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Friday, January 23, 2015

Record Label Signings- Napalm Records Signs Vancouver Band Unleash The Archers!

Pretty excited for this group as they are from Vancouver BC, Canada!

Female fronted Metallers, Unleash The Archers have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records!
UNLEASH THE ARCHERS' live shows are fast-paced and wildly entertaining; the combination of power vocals, death screams, tasty guitar licks and complex drumming provides a little something for everyone. The Canadian shooting stars play kick ass heavy metal; with fist-pumping anthemic melodies you can’t help but sing along to!
UNLEASH THE ARCHERS on their signing with Napalm Records:
"We are so honoured to be joining the team at Napalm! The roster is fantastic, and there are actually already some of our Canadian friends on there so we know it's a great fit. We can not wait to share our new album with the world, and we have the utmost confidence in Napalm to help us do that!"
Their upcoming record is scheduled for early/mid June 2015! More news coming soon!

This track was just released today with these comments:

This track was recorded during pre-production sessions for the new album, which is scheduled to be released late 2014. This will be the longest song on the record as well as the most conceptual. Thanks so much to the boys in Crimson Shadows and Vesperia for their help with the gang vocals; and thanks to Brayden Dyczkowski and Nick Engwer for doing the sound engineering. Also a big thanks to all the photographers who's photos we may have used in this video, we appreciate all the hard work you put into your craft.

Some history of the label that is 

Napalm Records

Over fifteen years ago, a story of success began in the Austrian town of Eisenerz. What started out as a one-person operation in a cramped living-room, became one of the biggest record labels of the independent scene. Fans of the heavier genres have long come to know the name "Napalm Records". As of today, Napalm has released more than 450 albums – many of which have reached cult status. 

In the beginning, Napalm Records focused mainly on the black metal releases of bands like ABIGOR and SUMMONING. Although both managed to create a style all of their own, SUMMONING in particular was most successful in taking their unique atmospheric style way past the European borders to reach an unbelievable level of notoriety on an international level. 

But Napalm Records didn’t stop there.  Never shying away from unexplored paths of innovative musical styles and genres, the label supported artists that would later become known as the legendary pioneers and originators of the Pagan/Folk Metal genres, including the revered VINTERSORG and FALKENBACH. 

Over the course of the years, Napalm Records searched for new talent and expanded its roster considerably by adding doom, power, symphonic and gothic metal to their ever-growing list. Within the gothic metal genre, THE SINS OF THY BELOVED, SIRENIA, and TRISTANIA were able to create quite a stir and successfully establish themselves among the best. In recent years, LEAVES’ EYES, ELIS, MIDNATTSOL, KATRA, and EDENBRIDGE have also managed to join this illustrious group. With these releases, Napalm Records was able to widen its audience and soon felt encouraged to expand the variety of bands it would support. 

Yet Napalm Records’ folk metal focal point never strayed and the label continued helping bands like KORPIKLAANI, GLITTERTIND, TÝR, and ALESTORM achieve international notoriety. 

The medieval rockers SALTATIO MORTIS, the “rock ‘n’ sad” initiators LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, and scene icons ATROCITY, GRAVE DIGGER, and LEAVES’ EYES helped Napalm Records become a household name among mainstream audiences by entering the charts repeatedly.  

The diverse roster offers both, established bands like CANDLEMASS as well as newcomers like HUNTRESS, who are on the way to metalize a whole new generation of fans. The signing policy shows the strength of the label. Namely, to push international bands and to discover and establish newcomers on the market. 

More recently, Napalm Records has embraced the rock and stoner rock scene with big-name signings such as MONSTER MAGNET, KARMA TO BURN, MY SLEEPING KARMA, THE SWORD and BRANT BJÖRK.

The Austrian scene is very important to the label. Currently, RUSSKAJA, KONTRUST and the Amadeus Award winners THE SORROW are responsible for a red-white-red flavor in the line-up of Napalm Records. Just like the label, these artists show that even if you come from a supposedly small country, you can take the music scene by storm. 

The latest addition to the roster of the Austrian label are the chartbreaking Heavy  Metal wolves POWERWOLF, the international renowned and hard touring DEVILDRIVER and THE ANSWER, who infused the Rock genre with a newfound energy and toured with no other than AC/DC. 

The summer of 2013 brought Napalm Records two groundbreaking chart entries. POWERWOLF entered the German Longplay Charts at Number 1, making it the first time that a Napalm Records artist claimed the crown. Shortly after, SALTATIO MORTIS repeated this success and made it to the pole position as well. Furthermore, POWERWOLF proved to be an international success, by entering the world charts on number 38! However, Napalm Records does not only limit its operation to the support and development of new talent or the release of its artists’ recordings.  The label’s own chart relevant mail order service has been providing satisfied customers with the fastest delivery, unbeatable prices, and a top-notch service for many years.  Over 30,000 items (CDs, vinyl, merchandise, etc.) are waiting to be discovered both in the biannually published print catalog and in the well organized, easy-access online store. 

The Napalm Records Handels GmbH headquarters and center of operations, including the aforementioned mail order service, are located in Eisenerz, Austria and currently employ ca. 20 people. A second office located in Austin, Texas, employs 3 people, while a fourth employee works for the label from Canada.  Napalm Records also enjoys a close working relationship with an extensive worldwide network of A&R consultants and local promoters.

Last but not least, Napalm Records also boasts of its own publishing house. IRON AVANTGARDE PUBLISHING is currently cooperationg with SONY/ATV, who has handled the rights to innumerable works from the most diverse of authors.

Record Label Signings-Globmetal Promotions & Pavement Entertainment

From December 2014

Russian Symphonic Gothic Metal band "Septem Voices" has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions. 

The band vocalist Adelie says: "We are more then happy to start our work with GlobMetal, and happy introduce our new EP. We hope that all the metalheads arround the world will like it."

Septem Voices is a Russian band formed in 2006. The basic concept of the band is a vivid blend of rock, gothic, classical music and ethno. The band released their new EP  “Bez Vesny” on November 2014 by the Russian label "Fono", witch GlobMetal Promotions will promote.

Russian Alternative Metal band “SPAINT” has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

SPAINT vocalist Mikhail Krasnov said: “This collaboration gives us the opportunity to spread our music all over the world and we hope  the world will appreciate that, thanks to GlobMetal Promotions."

SPAINT is a Russian band formed in 2005 in Moscow, Russia. The band can be truly named a perfect example of a “middle way” in metal. Balancing on the edge of styles the band performs an integral mix of melody and groove, urgency and tradition. SPAINT is about the search for the quintessence of metal experience as well as for its new vectors. The band keeps itself busy with regular live shows and discography updates via Russian label "Mazzar Records". On December 23, the band released their new EP "МЕΛОΔIA".

Kansas City Missouri rockers Red Line Chemistry have just inked a deal with Pavement Entertainment. The first release with this new partnership will be the long awaited official and special edition release of their 2006 album "Chemical High and a Hand Grenade". The band has also added bonus tracks from their self-released 2007 follow up “Escape Plan” to this special edition.  

Originally recorded as the band’s debut album, “Chemical High and a Hand Grenade” was shelved and the band moved forward with new material in the form of "Dying for a Living" (2011), and "Tug of War" (2013).

 "We are stoked kick off 2015 announcing our signing and new found home with Pavement Entertainment, affording us the extraordinary opportunity to continue bringing our music to all of our amazing fans who have stood by us through every endeavor.  Huge thanks to Mark, Tim, and the Pavement team for bringing us into the family!" says Brett Ditgen.

 Slated for a second quarter 2015 release, this re-mixed, re-mastered, and re-invented album represents an unforgettable and long overdue part of the band's career.  Be sure to grab this unique piece of the Red Line Chemistry legacy!
Video below is from 2013's "Tug of War"

Female fronted Metal/Heavy Rock band Straight Line Stitch have just signed a deal with Pavement Entertainment and will release their new EP titled “Transparency” on May 5, 2015. Additionally the band is announcing plans for the “South for the Wintour” tour that will begin on January 15th in Merriam, KS and wrap up on February 13th in Spartansburg, SC.

Formed in 2003 and originally hailing from Knoxville, TN the band is fronted by Alexis Brown who is best known for her powerful and melodic vocal delivery.  The band cracked into the mainstream with the critically acclaimed albums "When Skies Wash Ashore" (2008) and "The Fight of Our Lives" (2011). The new EP "Transparency" takes off right where the band left off with their unique blend of heavy, catchy, and melodic hooks. More news coming soon!

Straight Line Stitch “South for the Wintour” 2015 Tour Dates:
1/15 - Merriam KS - Aftershock
1/16 - Dallas TX - Boiler Room
1/17 - Abilene TX - The Silo
1/18 - Midland TX - Blue Max
1/20 - Austin TX - Dirty Dog
1/22 - Corpus Christi TX - Theo's
1/23 - Houston TX - BFE Rock Club
1/24 - San Leon TX - 18th St Pier
1/25 - Beaumont TX - The Gig
1/28 - Clarksville TN - The Warehouse
1/29 - Taylor, MS - Kress Club
1/30 - Madison AL - 11th Frame Live
1/31 - Winter Park FL - The Haven
2/3 - Margate FL - O'Malley's
2/4 - Ladson SC - Ocean Cowboy's
2/5 - Fayetteville NC - Drunk Horse Pub
2/6 - Hickory NC - Wizard Saloon
2/7 - Augusta GA - Surreal Live
2/12 - Chesapeake VA - Riff House Pub
2/13 - Spartansburg SC - Ground Zero
Here is a video of a live performance from last years Afro Punk festival.

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Anthony Nadeau

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: TUSK(Available Now)

2:30 Am Jan 22, 2014
I had a nap earlier and watched this film, intrigued I wrote this review.

I found it fitting I listen to Beethoven's Symphony #5 as I write this piece, how better suited for a film of this kind where symphonic music was played throughout the film of many of it's scenes.

Death does come for all of us, not quite the way it does for Wallace in his sad state.Also the film is not as beautifully orchestrated as this masterful piece of music was , so many undertones so fluid for a man that had lost so many of his needed skills as a composer his hearing had faded many years before his passing but wrote such amazing pieces of music.

For Wallace he and his friend Eddy are Pod casters that have a show they do entitled "Not-See Party" while things they mock or make fun of one of the things they find on line is "The Kill Bill Kid" who while making a video of himself in the garage accidentally cuts his leg off and making fun of him on their podcast oddly enough the young man makes a request to be interviewed by Wallace.

Setting his sights for Canada, Wallace heads off to the interview.

Upon arriving finds that the young man took his own life two days prior.
Upset and wanting to not return without something Wallace is upon the urinal in the local bar and finds a posting looking for a houseboy of sorts -upon calling he is in a local convenience store getting a long drink for the ride. Asking for directions to where he might find this Howard Howe he mocks the local patrons and staff that are there awaiting his departure.

This all has come from director Kevin Smith's own Podcast where he and his friend share this small idea of a story in relation to everything (+ more) that happens in the film.

Micheal Parks upon first seeing him in "The China Lake Murders" where he played a Cop turned serial killer there has always been something about his performances that get deep under the skin. He appeared in Kevin Smith's last film "Red State" where he also was a crazed man -this one far more tortured and far darker and demented. 

While others felt pain watching this film upon reading other reviews of this film, many were bored and dismayed that Mr Smith would reach this far out.I find it to be no further of the setting of "The Fly" other than that was an experiment gone wrong, not all films were made to be liked or understood by all for this would be a dull world. I found this more a character study more than a horror film and better than most of what passes for horror these days. Less is more for a great many things -subliminal thrillers and horror are a thing of the past everyone is so visual and yet when a filmmaker has the balls to dress things down and just have us along for the ride I feel less let down by this film than I did by many this past year especially in the horror genre.

Never being or understanding the fascinations with his first film "Clerks" I found that he had started with comedy and yet has entered the realm of semi-comedy/horror keeping a fine line between both and the surreal as well as the dark recesses of the human mind, this film is not for all but for nothing else this is a great talent of two men yes even Justin Long is good here, for being able to play a tortured soul.

Does this film really speak of anything at all? Man's inhumanity to man? Let's not get that deep for it is merely a film and an extension of a podcast.
Which I have posted below for your listening and viewing pleasure -which also appears in the Special Features of the DVD.

For me the film worked even though the "Tusk" part of the film was tiresome and over amplified had it just been treated as a horror film it would have worked much better -even at the end of his podcast Kevin Smith says this is a cuddlier "Human Centipede" which this reviewer will never watch just on the subject matter alone. 

The end result of a film with such a singular word to possibly give us an idea of what the film may be about, I leave you with this image.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

The Beatles "I Am The Walrus" have any small part of the inspiration of this film??

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Nominations For The Oscars Announced --Award Night Feb 22, 2015!!

The nominees are:

Best Picture
Every year this being my third year getting them I get screeners of the years films that might stand the chance of being nominated for Golden Globes -The Oscars but the main reason being is that I am a member of American Cinema Editors and wrote a few articles for their magazine Cinema Editor, I am honoured to receive them.
The films that I got this year that are nominated for Best Picture have a * before their name.

*American Sniper
*The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
*The Theory of Everything

Best Actor

Steve Carell, Foxcatcher
Bradley Cooper, *American Sniper
Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
Michael Keaton, *Birdman
Eddie Redmayne, *The Theory of Everything

Best Actress

Marion Cotillard, Two Days, One Night
Felicity Jones, *The Theory of Everything
Julianne Moore, Still Alice
Rosamund Pike, *Gone Girl
Reese Witherspoon, *Wild

Best Supporting Actor

Robert Duvall, The Judge
Ethan Hawke, *Boyhood
Edward Norton, *Birdman
Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher
J. K. Simmons, Whiplash

Best Supporting Actress

Patricia Arquette, *Boyhood
Laura Dern, *Wild
Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game
Emma Stone, *Birdman
Meryl Streep, *Into the Woods

Best Cinematography

*The Grand Budapest Hotel
Mr. Turner

Best Director

Alejandro G. Iñárritu, *Birdman
Richard Linklater, *Boyhood
Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher
Wes Anderson, *The Grand Budapest Hotel
Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game

Best Original Screenplay

*The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Adapted Screenplay

*American Sniper
The Imitation Game
*Inherent Vice
*The Theory of Everything

Best Foreign Language Film

Ida, Poland
Leviathan, Russia
Tangerines, Estonia
Timbuktu, Mauritania
Wild Tales, Argentina

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

*The Grand Budapest Hotel
Guardians of the Galaxy

Best Original Score

*The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
Mr. Turner
*The Theory of Everything

Best Costume Design

*The Grand Budapest Hotel
*Inherent Vice
*Into the Woods
Mr. Turner

Best Documentary Feature

Finding Vivian Maier
Last Days in Vietnam
Salt of the Earth

Best Documentary Short

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1
Our Curse
The Reaper
White Earth

Best Film Editing

*American Sniper
*The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game

Best Animated Feature

Big Hero 6
*The Boxtrolls
*How to Train Your Dragon 2
Song of the Sea
The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Best Original Song

“Lost Stars,” Begin Again
“Grateful,” Beyond the Lights
“I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me
“Everything is Awesome,” The Lego Movie
“Glory,” Selma

Best Production Design

*The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
*Into the Woods
Mr. Turner

Best Animated Short Film

The Bigger Picture
The Dam Keeper
Me and My Moulton
A Single Life

Best Live-Action Short Film

Boogaloo and Graham
Butter Lamp
The Phone Call

Best Sound Editing

*American Sniper
*The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Best Sound Mixing

*American Sniper

Best Visual Effects

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Guardians of the Galaxy
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau