Thursday, October 23, 2014

British Columbia Talent: T. Nile -Tingle & Spark(Available Now)

Not everyday do you get an album quite like this T.Nile has a unique sound that is not an easy feat these days with so many recording so much in their own basements and private studios but with an odd mix of techno and a banjo -yes you read that right folks  not sure how they pull it off but they do with great style.
There are many other sounds and some great vocals makes this album stand out amongst one of the best of the year.

This is some great easy listening here some fantastic songs like the one below with a cool looking music video.

Below is a segment that aired on Shaw TV about Tamara Nile and she describes the video shoot for "Running" that plays above if you to view it.

The best part of this album is not just the experimental sound that this album has but the crisp sound of the recordings -I applaud their commitment to the songs and having the guts to put this out there this is a treat to listen and already have a good number of times and enjoyed it more and more with each listen.

Here is an older song of theirs but like it as well

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Anthony Nadeau

Little Shop of Movies Review: See No Evil 2(Now Available)

When I had heard there was a sequel in the works to "See No Evil" a WWE produced film from 2006, I laughed but then quickly there was word that Jen & Sylvia Soska were going to direct it-then things got serious. Ever since I saw their first film "Dead Hooker In A Trunk" I could see the love and talent that they both have as directors-then "American Mary" which not only made die-hard fans sit up and take notice but WWE Films also was watching closely as well.

When I had heard the news I quickly found the image above in which they were holding promo shots for "American Mary" but this was huge for the Twisted Twins from North Vancouver as this is a major studio a release of their new film is from WWE Films & Lionsgate , now a major player in the world of film.

Being major horror fans themselves and watching films all the time they have a gift of telling a well crafted film even though this is a tale of a masked killer there is so much that is below the surface, also because they chose some strong actors to be in this film as well for those that do not know Danielle Harris she starred in two of the "Halloween" films #'s 4 & 5(1988 & 1989) she also starred in Rob Zombie's Halloween in 2007 as well.
This film works for so many reasons being a fan of horror myself since seeing Friday The 13th(1980)  watched that at home on VHS and having to sleep with the lights on after have seen a great number of horror films and of recent memory this is one of the stronger ones of late as far as sequels go.
There is a scene where Tamara(Katherine Isabelle) needs badly to see the killer Jacob Goodnight(Glen "Kane" Jacobs) and she flirts with the dead body that is in the morgue (above)
She and her boyfriend then proceed to have sex on the table next to him-we know what sex and horror films mean-right?
But the shock on Tamara's face when she looks over a few moments later and realize the killer's body is gone from the table, adds to the horror of the film and the believability of the character's also helps with everything working together to make some great horror.
Katherine Isabelle is also revered highly in the horror scene as well having played "Ginger" in "Ginger Snaps" trilogy as well as starring in the twins prior film "American Mary"

One of my favourite things in the film industry is the "Behind The Scenes" of any film-this is why my blog has the title for it.
The look behind of the film shows and tells a story that is not common in film. We learn that the twins always go around set and welcome and hug everyone prior to the shoot -this is not just the actors this could be the lighting guy-the P.A. or the craft personnel.
They also require laughing on the set as well-everyone loved working on the film.

This is the best horror film I have seen this year I have not seen them all but so this is the best.

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Anthony Nadeau

Friday, October 17, 2014

Independent Film Reviews--The Short Film Reviews: No Pets Allowed(Updated!)

(Story Synopsis)
As a young child Rebecca was traumatized by her Father’s cruel way of dealing with the animals she brought home. As an adult she still has a great love for animals but the pets she has are quite unusual.

I was given the pleasure of watching this short film -this is a horror film not a family film at all but in the 16+ minutes this film is going it is a very good venture for a first film.

Nadine(above) is a DIY filmmaker , this is her 4th short film (I had made mention it was her first my mistake) -for untrained eyes they may say yes it shows but I have seen enough Independent film to see past the grain or the choppy sound etc and just take the film for what it is. It's a short horror film and without giving it away -Rebecca does get pets but at her discretion and she is sadistic.
I thought it to be a good 16 minutes spent and look forward to what Nadine dreams up next and her twisted cast.
Guess I am just as twisted  to like the film.
It takes some skill to even make a short film such as this I have written short stories in my day and know to get it just right is a process in itself, can only imagine the task of shooting what you have written as well.Expect to hear more from Nadine & the stories she tells.

Have a view of the few festivals she has the film entered this year!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Venus In Fur(Available Now)

Not very often are we given a visual treat at the start of the film, also given a great introduction to the characters either.
Not only is the introduction to the characters is what also works we are slightly introduced to the theatre that they are at while rehearsing a play that had been doing auditions for the good part of the day but now Thomas(Mathieu Amalric)is wanting to go home and on his way out Vanda(Emmanuelle Seigner)enters and pleads to be able to read for the part having a bad day herself with having to take the bus half across the city -she breaks down when she is turned down.
Thomas intrigued by her allows her to stay for 3 chapters.
They hit it off and Thomas pleased by her skills allows her to stay and they both start to feel an attraction through the characters, or do they? Nothing is for sure here this is for a mature audience that can get the subtleties and applaud the work by these two fantastic actors. Roman Polanski received the Cannes Best Director Award for his work of this film and deservedly so as well. The director of such greats as Chinatown, Tess,  Rosemary's Baby & The Pianist to name just a few.
Where this film may have got in the hands of an American producer this would have turned out to be another sleaze fest and yet again has a strong female lead played by an incredibly gifted actress and shows the how some women or men can use their sexuality to control others around them. Very intriguing and well done I am hoping that this shows others for a film to work all you really need is good actors willing to give their all and work well with others,
The amount of sexuality that is on the screen could make some uncomfortable, but that sex is never present it is suggested only by the characters in which they play and are subjected to each others desires and expectations of what they want in life and in lust.
There are so many things that are hidden we are unsure whether the lust that Thomas feels for Vanda is for certain or if it is surely just what is in the play they are rehearsing.
I applaud all this is one of the best films I have seen this year it questions women's worth that was in the 1800's and quite easily this day and age.
Venus in Fur is a complete work of art and Roman Polanski has painted himself a masterpiece of a film, bravo at 80 years of age you still have it in you sir.
(L to R)Roman Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric

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Anthony Nadeau

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