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5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival Press Conference November 2, 2017

This year has been a year of firsts for me on a great many things.
I had seen a poster in Vancouver on Granville Street , took a picture of it and reached out the festival and was graciously welcomed to the festival. Also for the first time in all of my years doing this blog I was invited to my first ever Press Conference.

Once inside at the Four Season's Hotel I made myself to the room where I was greeted by Xueting Zhao who is the Publicity Communications Manager for the festival outside of the room.
I was treated so kindly by everyone that I met that day which was November 2, 2017.
Left to Right:
 Host and Emcce Maria Rincon to her left is Sandy You, executive member of GPIFF Committee, with Elizabeth Ball, Vancouver City Councillor, also Matthew Tang, GPIFF executive director & Jan Walls, president of the Canadian Society for Asian Arts and member of the GPIFF Committee

        Here below is a highlight video of some of the conference 

There were 1,153 festival entries from 88 countries and upon speaking to Matthew Tang, Executive Director of the festival after the conference. He told me that all the jurors had only a few weeks to watch the films and narrowed it down to 19 Feature films & 33 short films from 25 countries and regions.
The list is as follows:

Led by Jiang Ping, Chinese director, vice chairman and general manager of China Film Co., this year’s GPIFF welcomes established film professionals across the world on board as Festival jurors, including:

Bo Svenson, U.S. actor, producer, director, president and CEO of MagicQuest Entertainment;

Stephen Nemeth, U.S. film producer, president of Rhino Films;

Ng See-Yuen, Chinese film producer, director, founder of Seasonal Films Corporation;

Dennis Hoffman, Canadian VFX veteran, president of Stargate Studios Vancouver;

Jacek Bromski, Polish director, writer, producer, president of Polish Filmmakers Association;

Robert Lundberg, COO of China Lion Film Distribution;

Kôsuke Mukai, Japanese writer, director, cinematographer;

Oleg Uriumtsev, Russian director, producer, writer and actor.

Here -below-is a highlight reel of some of the films that were selected for the festival:

The 5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival

awards nominees


Best Picture

My Love Sinema: Tan Ai Leng | SINGAPORE | 2016

Dogs and Fools: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi | IRAN | 2017

The Song of Sway Lake: Ari Gold | USA | 2017

Best Director

Kate Brooks: The Last Animals | UNITED KINGDOM/USA | 2017

Ali Mohammad Ghasemi: Dogs and Fools | IRAN | 2017

Ari Gold: The Song of Sway Lake | USA | 2017

Best Actor

Tosh Zhang: My Love Sinema | SINGAPORE | 2016

Luka Kain: Saturday Church | USA | 2017

Robert Sheehan: The Song of Sway Lake | USA | 2017

Best Actress

Bryony Byrne: Akela | UNITED KINGDOM | 2016

Kimberly Persona: Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid | CANADA | 2017

Mary Beth Peil: The Song of Sway Lake | USA | 2017

Best Screenplay

Akela: Alec Toller | UNITED KINGDOM | 2016

My Love Sinema: Tan Ai Leng | SINGAPORE | 2016

The Song of Sway Lake: Ari Gold | USA | 2017


Best Short Film

The School Bag: Dheeraj Jindal | INDIA | 2016

Seher: Manas Shashidharan Jacob | INDIA | 2017

The Ravens: Jennifer Perrott | AUSTRALIA | 2016

Best Director for Short Film

Dheeraj Jindal: The School Bag | INDIA | 2016

Manas Shashidharan Jacob: Seher | INDIA | 2017

Alexander Briere, Jonah Fortin: Charlie | CANADA | 2017

Best Screenplay for Short Film

Breakfast With Tiffany: Andrés Molano Moncada | COLOMBIA | 2015

Under One Small Star: Ziyi Zheng | USA | 2017

The Story of 90 Coins: Michael Wong  | CHINA | 2015


Best Documentary

The Last Animals: Kate Brooks | UNITED KINGDOM/USA | 2017

Jue er: Liang Zhefei | CHINA | 2016

Perfume War: Michael Melski | CANADA | 2016

Best Animated Film

Borderline: Seishi Irimajiri | DENMARK | 2017

Barkley: Li-Wei Chiu | TAIWAN/CHINA | 2017

Little Thing: Or Kan tor | ISRAEL | 2016

Best Humanistic Vision

Crested Ibis: Qiao Liang | CHINA | 2017

Salvation: Orkenbek Baysenbay | CHINA | 2017

Cello: Angie Su | USA | 2017

Best Visual Effects

What If: Linda Gasser | GERMANY | 2017

Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid: Brandon Lane | CANADA | 2017

Little Thing: Or Kan tor | ISRAEL | 2016

Rising Star Award

Alec Toller: Akela | UNITED KINGDOM | 2016

Han Dongjun: The Story of 90 Coins | CHINA | 2015

Seishi Irimajiri: Borderline | DENMARK | 2017

*Special Recommendation award-winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.


Held annually in Vancouver, Canada, the Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival (GPIFF) aims to help discover and support international emerging filmmakers, and to foster collaborations in global film industries. A registered non-profit organization, GPIFF was founded in June 2013 by Orient Star Media Inc. and was formerly known as the Golden Panda International Short Film Festival.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Press Release: Official Selection for the 5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival--December 4-10, 2017

I have been given the opportunity to attend this year's 5th Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival as media.
They have also invited me to the press conference on November 2, it may not be a big deal to some but this is my first press conference I have been invited too, so I am honored for the invitation.
Here is the press release I was sent:

Official Selection

Compressed by 19 feature-length films and 33 short films from 25 countries and regions, the programming contains 39 narrative films, 5 animations and 8 documentaries. We are very proud to be bringing out a lineup of great works done by the world's emerging filmmakers to Vancouver's film lovers and local filmmaking professionals. 

Highlighted feature films include: 

Documentary The Last Animals (by U.S. war photographer and first-time director Kate Brooks, Hot Docs 17, Tribeca 17)

Romantic drama The Song of Sway Lake (by Student-Oscar-winner Ari Gold, LA Film Festival 17)

LGBTQ-themed, coming-of-age musical Saturday Church (by U.S. filmmaker Damon Cardasis, Tribeca 17)

Drama Land and Shade (Colombian director César Augusto Acevedo's Caméra d'Or-winning film, Cannes 15)

Documentary Longshot: The Brian Upson Story  (created by 12-grade students in Vancouver's Rockridge Secondary)

Documentary Perfume War (directed by Canadian writer/director Michael Melski, Atlantic Film Festival 17)

Dark comedy Mr. Donkey (directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhou Shen and Liu Lu)

Meanwhile, 33 very well-executed short films will also be screened during the festival.

Here is the trailer for the Official Selection of the Festival

Below is a link to take you to the Festivals page for the complete line up of films:

Official Selection 2017

More to come on this festival in the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Friday, October 20, 2017

VIFF Review 2017: Paradox --(Hong Kong)

One of the most memorable action stars in the past few years has been Tony Jaa from Thailand and makes a special appearance here to help a very exciting action film.
Wilson Yip directs what I can easily say is one of the most beautifully shot action films, every shot is well orchestrated. The film has a great score , well edited and the action sequences are done by Sammo Hung. He and the director had worked previously on the first 2 installments of the Ip Man series.
Our story starts early in the morning of a birthday for 

Lee Wing-chi (Hanna Chan-above)as time moves along in the story we see the distance formed by her father and their relationship.
She later goes and visits her friend in Thailand and when she does not arrive at her friends house she calls her father.
He gets himself to where his daughter was last seen and starts to work with the Thailand police, being a police officer in Hong Kong himself.

(left to right)Tak(Tony Jaa)-Lee Chung-chi(Louis Koo)Chu Kit(Wu Yue).

In one of the most amazing foot chases shot in recent memory is  the two officers giving chase to a man that was seen in video camera footage following Lee Wing-chi before her disappearance.
It goes and ends quickly, however the end shot of the man taking a leap into the water and the police officer catching him mid-air received the best response to an action scene by an audience in quite many years.
The difference maker here for me is that in North American movies there is a complete dislike almost immediately for another officer from another state or country for that matter.
Take for instance Red Heat with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi, Arnold was police from Russia and was met with great Resistance from the police in Chicago.
Another is Beverly Hills Cop where Eddie Murphy is visiting L.A.  from Detroit and he is given grief from the members of the force except one Det. Billy Rosewood(Judge Reinhold).

The fight scenes are fast and fierce no one gets out of here without some major bruises or even for some , alive.
There is corruption in higher levels of the police department and some levels of the local mayor's group of people.
The underlying story here is one of the trafficking of human organs and it gets quite dark for a good number of people that were at the showing of this film at 1:30 in the afternoon.
I felt it going this route than just your standard kidnapping film like we have seen so many previous movies of the last few decades this turns quite dark.
The difference here is there really is no real answer to any of it by the end of the film and that is where art often does imitate life in that this is not ending. Human organ and sex trafficking are 2 horrible human conditions preying on others to make money, plain and simple.
There are no real heroes here --most everyone here has some deep dark secrets, that's the human element of the characters coming out in the performers. Most are battered, bloody & bruised.
In more than just an attempt to entertain us I feel the filmmakers wanted to give us something to think about.

Here is the standard North American trailer:

Below is a trailer from Hong Kong with some more of the action sequences in it.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

Friday, October 13, 2017

VIFF 2017 Review--Hollow In The Land(Canada)

Written & Directed by Scooter Corkle who was born and raised the small Canadian community of Castlegar, BC was in attendance during the screening of the film and had some nice things to say about the outpouring of support he had from the local community and the surrounding towns, such as Nelson.

The film starts with a group of teens gathering and words are cast and fists are thrown until the local police show up.
"Really Miller? You pick today of all days to do this?" ask the officer.

There was a crime committed to the day of the first event of the film and that was Alison(Dianna Agron) and Braydon Miller's (Jared Abrahamson) father -Keith was responsible for dragging a young man behind his car for a few blocks and is now in jail. Years before their mother left because of their father. Now alone the sister looks out for her troubled younger brother. He has the typical outlook on life as many youngsters do and that is it's him against the world.

A night that he and his young girlfriend are  interrupted by her angry father-a night they thought they had for some intimate time-fade to black--. 
Her father's body is  found in the house, she is unconscious and the father's truck is missing along with Braydon, he is quickly the suspect in the murder.

Alison not believing that her brother is capable of such a crime, she sets her sights on finding out who is really responsible. All the while trying to find her brother before the authorities do.
Even with everything seeming to fall against her and her family , she doesn't give up hope for a silver lining. Bodies line up as we near the end, but it's worth it in the end.

For a first time  feature film Director this shows some really good promise and the use of scenery is well used to help create that dark mood of the film. I really enjoyed the score as well it fed the feel of the film and the editing helped keep the story moving along at a good pace.
The addition of Shawn Ashmore(X-Men Films)is good to help get some fans of his work to watch this little film. In Canada it has been picked up by Elevation Pictures and hopefully will get some decent push after it's festival run.

Owner  Elevation Pictures

Friday, September 29, 2017

Concert Series--NEW Addition To Behind The Scenes--with Metal Blade Records

In an email only 3 days ago from Nikki  Law Publicity Manager for Metal Blade Records she sent me a link for a concert of this band that was recorded in July of this year. Upon watching it I thought that this was something original and unique like I have not heard before. I had thought of doing something like this before , but when I heard this band I knew this had to be my first intro into this.

Here gives you an idea what the band is about:

Igorrr released their latest album, Savage Sinusoid, in June via Metal Blade Records. On this record, electronic manipulations, accordion, saxophone, sitar, harpsichord, mandolin and strings sit comfortably alongside ruthless blast beats, chunky riffs, death grunts and soaring operatic vocals - and as chaotic as this might sometimes seem, there is no lack of heart behind everything thundering from the speakers.

So here without any further ado, here is the concert below:

Igorrr releases full live video from Dour Festival; European tour to kick off next month

Next month, the mighty Igorrr - the brainchild of French musician and eclectic composer Gautier Serre - hits the road, bringing his chaos to Europe! See below for dates. 

Igorrr tour dates
Oct. 1 - Salson - Istanbul, Turkey
Oct. 4 - Gagarin - Tel Aviv, Israel
Oct. 6 - Paloma - Nimes, France
Oct. 7 - Razzmatazz - Barcelona, Spain
Oct. 8 - Caracol - Madrid, Spain
Oct. 9 - Iboat - Bordeaux, France
Oct. 10 - Le Ferrailleur - Nantes, France
Oct. 11 - La Carene - Brest, France
Oct. 13 - Rvlt Festival - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Oct. 14 - Willemeen - Arnhem, Netherlands
Oct. 15 - La Cartonnerie - Reims, France
Oct. 16 - Le 106 - Rouen, France
Oct. 17 - Aeronef - Lille, France
Oct. 19 - Les Trinitaires - Metz, France
Oct. 20 - Rock Your Brain Festival - Selestat, France
Oct. 21 - Make Some Noise Festival - Cannes, France
Oct. 22 - Magnolia - Milano, Italy
Oct. 23 - Cycle Club - Calenzano, Italy
Oct. 25 - Randal - Bratislava, Slovakia
Oct. 26 - Durer Kert - Budapest, Hungary
Oct. 27 - Nova Chmelnice - Praha, Czech Republic
Oct. 28 - Bi Nuu - Berlin, Germany
Oct. 29 - Scheune - Dresden, Germany
Oct. 30 - Logo - Hamburg. Germany
Nov. 1 - Glocksee - Hannover, Germany
Nov. 2 - TBA - Athens, Greece
Nov. 3 - Mixtape 5 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Nov. 4 - GrindWaarpen Festival - Antwerpen, Belgium
Nov. 5 - The Craufurd Arms - Milton, UK
Nov. 7 - The Flapper - Birmingham, UK
Nov. 8 - 02 Academy Islington - London, UK
Nov. 9 - Audio - Glasgow, UK
Nov. 10 - Rebellion - Manchester, UK
Nov. 13 - Rex - Toulouse, France
Nov. 14 - La Cooperative De mai - Clermont-Ferrand, France
Nov. 15 - La Maroquinerie - Paris, France
Nov. 16 - CCO - Lyon, France
Nov. 17 - Wooz Club - Bulach, Switzerland

Nov. 18 - Ebullition - Bulle, Switzerland

Thank you for viewing and reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Epic Pictures Review: The Dark Tapes (Available Now)

Found footage films have been around since the early 90's with the release of The Blair Witch and it's creative marketing team at the time , made an add that had viewers believing that the group of young filmmakers really went missing. 
Here we are in 2017 and this style of what seems to still be popular, I am not a fan by any means -however this film is different.
What we have here instead of one story , we have a variety of different stories two of which I really enjoyed and they stood out from the others. The first "To Catch A Demon"(picture above)about a group experimenting sleep patterns and the monsters that seek us out as we sleep. They use slow motion cameras to try and catch an image of the monster and they successfully do and we are shown it's true form after they are able to slow it down enough.
What works here for me and other parts of the film is the practical effects, no CGI here in this film. The rare images we see of this monster are chilling even to this seasoned horror fan.

The other story I liked was "The Hunters & The Hunted" about a young couple that move to a new home and they start hearing noises in the house.
They call on a trio of paranormal investigators but their findings are of something odd at first. Then they find something they were not aware of and neither is the audience.
Some of the other stories are "Cam Girls" where there are two young women trying to get the attention of an admiring fan and have him do some pretty awful things to himself.
"Amanda's Revenge" is another odd one out about possession and the story wasn't as interesting  as some of the others but watchable none the less.
Starting and ending this creative tale of terror is this young pair that find an open door and upon entering find the camera that has "The Dark Tapes" on it.

Here is the trailer:

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau