Friday, October 17, 2014

Independent Film Reviews--The Short Film Reviews: No Pets Allowed(Updated!)

(Story Synopsis)
As a young child Rebecca was traumatized by her Father’s cruel way of dealing with the animals she brought home. As an adult she still has a great love for animals but the pets she has are quite unusual.

I was given the pleasure of watching this short film -this is a horror film not a family film at all but in the 16+ minutes this film is going it is a very good venture for a first film.

Nadine(above) is a DIY filmmaker , this is her 4th short film (I had made mention it was her first my mistake) -for untrained eyes they may say yes it shows but I have seen enough Independent film to see past the grain or the choppy sound etc and just take the film for what it is. It's a short horror film and without giving it away -Rebecca does get pets but at her discretion and she is sadistic.
I thought it to be a good 16 minutes spent and look forward to what Nadine dreams up next and her twisted cast.
Guess I am just as twisted  to like the film.
It takes some skill to even make a short film such as this I have written short stories in my day and know to get it just right is a process in itself, can only imagine the task of shooting what you have written as well.Expect to hear more from Nadine & the stories she tells.

Have a view of the few festivals she has the film entered this year!

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Anthony Nadeau

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Venus In Fur(Available Now)

Not very often are we given a visual treat at the start of the film, also given a great introduction to the characters either.
Not only is the introduction to the characters is what also works we are slightly introduced to the theatre that they are at while rehearsing a play that had been doing auditions for the good part of the day but now Thomas(Mathieu Amalric)is wanting to go home and on his way out Vanda(Emmanuelle Seigner)enters and pleads to be able to read for the part having a bad day herself with having to take the bus half across the city -she breaks down when she is turned down.
Thomas intrigued by her allows her to stay for 3 chapters.
They hit it off and Thomas pleased by her skills allows her to stay and they both start to feel an attraction through the characters, or do they? Nothing is for sure here this is for a mature audience that can get the subtleties and applaud the work by these two fantastic actors. Roman Polanski received the Cannes Best Director Award for his work of this film and deservedly so as well. The director of such greats as Chinatown, Tess,  Rosemary's Baby & The Pianist to name just a few.
Where this film may have got in the hands of an American producer this would have turned out to be another sleaze fest and yet again has a strong female lead played by an incredibly gifted actress and shows the how some women or men can use their sexuality to control others around them. Very intriguing and well done I am hoping that this shows others for a film to work all you really need is good actors willing to give their all and work well with others,
The amount of sexuality that is on the screen could make some uncomfortable, but that sex is never present it is suggested only by the characters in which they play and are subjected to each others desires and expectations of what they want in life and in lust.
There are so many things that are hidden we are unsure whether the lust that Thomas feels for Vanda is for certain or if it is surely just what is in the play they are rehearsing.
I applaud all this is one of the best films I have seen this year it questions women's worth that was in the 1800's and quite easily this day and age.
Venus in Fur is a complete work of art and Roman Polanski has painted himself a masterpiece of a film, bravo at 80 years of age you still have it in you sir.
(L to R)Roman Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric

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Anthony Nadeau

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Little Shop of Movies Review: Edge of Tomorrow(Available Now)

With so many films coming out in this year etc everyone wants their film to be the next best thing , well this is a decent film for does entertain and does make the viewer pay attention at the same time.
The special effects unlike many this year actually add to the overall feel of the film and are only used to help tell the story.The story if you are paying attention to detail also the surroundings as well help tell it as well.
If you think of the film very much like a video game you get unlimited times in which you can go back and try the level all over again to try and defeat the game.
The scenes are very well played out and the action scenes are done well I was pleasently surprised as I have not enjoyed the majority of Tom Cruise's films but here he is not #1 like he is in almost every film he makes, plus the man below adds to all of it.
We all have our favourite actors and Bill Paxton is easily one of my all-time favourites for many reasons he can and has played so many different parts always so good and convincing on everything he does. Bill brings a certain charm and steadiness that seems to be rapidly declining in today's actor.
Cruise on the other hand seems so stiff along side of Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton as they are actors and he is a Movie star, for me there is a clear difference between the two.
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this film and can put my dislike for an actor aside for the sake of the film and have done many times-for my love of film and movies are greater than just one actor.

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Anthony Nadeau

Monday, October 6, 2014

Press Release--Eli Roth’s The Crypt Presents HALLOVINE: 13 Horror Directors, 13 Original Shorts


Eli Roth’s The Crypt Presents HALLOVINE: 13 Horror Directors, 13 Original Shorts

Los Angeles, CA 10/3/2014

The Crypt and 13 of your favorite horror directors invade your phone!

Check out The Crypt on Vine, Twitter, and Facebook @FearTheCrypt or on the app

The Crypt, Eli Roth’s multi channel horror studio and iPhone app, is bringing fear to your phone this Halloween as 13 directors are participating in The Crypt’s 13 Days of

#HalloVine begins October 3rd and ends with Eli Roth himself on October 15th! Find these scary Vines by following The Crypt on Vine or checking out any of The Crypt’s social media channels @fearthecrypt.

The director of the day will conquer the realm of digital scares and take over The Crypt’s Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook and the Crypt App giving fans the chance to
connect with their favorite directors and find out what inspired their love of horror

Kicking it off in the afternoon Friday the 15th is director  James Cullen Bressack (To Jennifer, Hate Crime, 13/13/13, Blood Lake, Pernicious) 

Check their media outlets daily to see who the Director of the day will be! 

For Today, 10/3 keep your eyes on the twitter's and Vines of:




For the next 12 days, bookending with Eli Roth on October 15th, the directors who will be participating in the “13 Days of #HalloVine”, in no particular order, with a few other not-yet-announced surprises, are: Chris Mintz Plasse, Jennifer Biehn, The Vicious Brothers, Emily Haggins, Doug Rath, Zachary Donohue, Alex Pulisci, Kheireddine El-Helou and Pearry Teo.

Here Are All of Today's VINE'S by James Cullen Bressack

I⃒N⃒T⃒R⃒U⃒D⃒E⃒R⃒S⃒ (Part 1)-

I⃒N⃒T⃒R⃒U⃒D⃒E⃒R⃒S⃒ (Part 2) -

I⃒N⃒T⃒R⃒U⃒D⃒E⃒R⃒S⃒ (Part 3) -

I⃒N⃒T⃒R⃒U⃒D⃒E⃒R⃒S⃒ (Part 4) -

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