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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Interview With Christos Antoniou -Guitarist of Septicflesh--May 6th , 2015 at The Rickshaw Theatre

My second interview of the evening would be a mere few minutes after that of Mike Gapsar of Moonspell, Gunner the tour manager said why not we are all here and no one is busy.
I would let Christos introduce himself and without realizing it until I played it back did I notice I had repeated his name incorrectly, was nervous at first.

He would share a great many things in the interview and asked for the phone to be close to him for the strength of his accent he was afraid at a distance people may not hear him properly.

Before I share that with you, again I have certain people I want to thank. Once again Kelly Walsh at Prosthetic Records for getting me into the show and all that she did and getting me the interview with Christos.
Gunner the tour manager for this portion of the tour was an awesome guy to get to know.
Mo and staff at The Rickshaw Theatre they are always good hosts the venue has gone under some very nice renovations as well.
One last thing another mistake made by yours truly was when we were speaking of Krimh and his amazing skills as a drummer I state
that he did a cover of "Order of Dracul" when in fact it is "The Vampire from Nazareth" sorry for the mistakes folks it was a eventful night.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CD Review: [debut]-Postcards from Berlin(Available Now)Independent Music Promotions

Again this has been an incredible year thus far for some really incredible music of many different genres and styles of music.

The sounds created here are written, programmed, performed & produced by Gareth Thomas , some electronic music that reminds me of Thomas Dolby , Luxuria and other bands from the 80's & 90's.
Here is the first video from the album "More Than This"

This may surprise the majority of people that read my reviews but I actually really enjoy this album -I grew up with a lot of the similar sounds in the 80's mostly when this genre of music was very the thing at the time.

Again I applaud the artistry of the work here this is possibly something that may or may not get play on the radio , but freedom of music is what it is always.

The album is a great release all around , even though this is not normally something I really listen to anymore really -this I enjoyed a lot.
The video below is from 2013
The song is "Starting to Love it"

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Little Shop of Movies Review: Still Alice(Available Now)

Two nights before I had watched Julianne Moore in Maps to the Stars -A David Cronenberg film, where she was just as fantastic as she was in this and a great many films she has been in.

Alice is married to her husband John(Alec Baldwin) who is a very loving and compassionate husband, not your typical stereotype of a man in a film such as this. He has an undying love for his wife , never do we guess he has other intentions for her but what might be the best care for her in her last days.
The entire cast of the film are equally as compassionate for the best for Alice.
From the opening scene we get an idea of how well she loves others and is loved in return. It is her 50th birthday and celebrates it with a vigor for life, it is a great way to show the strength of her character as the introduction.
As the films progresses we see the disease that is alzheimer's -it is handled so well in this film , for me a scary look into what is happening at an alarming rate across the globe.
At one point Alice that she wishes she had cancer instead as they wear ribbons , run races and raise money for it-John just accepts what she has to say.
Because the two lead actors are so convincing in their roles and the subtle actions between them , in a scene that could have been a mess instead is so small yet powerful.
They are going for a run and Alice has to pee -the next few minutes she is checking door after door to find the washroom, she pauses and starts to get upset. John calls for her and she says she couldn't find the bathroom, she starts to cry. He holds her and simply says , let's clean you up.
The scene is below:

This is some powerful cinema and eye opening I am sure a good number of the scenes are created for dramatic affect , regardless it works because they make it all so believable in every aspect.
This is not a movie of the week disease movie, there are compassionate people in this film as I am sure as many as there would be for someone that they might know suffering this horrible disease.

This of course does not just affect her husband , but also their three children that because she has a rare type of the disease it is transferable between her and possibly one of her children. This is another matter that is also handled very well.

I applaud Julianne Moore for her ability to play strong women always in her films, with the role of the women often being overlooked for a superhero or another action star she remains a strong light for the strength in film for women, that should be more celebrated than it usually is at times.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Interview With Mike Gaspar Drummer For Moonspell May 6th, 2015 at The Rickshaw Theater Vancouver B.C, Canada

So excited was I to attend this event I had seen Septicflesh back in 2012 when they toured with Ex Deo but this would be my first time seeing Moonspell, this their third trip to Canada.
In 2012 I was given the opportunity to speak to Mike Gaspar the drummer of the band, we had chatted for sometime but the interview would go missing , oh technology.
I put in a request to do an email interview of the same questions and Mike willingly did them all again for me.

Can we say I was beyond excited to learn I was going to be able to actually interview one of the members of the band this evening? Better yet as it turned out was Mike again, for me as a drummer myself it was an honor to finally meet the man.
At first I was nervous but as the interview progressed and he was just so passionate about everything he was talking about it felt more like talking to an old friend, not business .

Before I share this interview with you I would like to thank
Kelly Walsh of Prosthetic Records for getting me into the show , media passes and the other interview of the night. 
Jon Freeman of Napalm Records for making this possible , also to Gunner the tour manager for this leg of the tour & for being such a cool guy.
Most certainly Mike Gaspar for giving me such awesome answers to the questions.
Also to Mo and staff at The Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver for allowing me access long before the show started.

This is a lengthy interview but so many bases covered in it.

Hope you enjoy listening to it, background noises are courtesy of the Rickshaw staff and tour crew.

Thanks for listening and within the next week I will have my interview with Christos of Septicflesh.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

PS-silly me I did not get any photos of me and Mike together -but I have the interview.