Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CD Review: Freak Kitchen-Cooking With Pagens(Available Now) The Lasers Edge

Not many albums get this rating which is basically 5.5 stars -a special piece of music.
So many records come across this desk and many others that I know that also review music. Music speaks different things to different people, I really cannot stand 90% of what is on the radio these days and even a better reason to have a band like "Freak Kitchen" come this way--what a GREAT album!!

With great riffs and all around great musicianship that could put away some larger groups , each song sounding  nothing like the previous song. A joy to have this album in my collection.
 The previous picture can give you a slight idea of how serious this band takes themselves as not many would send that out to the press , let alone send it to anyone.That being said they are very tight and talented band.

There are songs "Mathematics of Deafeat" and the song on now "I Don't Want to Golf" which could easily be my theme song, not joking either.

This is easily one of my favourite albums of the year such a mix of different sounds from ZZ Top to Kim Mitchell sounding songs and I mean both of those with the greatest amount of respect of all artists named.

'Speak When Spoken Too"   

"Teargass Jazz"
is from 2009 and is an awesome tribute
to their visit to India ,man what a song!!

Anyone that knows me well when I get behind a band they have my support for life, so they certainly have a NEW fan with me for sure.

"God Save The Spleen"

Bands Bio:
Swedish trio Freak Kitchen are back with Cooking with Pagans, their eight and most frantic album to date. The band has always been a tremendously respected live act and for the first time the energetic live vibe of Freak Kitchen has been captured in the studio. With influences stretching from AC/DC to classical South Indian music the three norsemen, lead by guitar virtuoso Mattias IA Eklundh, truly have a sound of their own. Cooking with Pagans offer eleven intense original songs plus a sophisticated punk pop version of the 1936 hit Goody Goody like you never heard it before. Solid, inspired song writing (not to say playing) from start to finish.

                          "Proffesional Help"from this album

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Anthony Nadeau

CD Review:Otherwise-Peace At All Costs(Available Sept 16, 2014)Century Media Records

Debuting in 2012 with the album "True Love Never Dies"
& the single "Soldiers" see the video below.

Having toured extensively in 2012 & 2013 Otherwise is ready with their new album Peace At All Costs , mostly guitar rock and some catchy tunes -then there are the radio friendly songs like, "Never Say"

Otherwise entered the studio late in March 2014 to record a new album. Singer Adrian Patrick announced that the album would we titled Peace at All Costs on the first day in the studio. He also revealed that the album producer would be David Bottrill that day. The first single, that was released on July 8th, is titled "Darker Side of the Moon." It has impacted the Active Rock charts and peaked at No. 23.

There are some really good songs that are tightly crafted and some that I did not care for.
"The Other Side of Truth" is the best song on the album but some other songs worth checking out are:

"IV", "Love & War" has a really cool guitar riff.
"Coming for the Throne"

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Little Shop of Movies Review: Godzilla(Available Now)

Pretty sad when the CGI infestation has riddled our cinema's and movie makers keep contributing to the dumbing down of it's audience. The saving grace and the only reason that this film got as many stars as it did was for it's actors that I have always admired.
Sally Hawkins(Happy Go Lucky & Blue Jasmine)is my first thank even though as in many major big budget films the female characters always take a back seat to the male leads.
Ken Wantabe(The Last Samurai)even though he does an awful amount of staring at things outside of frame does his best to help the film. Juliette Binoche(The English Patient), David Strathairn(Lincoln)Elizabeth Olsen(Martha, Marcy, May Marlene)also shines & Bryan Cranston(Breaking Bad)first time seeing him in anything.
 This is standard fare here folks nothing new , certainly nothing fresh-the actors do the best they can against all the backdrops and green screen.
The almost laughable shots where the actors stand still and the camera closes in on them , this happens more than we see of the creatures and of course it is always stormy and raining also dark for the actor in the suit for the creature has taken a back seat for the computer can get it done better.
By the time the monsters arrived on screen I was bored the build up is nothing new here either -these beasts all sound the same Jurassic Park, Pacific Rim & Godzilla all bear the same resemblance.
I wish the monsters had something different to identify them but with computers even as advanced as the technology is there is still some things that stay the same.
I honestly look forward to the other films that I borrowed from the store this week, to help wash this garbage from my mind.

Here is a light hearted look at the film:

The other two films borrowed:

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Captain America-Winter Soldier (Available Now)

Born in 1941 in the dreary time of World War 2 -Captain America is all that was good and honest of that time, does his values work in today's world? To some no they think he needs to adjust his thoughts to the modern world, something he does not want to do.

I was never a big reader of the captain myself but read enough of the comics that I know enough about him to get the story of the film.

Very early on we are entertained with some great fighting scenes and part of that is the excitement that UFC-retired fighter Georges St Pierre has a few minutes of glory in the film, even brief he is awesome to watch.
There are some great action scenes here even with all the CGI there is also some slick car chases and accidents as well.
The fights are just that, fights there is gun use as always in big productions such as this but kept the fact that Captain America uses his shield and fists only-much like Superman he does not kill.
Great scene above where he takes out all the men in an elevator.
The Winter Soldier(above) is a good villain , however his boss wants to --guess what?--take over the world(Yawn)The battle scenes with him are intense and fast -not something we have not seen before but there is a bit more edge with this one.

I am as are many people growing tired of all the Super Heroe films I have not really enjoyed many this year with Amazing Spiderman 2 being one of the worst films of this or any other year in my books.
This is set up clearly for a sequel and yet another big adventure with The Avengers 2 set to release 2015.

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Anthony Nadeau

      (Image below created by Art Reich -Little Shop of Movies)