son over Mahsa's attire brings things to a head, threatening to thwart the conservative views of a single father who's held onto his autocratic ways for far too long.

LATE HARVEST | Director: Benjamin Musgrave | Run Time: 19 min

James searches for a life beyond the wooden farm fences of his prairie home: beyond the overly-familiar cycles of growth and decay, birth and death. He dreams of a life of something more…. but struggles to define the balance between expectation and reality. Late Harvest intricately weaves themes of family, expectation, and generational gravity through a sparse emotional pace, that erupts into a exalted song and dance sequence of dream and ambition.

ALL THINGS WANTING | Director: Craig Range | Run Time: 11 min

Norman is a filmmaker trying to express his anxiety with the world and his future. After realizing the film he is making is not as he imagined he descends into the space between thought and expression. All Things Wanting examines a man wrestling with that which determines him and his art.

RUN | Director: Elad Tzadok | Run Time: 17 min

Run is a short psychodrama set in the world of Elite Triathlon. After receiving a life-altering message from his partner during preparations for a crucial late-season race,Tristan, a leading professional Triathlete, is forced to face up to traumas from his past before he can confront his new future.

DRIFTER | Director: Olivia Lindgren | Run Time: 10 min

After narrowly surviving a hanging at the hands of the deadly Jackson Whitmore, a bounty hunter named Ruth embarks down the long road of vengeance. In this action-filled western, Ruth is both fueled and blinded by her rage-until she learns the true cost revenge.

ITERATION 1 | Director: Jesse Lupini | Run Time: 15 min

Anna wakes up in a strange white room. She has 60 seconds to escape; when the time hits zero she drops dead and reawakens in the same room, joined by a shadowy impression of her previous self. Every 60 seconds this cycle repeats and through each iteration Anna must think ahead and learn from her mistakes to solve a series of puzzles and escape this dystopian maze. | Director: Becca Johanson | Run Time: 6 min

Programme #3 This part of the festival starts at 4 pm
This group of films once again has such a good mixture of variety of films;

THE LIFT | Director: Manny Mahal | Run Time: 7.5 min

A man puts himself through a rigorous back workout. Doubts and dreams of his abilities both motivate and haunt him as he puts his physical and mental limitations to the test.  

THE THINGS I COULDN’T SAY | Director: Zlatina Pacheva | Run Time: 11 min

Zoe and Chris are at the same party. When they find themselves alone, all they can seem to talk about is their most recent failed relationships. As the night wears on and the discussion digs deeper, the two realize that sometimes it's easier to tell the truth to a stranger than a lover.

2BR02B: TO BE OR NAUGHT TO BE | Director: Marco Checa Garcia | Run Time: 18 min

Set in a dystopian future where population is strictly controlled, a Father waits for his children to be born. In a deserted hospital waiting room, one man must ask himself exactly what he is willing to do, to give his children a chance at life, any life at all.

MOONSHOT | Director: Matthew Lucas | Run Time: 22 min

In the near future, a homeless woman named Nova has grown tired of her brutal life on the street. Answering an ad from a company sending supply missions to a lunar colony, she volunteers for a unique travel opportunity: a one-way ticket to the Moon. But Alan, the wise-cracking engineer who placed the ad, has been working on his own risky plan. After several failed missions, his last hope for success may lie with Nova.  

TRYING | Director: Shauna Johannesen | Run Time: 11 min

When every teenager in the back of a Prius gets pregnant, Steve and Ellie are sure getting knocked up will be child's play. But as sex becomes increasingly un-sexy, and foreplay becomes more needles than necking, they face the darkly comic trials of 'What to Expect when you're NOT Expecting.'

SUMMERS GONE | Director: Teddy Edwards | Run Time: 9 min

A boy chases the attention of a summer love, and tries to win her and her heart over.

THEIR LAND: LAST OF THE CARIBOU HERD | Director: Mike McKinlay & Isabelle Groc | Run Time: 10.5 min

Caribou populations across Canada are in deep trouble. In the South Peace region of Northern British Columbia, logging, oil and gas exploration, and coal mining have significantly altered the landscape, opening up the forest and pushing mountain caribou away from their traditional range. Most of the herds now only have a handful of animals surviving. In the face of imminent extinction, First Nations communities are taking extreme measures to save their last caribou herds.

 Programme #4 These films start at 7 pm and are the last group of films for the evening.

THE CAMERAMAN | Director: Connor Gaston | Run Time: 16 min

Francis must reconcile his relationship with his abusive father who suffers from Huntington’s Disease. Francis’ younger brother, Ed—the cameraman—records their dysfunctional lives with his Super 8 Camera.

BARBARIAN PRESS | Director: Sarah Race | Run Time: 17.5 min

In the age of mechanical reproduction, this intimate, beautiful film celebrates handmade pursuits. Jan and Crispin Elsted have been making fine art books by letterpress for over 30 years. Partners in life and work, the couple are achingly aware they may be the last of a kind.

COUNTER ACT | Director: Affolter Brothers | Run Time: 16 min

When Alice, a na├»ve young woman having lunch in a diner circa 1960, joins Mary and Ray in their “sit-in” protest, the ire of the racist patrons boils over and Alice learns what it truly takes to stand up for what you believe in.

BRENDA AT 10, 15, 20 | Director: Ana de Lara | Run Time: 2.5 min

Brenda at 10, 15, 30 intertwines three time periods of a breast cancer survivor's life, with a focus on her relationship with her breasts. The film features singer-songwriter and breast cancer survivor Kristia Di Gregorio in the lead role of Brenda at 30.

FOLLOW | Director: Ania Budko & Sami Zenderoudi | Run Time: 8.5 min

A girl wakes up from a vivid dream. A cool summer breeze lures her to step outside. On an empty street, she sees a familiar figure, a stranger who had appeared in her dream, inciting her to follow. Bending notions of time and space, Follow explores a character’s dreamscape.

GROCERY STORE ACTION MOVIE | Director: Matthew Campbell | Run Time: 13 min

The short film follows a man standing in line at a grocery store, who suddenly realizes he’s forgotten the all important crackers. Now, in a “24 style” race against time he has to run back to get the crackers before losing his place in line. He must risk life and limb to avoid the cheese sample man, leap over fallen grocery carts and locate the crackers in this high-stakes, over-the-top action movie parody.

NOT THAT BEAUTIFUL | Director: Miguel Quintero | Run Time: 6 min

Snow White, fed up with the consequences of her life choices, decides to have a few drinks at a bar, this being the start of a night she will never forget.

This evening and the festival will wrap it all up with the awards ceremony of the show and then an after party.

Awards Ceremony - 9:00 PM

Closing Party - 9:30 PM
*All ticket holders for January 28th can attend.*

Here is the link to buy tickets for either evening for the Festival.
Vancouver Short Film Festival Tickets -click here

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau