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Epic Pictures Review: Brothers Of The Wind(In Theaters & VOD June 19, 2018)

Beautiful Cinematography , Music that soars with the eagles , all this and a wonderful tale of a young boy and a baby eagle that are both given a new hope for life in this sometimes cruel and harsh world.
Quite often we have seen these tales of young meeting with an animal of the wild, however here it is not for the sake of the boy but for the sake of the animal here and what is best for both brings an understanding between himself and eventually his father,

We have Lukas(Manuel Camacho-Among Wolves)he is a quiet boy since the passing of his mother, his father who is distant and drinks his sorrows away is a hunter and lays traps and often shoots at the eagles that fly overhead. He does not understand his son and his want to only speak with the animals.

Keller(Tobias Moretti-Cold Hell)is a man that keeps to himself and knows that Danzer(Jean Reno)keeps a watch on his son as well as the animals in the area.
 Jean Reno is one of those actors that can fit into any kind of movie , I remember first seeing him in The Big Blue and then as a hitman in The Professional. Here is a the narrator of the film as well as a great supporting actor for our lead and the animals that accompany this magnificent film.
There is of course drama , but the film is shot very much like Jean- Jacques Annuads "The Bear", we do not have talking animals or anything particularly cute, but life happening here. We are almost treated to a nature documentary with some of the footage that I think might have just been by luck of the directors , but amazing to watch one scene with mountain goats.
Later in the film Lukas is told by Danzer to get the eagle into the sun to help the wings change color, he is also told that sausages are not good for him--dark liver however is.

There are some basic tales of woe and the typical father/son character story but this is so beautifully shot and the performances give it a little something more, like a movie Walt Disney himself would have shot.
If you love the wild and the animals that are in it -I cannot recommend this film enough. It is a tale for all to see as it is in the Epic Family a great addition to a  company that I have had the pleasure of reviewing for the past few years now.
I have seen a great amount of family films over the decades being a babysitter for 13 years and doing daycare for another few years having 2 boys of my own and playing Santa Claus for the  past 11 years.I can honestly say that this is one of the best family films I have seen in a decade.

They also have a statement at the end of the film:

"At no time during the production animals were harmed, neglected or recklessly treated.(All pictures were shot in harmony with nature)
They also give credit to WWF Austria and the beauty of the Alps.
Filmed on location in Austria , Italy & Switzerland.

Trailer for "Brothers of the Wind"
Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I Am Thankful To Be Alive

My name is  Anthony  Nadeau and I  had a heart attack on April  21, 2018. I am 51 years of age now.
I was taken to the emergency room at noon Maple Ridge Hospital where a few minutes after arriving I was admitted to a bed in the emergency ward.
Upon entering the ward there was a nurse there ready to take my blood and as soon as she was done another was waiting to hook me up to the ECG.
Some more minutes passed and then the doctor in charge came to see me and told me that he was in discussion with Royal Colombian Hospital with the heart specialist there and they were in talks of getting me there. In the process they hooked me up to an IV and then 3 ambulance attendants came and rushed me off to Royal Colombian. They alongside one of the nurses came with and after minutes in traffic with the sirens blazing we were there.
They assured me that I was in good care they kept me calm and they kept asking me questions along the way.
I was anxious but tried to remain calm as getting worked up would only make matters worse.
They had me in the Cardiac Catherization Laboratory within a few minutes , the nurses and doctor were all ready for me and he had a few questions and had me sign a form before we entered the operating room. I tried to keep my wits about me and joked around a lot to hide my nervousness.

I had a 90% blockage in one of my arteries to my heart , they had to do an emergency surgery to put 2 stints in the valve to my heart, picture is below I have circled the part where the stints were put in .

I was  taken back to Maple Ridge Hospital
by the same ambulance attendants & nurse as well.
I had   asked  a few times for the names of those that had helped me that day but I have still not heard word on who they were/are.

I was taken to the ICU ward of the hospital and there I would spend my next few days recovering.
This was a first for me as I have never had any kind of surgery in my life before this day, I had broken my left arm in 2 places when I was about 14 years old in Calgary Alberta when I was racing to get my favorite candy from the store before it closed.
The staff at the hospital were simply fantastic the amount of care and consideration and just plain pleasantness was something that I have been wanting to share with you for sometime now, but as luck would have it two days before I was released from hospital my computer got killed in a power outage and when the power came back on it seems to have fried my motherboard. I have researched how to try and power up after a power outage and have tried all the suggested ideas to no avail.
But my wonderful girlfriend Anitra has loaned me her laptop so I can get some work done here on my blog and share this story with you. Thank you sweetheart.⌣

My last post was April 15 and this is the reason why I have not been on here as much as I would like to be. But now that I have this and my keyboard and mouse hooked up its not so difficult as it once was. I still have issues typing on a laptop keyboard, having come from typewriter classes in high school and always having a desktop computer as well. I have some personal changes to my diet and I am taking steps to make sure this does not happen again. I am very lucky , I am very thankful and grateful to be alive. I am thankful to my sister Noelle , who drove all the way down from Kelowna to be with me in the hospital for the last 2 days of my stay. She has always been my rock , always there for me--she went and bought my new medications that I have to take as I was in hospital for 4 days.

I want to thank Sandy and her sister Laurie for visiting and bringing my son Jack to see me as well.
I want to thank my brother Joe &  his girlfriend Lynn for visiting me and bringing me things to read and clean socks and underwear. My friend Hilary who came and visited , also to my boss Scott and his wife Noreen. I also received some cards at home from friends from Little Shop of  Movies & Corisa Bell as well. I was deeply touched by all the kind messages left for me on social media.
I have checked out and will probably buy some books on managing  heart disease, I am taking this very seriously.
I sincerely thank all of you that have been reading my blog all of these years, I missed my 7th Anniversary last month as I was still not feeling up to writing and this is somewhat of a hard one to post about , at the same time the most real post that I have done in years as well.
My numbers have actually increased when I was away on social media --which is odd but then again isn't it all a little weird?

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Elevation Pictures Review: Indian Horse- Now Playing

Last fall I was invited to a screening of this film for media only.
I was excited as this was the first ever media screening that I had ever been invited to, it was an honor to be asked.
I arrived at the theater and was surprised that the young women outside and the people at the front desk had not known prior to this that the film was showing. This really was/is top secret stuff.
I approached the table I was told to ask at, in the list of possible hundreds of people was my name and I was told I could enter the theater.

This movie based on the book of the same name written by Richard Wagamese.
It tells the story of Saul Indian Horse in three different stages of his life and what the affects of residential school not only does to him but the other children that are there.
The woman at the center of the picture(above) --Edna Manitowabi is herself a survivor of the residential school system.

The film starts out with Saul as an adult in a counseling session and takes us back to the start of his memory of running away from the white men that were taking the children from their families.
His parents, grandmother and sick brother to Saul all head away far from the area that such things are happening.
As Saul and his family make their own path of survival on their own, his brother becomes increasingly sick. He succumbs to his sickness and his parents want to take him to the city and have him buried by the priests, much to the disagreement of Saul's grandmother.
A few months pass and he and his grandmother are forced to move on as winter is fast approaching and she wants them to go the village she is from. They plan to stay there for the winter.
She passes and Saul is dramatically taken away to the residential school , where he is stripped of his clothes, thrown into a bath scrubbed down with white powder. With the last being the cruelest of it all, cutting his ponytail off taking away more of who he is.
The school is played as a typical residential school, however one of the priests are more understanding and compassionate to what the children are facing and have quite a number of conversations with the others in the faculty of the school.

Here is one of the scenes that introduces two of the children-Saul & Lonnie to the ways of the school.

In the mix of this story does come some moments of Saul with some of the other children engaging in conversation , or simply having a snowball fight. These little things ad to the depth of the characters and our care for those individuals.
There are two young girls Rebecca and Catherine, she feels that Rebecca is like a big sister and they keep getting caught together being friendly like Rebecca holding her up to let her see the hockey rink they are putting together.
As the film goes on we see Saul at different stages of his life and his love of hockey keeps growing. So much as we follow him into his next stage of life he is taken on by a man that manages The Moose, an all native team. He and his wife even become his guardians.
Again as we join him in another stage of his life , he is being recruited by a man that is a scout for a feeder team for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Saul doesn't understand why the man wants to talk to him.

The story continues and we follow him through this stage and then one day before a game the father of the school that allowed him to play hockey makes a surprise visit. In a few short days & games Saul's attitude changes and he is more aggressive in his playing, starting to get into fights and getting many penalties as well.

Something changed him with that visit, we are not sure what it is.
There are some really strong moments in the film that I do not feel would do them justice here in words , but for you the reader to go out and see this film.
I have enjoyed watching this a second time around and I would like to thank Carrie Wolfe for allowing me to attend the media screening last fall and again allowing me to see it again as a refresher for this review.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Friday, April 13, 2018

Save The Rio Theater: An Experience You Can't Download

December 18, 1930  The Stanley Theater was born and after a hard decade in the 80's it was closed down in 1991. It too was threatened to be torn down but in 1997 it was saved by a group of citizens and investment groups.

It now serves as a theater for both live theater and movies as well.The theater was purchased back from Famous Players that same year. In later years Cineplex would buy out Famous Players in 2006.

"The Theater was re-opened under the Artistic Direction of Art's Club Theatree Company  production of "Swing" in October , 1988.(1)"
(1) was from "South Granville .org-The Stanley Theater"

Another staple in the community of Vancouver is the Hollywood Theater on Broadway Street. The theater opened in 1935 and closed permanently in 2011.

"A development application by 4184 Investments Ltd. has been submitted to the City of Vancouver to redevelop 3133 West Broadway, a property immediately west of the theatre building, into a new six-storey building with mixed-use purposes.

The new building, designed by Marianne Amodio Architecture Studio, will consist of 4,423 sq. ft. of ground-level retail and 40 market housing units in the upper floors. There will be two levels of underground parking with a total of 47 parking spaces.

The new building will have a total floor space area of 63,000 sq. ft., including the 8,000 sq. ft. theatre, which is one of Vancouver’s largest standalone theatres with 651 seats – larger than the Rio Theater in East Vancouver.

It will have a similar business model as the Rio Theatre, with a focus on live performances, independent film screenings, cultural events, and non-profit and free event space."(2)

Now we come to the final approach to the Rio Theater and Corrine Lea and her staff's undying love for this treasure in the city of Vancouver. Where others give up and walk away, she fought the BC Liquor Board and won the right to serve alcohol in her theater.
It had a rippling affect across the province.
Where others will just have live theater and movies, this is where the Rio stands out. From Movies to live concerts, theater, film festivals, live music, spoken word & Burlesque dancers. A true market of unique and different styles for any taste across the board.
With an effort to she started with a petition and within 5 days they were able to get 20, 000 signatures!
Here are some videos below , some history and also the 30 hour  Telethon that raised $80, 000 over the 2 evenings.



                                         MUSIC VIDEO
                                   THE LAST STAND



The telethon went on and both Pat & Eric I was told by Corinne that they fought long hours and tiredness and was able to keep on track of the events happening and there were even some guests at The Rio that stayed for the entire 30 hours.
Their love and dedication showed and ended up generating more amazing numbers for The Rio of the entire time of $80, 000.

 Now we have all this video for support but there is some other news as well if you are not following what is happening with all of this.
Actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted back on March 11th, he also gave a generous donation that he has requested remain unknown.

The Rio Theatre in Vancouver is legendary. Spoiler Alert: I plan to be buried there. You can help rescue this landmark of community and art by clicking: 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Little Shop of Movies Review: Happy Death Day(Available Now)

At the opening crawl of the image of the Universal opening for the film it tries to start 2 times and both times starts over again. Third time the charm they say.
We open with a young woman waking up in bed to find she is in a dorm room--she immediately gets dressed takes some Tylenol and is out the door, but not before running into one of the young man's friends first as she leaves the room.
Our lead Tree(left-Jessica Rothe)is a super bitch thinking that she owes no one anything. Including her roommate Lori(Ruby Modine) who baked her a cupcake for her birthday. Upon leaving the room she tosses it into the garbage without hesitation.

She later heads out to a party and on the way she is being watched by the person in the mask behind her--he catches her and as soon as he kills her--she wakes up in the same bed at the same time as she did that same morning.
She repeats everything that happened that day and evening -except for going to the same place she went to only a few hours before.
As the movie continues on it gets a bit creative in that she is starting to realize that its all happening yet again. She is aware of her surroundings and that is starting to have a major affect on her --she is feeling like she is going crazy.
Now we get a little closer to the middle of the film we start to get into the standard jumps and scares, there starts to be the typical walk around the room and have the bad guy jump from somewhere.
This becomes the standard norm now, just another cookie cutter horror movie from the people at Blumhouse.

I really lost interest in this after the 50 minute mark it had nothing to really give any thought or consideration for any of these characters. They were all such dry and uninteresting "people" in such a boring and overdone film.
I have less and less faith in modern horror films , at least those that come from this production company and the consistent bad movies they continue to make.
Everything wraps up like a sappy Disney or Hallmark movie it made me laugh and angry at the same time. Dumb and a waste of time.
The producer of this film also produced The Purge, Get Out and The Visit which have to be three of the worst movies I have seen --so I will steer clear of this producer like I do with Micheal Bay.
This one is in the same family of lame ducks.

Thank you for reading this 

Thursday, March 22, 2018




Known as “The Supergroup That Never Was,” Corky Laing’s POMPEII recorded The Secret Sessions between 1976 and 1978 after a re-introduction to old friend Ian Hunter via Steve Wax of Elektra / Asylum. Laing recalls, “The late 70s was a turbulent time as the musical taste went through a generational change. Punk was just beginning to surface in the rock landscape. It replaced the increasingly complacent era of glam and classic rock with a new confrontational and rebellious attitude. Bands like Mountain and Mott the Hoople were becoming oldsters. In this environment, my record company Elektra/Asylum was preparing to bail on me, but before doing so, they asked if I wanted to form a so called “supergroup”. I had no choice, and so began the journey into The Secret Sessions. Steve Wax, the president of E/A hooked me up with an old mate, Ian Hunter to begin the work. Bob Ezrin was brought in to produce and together we proceeded to invite our famous friends to the Briarcliff Studios in Westchester, NY to see if we could put something interesting together.” Before long Laing and Ezrin had assembled a cast that included Free’s Andy Fraser, the Alice Cooper Band’s Steve Hunter, Lee Michaels and Ian Hunter. Just as things started to click, Laing says, “it all went south. Well, actually Ezrin went EAST – all the way to the UK to record 'The Wall' with Pink Floyd. Then Steve Hunter got a call from Bette Midler and became the musical director for her film, "The Rose." Andy Fraser really did go south – to continue with his solo project - and Lee Michaels went, well, wherever Lee Michaels wants to go.” At this point that left Corky and Ian Hunter to salvage the embryonic supergroup. "To my surprise, Ian invited Mick Ronson to join in and I asked Felix Pappalardi to step in on bass."

As the deal was being made to release The Secret Sessions for Record Store Day, Laing and Rouge Records decided to have Corky go back in the studio and re-record 3 songs on the original album with Corky’s current solo band consisting of Chris Shutters and Mark Mikel.

Thrilled that the songs that had been hidden for 40 years would now see the light of day, Corky played the record to them and they loved the repertoire. "In the end, we decided on their favorites, 'Easy Money,' 'Silent Movie' and 'Growing Old with Rock & Roll' and made them fresh at Mark’s studio in Mauhee, Ohio. Jason Hartless (Ted Nugent) came in to play the drums on 'Growing Old' while Craig Adams and Steve Feehan joined in on the keys. I hadn’t played these songs for decades and they felt all new to me. Being 70 years of age this year, I suppose that one could say that I’m indeed growing old with rock & roll, but I’m planning to do plenty more growing!”

There’s an additional bonus track only indirectly related to The Secret Sessions: "The excitement in the studio while working on the bonus tracks got our creative juices flowing, and Mark, Chris and myself came up with a whole new original song called 'Knock Me Over'. We had a blast laying that track down,” Laing relates.

Track Listing:
1 Easy Money (Corky Laing, Ian Hunter)
2 The Best Thing (Corky Laing)
3 I Ain't No Angel (Corky Laing, Ian Hunter)
4 I Hate Dancin' (Corky Laing)
5 The Outsider (Ian Hunter)
6 Silent Movie (Corky Laing, Ian Hunter)
7 Growin' Old With Rock N' Roll (Corky Laing)
8 On My Way To Georgia (Corky Laing, Leslie West, Mick Jones)
9 Just When I Needed You Most (Randy Van Warmer)
10 Lowdown Freedom (Billy Joe Shaver)

BONUS TRACKS included on digital download card:
Easy Money (2017 Re-Record)
Silent Movie (2017 Re-Record)
Growing Old with Rock & Roll (2017 Re-Record)
Knock Me Over (New Song by Corky Laing, Chris Shutters, Mike Mikel)

Drums, Vocals - Corky Laing (All Tracks)
Keyboards, Vocals - Ian Hunter (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Bass, Backing Vocals - Felix Pappalardi (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Guitar, Backing Vocals - Mick Ronson (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Guitar - Leslie West (tracks: 2, 5, 10)
Guitar - Dickey Betts (tracks: 8)
Guitar - Eric Clapton (tracks: 8)
Guitar - Pete Carr (tracks: 7),
Guitar - Tommy Talton (tracks: 7)
Bass - Calvin Arline (tracks: 7, 8)
Harmonica - John Sebastian (tracks: 6)
Horns - Muscle Shoals Horns (tracks: 7, 8)
Keyboards - Neil Larsen (tracks: 7, 8)
Organ, Backing Vocals - Todd Rundgren (tracks: 2, 5)
Bonus Track Credits:
Drums & Vocals – Corky Laing
Guitar & Vocals – Chris Shutters
Bass & Vocals – Mark Mikel
Drums – Jason Hartless (on “Growin’ Old with Rock’n’Roll”)
Piano – Craig Adams & Steve Feehan (on “Growin’ Old with Rock’n’Roll”)

The Secret Sessions will include a Digital Download Card in the record and is set for release on Record Store Day – April 21, 2018 through Rogue Records (distributed by Sony RED / The Orchard).

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau