Friday, October 12, 2018

Get Short "Shock Therapy" For Hallowe'en -Saturday October 13, 2018-Presented By CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers.

I moved to Victoria three months ago and upon coming here I found that there is a big film community here.
A few festivals have come and gone since I have been here, this one I noticed was happening this weekend and I like to give my support where I can.

--(from the Festivals Website)--
“Horror films are too gory… They don’t have any story… They’re offensive…” As with any other genre, cheap or violent versions frequently get pushed out by big studios, but it does not mean the entire genre is tainted because of a few bad clichés. Writing off horror films as an artistic medium because of schlocky torture-porn movies would be like discounting documentaries because of the self-professed flat Earth experts on YouTube! This October, CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers aims to prove that horror is alive and full of braaaaaiiiinnnsss…

Join your friends from CineVic on Saturday, October the 13th, as we debut our brand-new horror film event, Shock Therapy: Short Canadian Horror!

Shock Therapy will have two screenings: “Laugh Yourself to Death” which is full of horror comedy and "horror-lite" shorts, and “Can’t Look Away” which will be full of scarier shorts and is intended for a more mature audience. Read more about each screening in the screening section below.


The Makeover
Dir. Dara Jade Moats

A blood splattered horror-comedy that knows relationships can be messy, and sometimes a new coat of paint is needed to fix it.

Living With a Monster
Dir. Joffrey Saintrapt

After losing his wife and son, John became a recluse alcoholic haunted by his past. One night, a monster pays him a visit.

Sang Papier (Night Crosser)
Dir. Kevin T. Landry

A strange Romanian trying to enter Canada is confronted by an overzealous custom officer and his curiously cooperative colleague.

Buy or Beware
Dir. Victoria Angell

Sofie and Dennis need an affordable place to live that will allow their two dogs, and are forced to consider one inhabited by an unwanted guest.

Dir. Corey Nikolaus

A man is haunted by his cell phone and things take a nightmarish turn.

The Whistler
Dir. Jennifer Nicole Stang

Lindsey is forced to babysit her sister, Becky, one night, when, after innocently falling asleep, wakes up to find her sister gone. Someone may have taken Becky and could be after her as well...

Dir. Jeremy Lutter

A shy teenager falls in love with the strange new girl at school, who always wears a mysterious red backpack.

The Roommate
Dir. Cole Hewlett

Wanna-be-Instagram-famous Opal talks about life with her slightly odd roommate Cassandra. It really is hard to find cheap rent these days.

Dir. Stephen Sawchuk

Set in the 90s, FWD follows two twenty-something women who face the consequences of not forwarding on a chilling chain e-mail.


Dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero

BESTIA follows the lone survivor of a disaster as he awakens on a deserted beach. It becomes clear that there are more dangers lurking in the woods than a hungry beast.

Idée Fixe
Dir. Miguel Quintero

After a mysterious incident, Sam goes desperately in the search of Laura, following the lead of the person who took her away from him.

The Feed
Dir. Josef Beeby

A woman arrives at an AirBnB which holds a horrifying secret.

Side Chick
Dir. Lucas Wakman

A man finds himself caught in a precarious situation between two women when his web of lies unravels. A short film with shades of noir, suspense and horror.

Madre de Dios
Dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero

A woman wakes up bound to an altar, helpless as she is transformed into a flesh and blood statue of Santa Muerte by two elderly Brujos whose sole purpose is to conjure the anti-Christ into our plane of existence.

Dir. Morgana McKenzie

It’s the summer of 1937. Something is living in the corn field. Young Ida doesn’t know what it is, but it seems to understand her better than anyone else on her uncle’s farm.

Shock Therapy Trailer--(click here)

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Movie Review Micheal Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9--In Theaters Now!

I was sent a press link of the film that I am reviewing , I did not watch it illegally.

Ever since I first saw Roger & Me in the theaters this man Micheal Moore has always made some interesting documentaries.

He is the voice of the people that don't really seem to have a voice as in many of his films he shows us the ordinary person caught in the middle of some political agenda or red tape etc.

Here we have his views on many things wrong with the USA, trust me they are not pretty but we meet some of the historical young people that took on the NRA and many politicians as well, after they and many other children from the USA have been affected by the many number of school shootings.

Something that is  so very personal for Micheal is the state of his home town of Flint, Michigan --the people are getting sick from the water and it's amazing and tragic as to how many people knew and did nothing and there is still being done.
From a health nurse trying to make good now (a little late in my opinion)also the former President Barak Obama--astounding to see the footage of him mocking the people of Flint, shame on him.

The poster for this film tells us that this will be about the current President and the undoing of the USA, however the picture he paints here is not one of all President's Trumps doing by himself-there was already some loose cracks in the structure. But he makes reference more than once of his similarities to that of Adolf Hitler, for me that is just a cheap way to make it clear why he does not care for the man.
For me he basically got into office because of who he was much prior to his ever making a comment of trying to become President of The United States.
Micheal Moore seems tired in the close ups we see of him, no longer a man of passion but he seems to have lost his drive. The focus of the film shifts from President Trump , Flints water crisis , the children vs the NRA , we loose interest about half way through. I am sorry but I have enjoyed his previous films, this one not so much , I feel he did not put his best effort in this film.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Interviews with Lost Nebula, Be Faced, Desert Merc(July, 2018) The Astoria Hastings , Vancouver BC-Canada

I was given the opportunity to attend this show that would be host to 3 other bands that night. I asked Jon Asher with Asher Media Relations to be able attend and interview Lost Nebula from Mexico. I was quite excited to do so.
Upon entering the venue I met with James Buhs, the manager of Desert Merc and I was asked to possibly interview his band and also a touring band from Australia Be Faced. I would welcome the opportunity to meet more bands than I had scheduled too as I am all about helping the up and coming bands.

This impressive rock band  Desert Merc would start off the night and set for what the other bands had to contend with through the night. Even though that was not their intent but such a tight unit the 4 members are -being told later in the interview that night that this was only their second performance--wow!

Before we started the interview we were interrupted by a man that was certain he was a woman and then proceeded to tell all of us that we are of both sexes when we are in the womb. He was topless and then took it upon himself to squeeze his nipple to the point of extracting liquid from his breast. This is slightly covered in the interview immediately following this report. The picture below is asking where he went??That was the exact area he appeared at, I think it still gives Scott the drummer nightmares!

Remember when music was about song writing not about Pro Tools tricks and backing tracks? We do!

The brain child of Paul D'Eath (Mushroom Trail, Soma City Ward, Universal Freak, Devils 'N' Angels), DESERT MERC is here to remind everyone why we fell in love with rock 'n roll in the first place.

Next would be Be Faced  from Australia ,this was their first tour of Canada. Be it a small tour they were very happy to be a part of it all.
This night would see this band performing as a trio as their other band mate was at home in Australia, but listen to the interview to find out why --if you don't already know. They would be possibly the heaviest band of the evening, really pleasant to speak to the 3 of them. They really seemed to enjoy their short time in Canada and plan on touring as soon as they possibly can.

From their Facebook page:

Recognized as “heavy-tech metal,” Be Faced has its roots in genres old, new and theoretical. Be Faced have been bringing their head-banging, electrifying metal music to audiences in Australia since 2013. The band’s high-energy performances transport audiences as Be Faced blends foundations of the old thrash metal with evolving technique and powerful riffs, keeping the fans thrashing and roaring for more. “Dime is not dead. His spirit lives on through Be Faced, giving you thrash the way it used to taste” - Willem Hendriksen, Retro Rehash Radio, Blue Mountains.
Be Faced? The name comes from the idea that all things that are to be challenged and overcome must be faced. When Sunday afternoon jamming and drinking between brothers and friends in the Blue Mountains turned into a coordinated musical mission and passion, Be Faced was born. The band draws its distinct style from old and new, not excluding blues and jazz Their main influences include Pantera, Lamb of God, Periphery and Gojira, to name a few.
Since their formation, Be Faced have performed more gigs than you can count in Australia, alongside powerful bands such as Red Bee and King Parrot, before touring across USA and Canada in 2018. Following the release of their first EP, Ingot (2016) and their single ‘Taxed to Death’, Be Faced are now back in the studio, working on their second album set to release mid-2019.

Next would be the band that I would be coming to see. I had brought my
girlfriend to the show and we had a long day and we were both tired and unfortunately would not be staying for the bands performance.
I really enjoyed meeting the three young men that make up a good amount
of the band. We had a really great discussion about keeping your faith in
believing things will work out for the best.
Out of the three bands I interviewed that evening they are the only ones
that have a video.

It's a number of years old now but this will give you an idea of how
they sound.

Without further ado I give you the interviews.
My apologies to all those of you that have been waiting foe these.
I have compiled them together in one video to make it easier to find.
You all have been waiting patiently for me to finish this and I thank you.
Thank you to Jon Asher with Asher Media Relations and to all the band
members I spoke with that evening!

Thank you for reading this

Anthony Nadeau

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Press Release: Rob Stewart's Sharkwater Extinction--Premiering at TIFF -In Theaters Nationwide October 5, 2018



Highly anticipated final feature from late filmmaker will open in theatres nationwide on October 5th.  

Toronto – August 1, 2018 –Sharkwater Extinction, from award-winning director Rob Stewart, will celebrate its world premiere at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and open in theatres across Canada on October 5th. 

Sharkwater Extinction is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sharkwater, Stewart’s first film, which brought the devastating issue of shark finning to the world stage. Sharkwater Extinction is a thrilling and inspiring action-packed journey. Stewart continues his courageous crusade through the oceans and across four continents to investigate the corruption behind a multi-billion-dollar pirate fishing trade and massive illegal shark fin industry. From West Africa, Spain, Panama, Costa Rica, France, and even North America, Stewart exposes the shocking truth that is leading to the extinction of our oldest remaining predator and ultimately to the destruction of our planet.

Both Sharkwater(2007) and Stewart’s second film Revolution(2012) had world premieres at TIFF before going on to international acclaim. Sharkwater and Revolution are still to this day the number 1 and 3 Canadian documentaries of the last 15 years. They have been awarded more than 70 international awards and viewed by over 125 million people.

In January 2017, while shooting Sharkwater Extinction, Rob Stewart tragically passed away during a dive off the Florida Keys. The world was stunned by the loss of one of the most influential activists of our time.  Rob risked everything in a tireless effort to educate, preserve and defend the oceans. His impact and sacrifice are beyond measure and the producers along with a talented group of filmmakers, editors and loyal Sharkwater supporters felt compelled to continue his work and ensure the film was completed.

 Award-winning editor Nick Hector was given the daunting task of sifting through Rob’s copious hours of footage and reams of detailed notes to create a final cut of Sharkwater Extinction. His efforts were supported by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sturla Gunnarsson who acted as a consultant to the team.

“Rob spent his life defending the oceans and sharks - determined to change the world. We believe his work will continue to do so,” said Brian and Sandy Stewart. “Rob had a magical way of connecting with audiences and this film is one more step in his mission to inspire action in the important fight to protect this planet for generations to come. We are pleased that Sharkwater Extinction, like Rob’s previous films, will launch at TIFF before rolling out to audiences around the world.”

SHARKWATER EXTINCTION was made possible with the financial support of Canada Media Fund, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Rogers Documentary Fund, Telefilm Canada and Prime Video. A Bell Media Original Documentary, the film was commissioned by The Movie Network (TMN) and Super Écran. D Films Corp will distribute the film in Canada.

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Anthony Nadeau

Epic Pictures Review: The Lodgers-Available Now on DVD/Blu-Ray & Netflix

Rachael & her brother Edward live in a mansion together that was left to them from their deceased parents.
There is a curse on the home. A rhyme is spoken of the curse the film opens , we (as they) are reminded of it a few times in the film.
Edward traps himself in the house, fearful of the outside world. Where as Rachael wants to leave the house , town and everything she has known before and start anew.
There is a shame that is spoken of that lives within the walls of the house. We are uncertain as what this is  all about. A few times Rachael tells Edward that they are not their parents and too old for such things. What does she speak of?
This is a ghost story that is effectively told, if you can appreciate a slower paced film and allows it to tell its story I think you will enjoy this.
The gate in one scene shows us that unwelcome guests are automatically shut out from entering the grounds.
Rachael meets the local young man Sean, who they quickly fall for each other, she is a bit more hesitant on the romance than he is.
This film does not introduce anything new here, however the performances are enough to have kept my interest and to see how it all plays out.
There are some great visuals throughout the film and was filmed in Ireland's most haunted house as well.

Here is the link for the house:

Loftus Hall

Here below is a Behind The Scenes of the film:

Then here is the trailer for the film:

The Lodgers is available on a 2 pack DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack and is available through the Epic Pictures website, link below:

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Epic Pictures Review: Brothers Of The Wind(In Theaters & VOD June 19, 2018)

Beautiful Cinematography , Music that soars with the eagles , all this and a wonderful tale of a young boy and a baby eagle that are both given a new hope for life in this sometimes cruel and harsh world.
Quite often we have seen these tales of young meeting with an animal of the wild, however here it is not for the sake of the boy but for the sake of the animal here and what is best for both brings an understanding between himself and eventually his father,

We have Lukas(Manuel Camacho-Among Wolves)he is a quiet boy since the passing of his mother, his father who is distant and drinks his sorrows away is a hunter and lays traps and often shoots at the eagles that fly overhead. He does not understand his son and his want to only speak with the animals.

Keller(Tobias Moretti-Cold Hell)is a man that keeps to himself and knows that Danzer(Jean Reno)keeps a watch on his son as well as the animals in the area.
 Jean Reno is one of those actors that can fit into any kind of movie , I remember first seeing him in The Big Blue and then as a hitman in The Professional. Here is a the narrator of the film as well as a great supporting actor for our lead and the animals that accompany this magnificent film.
There is of course drama , but the film is shot very much like Jean- Jacques Annuads "The Bear", we do not have talking animals or anything particularly cute, but life happening here. We are almost treated to a nature documentary with some of the footage that I think might have just been by luck of the directors , but amazing to watch one scene with mountain goats.
Later in the film Lukas is told by Danzer to get the eagle into the sun to help the wings change color, he is also told that sausages are not good for him--dark liver however is.

There are some basic tales of woe and the typical father/son character story but this is so beautifully shot and the performances give it a little something more, like a movie Walt Disney himself would have shot.
If you love the wild and the animals that are in it -I cannot recommend this film enough. It is a tale for all to see as it is in the Epic Family a great addition to a  company that I have had the pleasure of reviewing for the past few years now.
I have seen a great amount of family films over the decades being a babysitter for 13 years and doing daycare for another few years having 2 boys of my own and playing Santa Claus for the  past 11 years.I can honestly say that this is one of the best family films I have seen in a decade.

They also have a statement at the end of the film:

"At no time during the production animals were harmed, neglected or recklessly treated.(All pictures were shot in harmony with nature)
They also give credit to WWF Austria and the beauty of the Alps.
Filmed on location in Austria , Italy & Switzerland.

Trailer for "Brothers of the Wind"
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Anthony Nadeau