Saturday, September 21, 2019

Movie Review: Yesterday On Blu-Ray/DVD & Digital Download Available September 24, 2019(Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

Let's go back to the past, back to when you first heard The Beatles. Think of that first song that you might have heard. I remember the song it was when my mother and I were cleaning the house in Lansing, Michigan and she put on Abbey Road, I remember standing and listening to something that I had never heard before. That day was a great moment in my life as I am sure anyone reading this right now might be also having thoughts of when they first heard The Beatles.
Jack(Himesh Patel--Eastenders) is a struggling musician who with his friend/manager Ellie(Lilly James--Downtown Abbey) helps him get some dates to have people hear his music. Feeling frustrated with the lack of support from others, the only love he is shown for his music is his mother and Ellie. Jack says he is done with playing music and should go back to teaching.
One night Jack is riding home on his bike and all of the power across the globe shuts off for 12 seconds-in that 12 seconds he is hit and thrown from his bike, looses two of his front teeth and is hospitalized.
Upon his release, Ellie and a few close friends celebrate his being alive and his cherished guitar suffered a worse fate than Jack did, so Ellie buys him a new guitar.
With a bit of pushing and his friends suggesting that a new guitar deserves a new song, he sings Yesterday.
Such sincere work of the actors around him makes this scene really work solidly--if this scene doesn't work the rest of the film will fail.
I am the biggest critic of songs being re-sung by musicians or actors of The Beatles music, I will be honest I do not care for very much of it. That being said this movie makes it work and the casting of Himesh Patel is a joy to watch and this captured the innocence he starts off with and then is catapulted into stardom, it really starts to wear on him when others start using his fame for their beach houses and also his guilt of knowing truthfully that he did not write these songs.
It also shows the price of fame and how it can push those who love you the most away from just being a household name. He hangs his head in shame a number of times, having dreams that he will be found out by the two remaining Beatles ---his conscious gets the better of him, in the end, he comes clean on the biggest night of his life.
At the moment that I did not know was coming near the end of the film is when Jack is given a piece of paper with something on it that is not shared with the audience.
The camera follows the taxi that takes him to a house near a beach and upon knocking on the door I was shocked at what was there.
An elderly man, spending his days alone drawing and playing music(possibly)--we are told he is in his 70's and it made me choke up and shed a tear.
I watched the film here at home as I was sent a copy of the film to review, I am so very thankful that this was sent to me --being a HUGE Beatles fan, this really hit home with me. Other than the somewhat formula writing of the greedy management that he later acquired with his success and her riding his coattails of fame and fortune. He never really seems to change his personality, it's everyone that has changed around him, his friends have become almost strangers and the others just feed off of him.
The humility shown in the film and the character of Jack is what works and what could have easily failed as well, if not told well.
Great script and great acting all around.
I really bought the premise of this movie and I feel that this is Danny Boyle's best work to date!

I am thankful to the great people at Taro PR for making this happen of having the movie sent to me, also very thankful to Universal Studios Home Entertainment for the copy of the film to watch again and again. I was also sent a guitar pick with the title "Yesterday" on it.
My physical copy of the movie and notes on the film/production and the guitar pick as noted.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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Contest: Win An iTunes Download Code for "Saving Zoe"-(Contest For Canadian Residents Only)

Story Synopsis:
The high school freshman kid sister of the murdered Zoƫ finds her diary, which sheds new light on the murder missed by the police. She investigates.

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Contest: Win An iTunes Download Code for "Corporate Animals"-(Contest For Canadian Residents Only)

Story Synopsis:

Lucy (Demi Moore) is the egotistical megalomaniac CEO of Incredible Edibles, America's premier provider of edible cutlery. In her infinite wisdom, Lucy leads her staff including her long-suffering assistants, Freddie (Karan Soni) and Jess (Jessica Williams), on a corporate team-building caving weekend to New Mexico. When disaster strikes, not even their useless guide, Brandon (Ed Helms), can save them. Trapped underground by a cave-in, this mismatched and disgruntled group must pull together in order to survive.
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Contest: Win An iTunes Download Code for "Mouthpiece"--(Contest For Canadian Residents Only)

Story Synopsis:
Cassandra, who is portrayed by the two women, expresses the opposing voices that exist inside the modern woman's head, during a 48-hour period as she tries to organize the affairs for her mother's funeral.

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Poster & Trailer Premiere: COMA--Coming To Theaters In November



Fantasy, Action, and Adventure Merge as Never Before in a Stunning Achievement Coming to Theaters on November 22, 2019, and Available on Digital In 2020

What if your world was suddenly made up of the splintered and confounding memories of countless coma victims? That is the amazing and original set-up for COMA, the year's most remarkable achievement in science fiction, action, and adventure. The film will be released in theaters by Kino Film Corp and Capelight Pictures on November 22, 2019, to be followed by digital availability as well as on DVD and Blu-ray through Dark Sky Films and Capelight pictures in the first quarter of 2020.

Writer-director Nikita Argunov makes an indelible debut with this mind-blowing sci-fi/fantasy action movie destined to become an instant classic. The artfully unwinding and disconcerting story centers on a young and talented architect who returns to consciousness after a horrific accident only to find himself in a strange and frightening dystopian world. It is a visually bewildering landscape, simultaneously rural and futuristically urban, filled with the visualizations of the memories of all current coma patients. Just like human memory and dreams, this world is fragmented, chaotic and unstable. This is COMA, where ice caps, rivers, and cities can all exist in the space of a single room and the traditional laws of physics no longer apply.

The architect must decipher the exact laws and regulations of COMA as he fights to survive, meets the love of his life and frantically searches for the exit to the real world, which he will have to get acquainted with all over again - if it even still exists.

Fans of The Matrix, Inception and Source Code will immediately recognize COMA as the next thrilling level in mind-bending cinema.

About Dark Sky Films- Dark Sky Films is an independent film production and distribution label founded in 2008, working with emerging talent as well as established veterans to develop, package, produce and finance feature film and episodic television projects. Representing films from some of the most talented directors working today, such as Ti West's The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, and Jim Mickle's Stake Land, Dark Sky continues to identify original talent and projects to bring a vibrant slate of films to the world market, with such recent releases and productions such as Are Still Here, Deathgasm, Applesauce and Emelie.

About Capelight Pictures - Founded in 2004, Capelight Pictures is a Berlin-based distributor, releasing such films as Hardcore Henry, The Boy and Suspiriain Germany. The recent Attraction was the company's first release in the U.S. market.

Theatrical release date: November 22, 2019
Digital/Blu-ray/DVD release date: First quarter of 2020
Running time: 100 minutes

Language: Russian, with English subtitles (home video in both subtitled and dubbed editions)
Not rated

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

WIN! 1 of 2 Copies Of "Yesterday"-- Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital Copy --ENTER NOW!

Yes,  for the first time in the history of my blog I will be giving away 2 Blu-Ray copies of the Beatles inspired film "Yesterday" as it appears in the picture above, from the fine folks at Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.
The information on how to enter for the giveaway is at the bottom of this email.
The contest is only open to residents of Canada
(winners will be notified by email.
The prizes will be mailed to the winners, no substitutions)

Jack’s life is changed forever when he discovers he is the only person on earth who remembers the music of The Beatles and must decide if he truly wants the spotlight, or if all he needs is love, after all. 
Alternate Opening*
Alternate Ending
Deleted Scenes:
Corden & Roxanne – Includes deleted performance by Himesh Patel of “Something”
Late for School
Nutters Italian Ice Cream
Moscow Audience
A Gonk
W Hotel
Jack Calls Ellie
Hilary in the Mirror
Nick and Carol
Hazel's Selfie
Gag Reel*
Live at Abbey Road Studios – Watch Himesh Patel perform "Yesterday", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", and "Let it Be" at Abbey Road Studios. 
"I Want To Hold Your Hand"
"Let it Be"
Ed Sheeran: From Stadium to Screen* - Acting in his first major role, Ed Sheeran reflects on his experiences making the movie.
Agent of Comedy: Kate McKinnon*- Kate McKinnon shares how eager she was to play the role of "Debra Hammer" while the cast and crew reflect on the fun and energy that the queen of improvisational comedy brought to the set.
A Talented Duo* -Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle, two of the most successful British filmmakers, team up for the first time.
Playing for Real*- The re-interpreting of the Beatles songs was a huge undertaking for newcomer Himesh Patel. Learn how he spent months learning to play the songs perfectly as the production decided to take the more challenging route of recording the musical numbers live on set.
Soul Mates* - Beyond the music and the laughs, the film is, of course, a love story. This piece looks at the relationship between Jack & Ellie and the actors playing them.
A Conversation with Richard & Ed*- Long-term friends Richard Curtis and Ed Sheeran have a funny and informal chat about the making of YESTERDAY.
Feature Commentary with Director Danny Boyle and Writer/Producer Richard Curtis 
YESTERDAY will be available on 4K Ultra HD in a combo pack (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray™ + Digital). Bonus features on the 4K Ultra HD will all be delivered in stunning 4K resolution.

4K Ultra HD is the ultimate movie watching experience. 4K Ultra HD features the combination of 4K resolution for 4X sharper picture than HD, the color brilliance of High Dynamic Range (HDR) with immersive audio. 
Yesterday 4K Ultra HD is available with HDR10+™, providing premium HDR picture quality. HDR10+ transforms your movie-watching experience with incredible brightness and contrast for each scene, delivering brighter brights and deepest darks.
Blu-ray™ delivers a pristine HD picture and theatre-quality surround sound.
Digital lets fans watch movies anywhere on their favorite devices. Users can instantly stream or download.
* Exclusive to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™ & Digital

The soundtrack to YESTERDAY is available on digital/streaming services as well as CD from Universal Music Canada. 

Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital trailer:

To enter just fill out the form below!
The Contest closes on Sept 24, 2019. Best of luck to you all!

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Rise Twain Album Review(Inside Out Music) Now Available!

5/5 Stars

The ever-changing landscape of music is never-ending and groups like this make me excited to open the ears and hear what they have to say both musically and vocally.
                                  J.D. Beck: Piano, lead and backing vocals
       Brett William Kull: Guitars, bass, keys, percussion, lead, and backing vocals

From Inside Out Music:
The self-titled debut from Philadelphia- duo Rise Twain is out now via InsideOutMusic. The union of Brett William Kull (producer, audio engineer, and member of Echolyn, Grey Eye Glances, and Francis Dunnery’s New Progressives) and J.D. Beck (The Scenic Route, Beck-Fields, author & playwright) bring their collective years of direct and varied experience in writing, performing and recording music together for their impressive debut.

I love the overall feel, the atmosphere generated by the sounds the two have created together, some of the strongest music I have heard this year so far.
            Here is the first song off the album on 
          Inside Out Music's TV YouTube channel.

I love this quote from the notes I was sent about the duo:
Discussing the album’s musical direction, Beck notes, “There’s not a typical structural theme that we use over and over and over. ‘Organic’ is a word that comes to mind. Seeking openness through simplicity and allowing the complexity of music to exist without the necessity of overly packing it or overly processing it. With that, we were able to achieve such a broad spectrum of sound, and a colossal sense of its existence, without having to have a billion guitars and a billion things put over top. There’s some coloring with strings and other embellishments, but it really is something very simple and stripped down, and it’s awesome.”
That in itself explains the simplicity of the album and yet like great music is a matter of musicians finding each other and using the talents of the other(s) to help grow their own strengths.
This is one of those albums where I cannot specifically state which is my favorite song, but if I had too it would be the following song
Audio-video below:

Song after song I am treated to more great musical wonders-reminding myself that this is just two people making all this music!
More on the band:
Talking of how the duo came together: “I produced an album for J.D.’s original band, The Scenic Route”, says Kull, describing his first meeting with Beck in 2007. “They were a rocky, progressive kind of band, like a Jeff Buckley kind of thing. I was immediately drawn to his vocals. He’s such a strong singer.” Kull says he and Beck immediately hit it off, what he describes as an “inevitable connection.”

Adds Beck, “I just knew I had to work with Brett on a higher level. When I came in to cut the vocals on the Scenic Route album, the way we worked together…some people you just gel with, and then some people you have a barrier with. Brett and I gelled.” They spoke of one day collaborating on their own project, which finally surfaces as Rise Twain.

Yet another song to share with you from this great group.

Available in many platforms, vinyl, CD and Digital all available through the Inside Out Music and other platforms.
The album is also now available on Limited CD Digipak, 180g Black Vinyl LP + CD & as digital album here

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

Friday, September 13, 2019

Canadian Rock/Heavy Metal Icon Lee Aaron Reveals Trailer For Her First Ever Live Album! Out September 20, 2019 Via Metalville

It's no secret who Lee Aaron is she is a Canadian Icon in the music scene, whether you listen to her now or did back in the day of "Metal Queen" or "What You Do My Body" regardless of when you heard her -or if she is not on your radar, she should be!
Always one for singing great songs and great skills as a vocalist, she is sure to be killing it in this live album!

Here is the press release I received.
On September 20th, multi-platinum Canadian music icon Lee Aaron will release her first official live album, Power, Soul, and Rock N' Roll – Live in Germany via Metalville Records. The album will be available as a special CD/DVD set as well as on all digital platforms. And now, Lee Aaron reveals a special trailer for the album, which can be seen below.

The CD/DVD set features a career-spanning set that highlights the vocal power, hit songcraft, and dynamic stage presence that has defined Lee Aaron as one of the world's great rock 'n' roll performers. Recorded live over two nights on the Fire and Gasoline German tour, Power, Soul, and Rock N' Roll captures both the intimate setting of a packed music hall in Nuremberg, as well as her killer open-air performance in 2017 for 20,000 fans at the famed Bang Your Head festival in Balingen.

The set includes Lee's classic anthems like "Metal Queen," "Barely Holdin’ On," "Powerline," "Hot To Be Rocked," and "Whatcha Do To My Body." Fans are treated to a stunning version of Deep Purple's "Mistreated" along with new fan favorites from Aaron's "return to rock" offerings on 2016's Fire and Gasoline and 2018's Diamond Baby Blues.

With Sean Kelly on guitar, Dave Reimer on bass, and John Cody on drums - a band whose resume includes work with Nelly Furtado, Bryan Adams, and BTO to name but a few - Lee and her band inspire the spirit of great "live" classic rock albums of the '70s with performances that move and live and breathe, putting the listener in the center of the concert magic. Power, Soul, and Rock N' Roll is a "no fixes and no tricks" off-the-floor recording of two incredible performances in front of Lee's much-loved German fans, beautifully recorded and expertly mixed by legendary Canadian producer John Webster, with the striking DVD visuals rendered by Frank Gryner (Def Leppard).

Power, Soul, and Rock N' Roll – Live in Germany is the concert experience Lee Aaron fans have been waiting for and proves, without a doubt, that Lee Aaron is still very much at the top of her game and, undeniably, one of the world's greatest rock vocalists.

See & hear for yourself with a special trailer for the album, which can be viewed HERE on Lee Aaron's official YouTube channel. Cover and full tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Lee Aaron's Power, Soul, Rock N' Roll – Live in Germany
1. Mistreated
2. Tomboy
3. Rock Candy
4. Metal Queen
5. Fire And Gasoline
6. Powerline
7. I'm A Woman
8. Some Girls Do
9. Sex With Love
10. Barely Holdin' On
11. Whatcha Do to My Body
12. Diamond Baby
13. Hot To Be Rocked
1. Mistreated
2. Tomboy
3. Rock Candy
4. Metal Queen
5. Fire And Gasoline
6. Powerline
7. I'm A Woman
8. Some Girls Do
9. Sex With Love
10. Barely Holdin' On
11. Whatcha Do to My Body
12. Diamond Baby
13. Hot To Be Rocked

 Bonus Features: Music Videos
1. American High
2. Diamond Baby
3. I'm A Woman

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Blacktop Mojo-Under The Sun Album Review Available September 13, 2019(TAG Publicity)

 Rock 'N' Roll will never die!
This band has been delivering their brand of Rock since 2012 they  have their new album coming out this coming Friday, September 13, 2019, titled "Under The Sun"
With crisp vocals and great guitar riffs, solos and backup on the bass and drums, this band is tight as they come these days!
They even slow it down for the song "It Won't Last" a bluesy ballad, some fantastic work here on this song.
It helps show their talents as a band.
Here is their video for the song "Can't Sleep"
The video for “Can’t Sleep”, based on an original concept by singer Matt James

There really cannot be words to describe this album, that could possibly make you understand how good it is---just that if you Rock 'n' Roll I do not think this will disappoint!
The title song is nice and heavy, heaving bassline with great vocals, turn it up nice and loud-or if you are like me put on the headphones and really hear the music sing to you!
I can hear the influences in their songs, however like other great bands they use those influences to bring their own sound, without sounding unoriginal or copycats.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Conviction Documentary--- Premieres At FIN: Atlantic Film Festival 2019 Rebuilding Society From The Inside Out, One Person At A Time

There have been a great number of television specials and the like or some sensational show almost glamorizing the prison life and show no change in the inmates and that all the prison guards, for the most part, are just bad people, who do not help the situation. But that is drama and that gets viewers.
Here I think this film has a much different approach to the system and how and why we tend to lock up and not try and help those that are more likely going to be in society with the rest of us one day.
Below is the information I have received on this film, I have the opportunity to watch this film and will have a review of it soon.

"After a successful world premiere at the Hot Docs Film Festival earlier this year, co-directors Nance Ackerman (Four Feet Up, Cottonland), Ariella Pahlke (Burning Rubber, What You Did Before You Were Born) and Teresa MacInnes (Buying Sex, Norm) are very pleased that their empowering documentary collaboration, Conviction, has been officially selected as a Gala Presentation at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival, on Monday, September 16, 2019, 6:30 PM. 

PHOTO: Bianca Mercer when she was in Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility. Photo credit: Nance Ackerman/Bianca Mercer

Following the screening in Halifax, the Conviction team will host a reception and an exhibition of the women’s artwork and photography at the Exhibition Room, Dalhousie School of Architecture, 5410 Spring Garden Road, Halifax.
In Conviction, Ackerman, Pahlke, and MacInnes, collaborate with women on the inside, Bianca Mercer, Treena Smith, Laura Toney, Caitlin Hill, as well as prison guard, Tanya Bignell, to imagine what they would have needed in their lives to avoid incarceration. They paint, draw, sing, photograph, and film, envisioning a more ideal world, authoring their own narratives through art. They join advocates and Senator Kim Pate in a worldwide movement questioning the ideas of punishment and prison. 

As each woman gives voice to her experiences, the ‘big picture’ comes to life in the stories they choose to share. Soon, it becomes painfully clear that these women are a stark reflection of the troubling worldwide tendency to criminalize and warehouse those most affected by poverty, addiction, childhood sexual and physical trauma, and mental illness. Not another ‘broken prison’ film, this collaboration is a ‘broken society’ film—an ambitious and inspired re-build of our community, from the inside out.

“Our hope is to compel audiences to consider why we imprison the most vulnerable among us and at what cost. Ultimately, we want viewers to engage with governments at all levels to shift the billions of dollars currently being used to imprison and punish, to supportive resources within our community,” said Ackerman, MacInnes, and Pahlke in a joint statement.

Nance Ackerman(top left)Ariella Pahlke(top right)
Teresa MacInnes(bottom left)Annette Clarke(bottom right)
Conviction was written and directed by Nance Ackerman, Ariella Pahlke, and Teresa MacInnes, and produced by Teresa MacInnes from Sea to Sea Productions and Annette Clarke (The Boxing Girls of Kabul, Love, Scott, Theater of Life) for the NFB’s Quebec and Atlantic Studio in Halifax. 

Conviction was produced in association with documentary Channel, with the participation of Canada Media Fund, SRC and with the assistance of the NS Production Incentive & the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit."

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

RIOT V- Live In Japan 2018 Available on DVD/2 CD & Blu-Ray/2 CD August 30, 2019(AFM Records)

Mike Flyntz – lead guitar

Don Van Stavern – bass 
Todd Michael Hall – lead vocals 
Frank Gilchriest – drums 
Nick Lee – rhythm guitar

Being a music fan for as long as I can remember and really mostly Rock N Roll and Heavy Metal since I was in my early teens, having older brothers that listened to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. After all, that time and the length that this band has been together, forming back in 1975 and having their first album released in 1979- I am totally surprised that I have not heard them before now. They have a new fan in me. Such a tight band and clear and such a range of vocals from the lead singer Todd Micheal Hall
From left to right: Frank Gilchriest, Nick Lee, Todd Michael Hall, Don Van Stavern, Mike Flyntz(From the band's website)

On March 11th, 2018 Riot played "Thundersteel" in its entirety at Club Citta in the country with which they had been having a strong connection with - Japan. This DVD / Blu-Ray set is its document. See how the fans react to the songs. See how they are excited. See how those songs stood the test of time. The album still surprises the listeners. It still sounds fresh it never gets old!

With that part from the bio from the label states the songs do not seem to age, the one song that stands out for me is "On Your Knees" the drumming by Frank Gilchriest is so tight and the one complaint that I have about the concert footage is that we hardly get to see Frank except a few shots from behind the set. There is not a camera really focused on him, being a drummer I was curious as to what he was doing through the songs.

Below is a video from the concert to treat your ears and whet your appetite for the release this coming Friday! The song is "Thundersteel"

I still sit here amazed and somewhat ashamed that I have not heard this band before, for whatever the reason may be, I will be paying close attention to their future music. With this being released and the band has new music released last year it may be a while before that happens.

With all the concerts I have attended over the decades this is just your standard Rock concert with the just stage lights and the band playing their music, nothing fancy just the tight music and the fans appreciating them being there. But the appreciation goes both ways and in some other ways as near the end of the concert,  Don Van Stavern(bass) & Mike Flyntz(guitar) give each other a light kiss on the lips.
A smile from both of them shows their love for each other and their fans, it's great to see.

  It's always great to see band members playing their music with smiles on their faces, it shows their love for the music and they are playing for the love of music.

   The overall sound is great, with the headphones on you can really hear the double bass on the drums and bassline really well. Both guitars come through clean and crisp and the vocals are also very clear.
Check it out on the next video from the concert, the very last song for the night's event!
The cut out the intro to the video so I will share with you here that special guest Masayoshi Yamashita (bass)from the Japan heavy metal band Loudness!
He is the original and current bassist for the band that has also been around since 1981.

Very thankful to have seen this concert and found another band to follow.


01 - Armor Of Light
02 - Ride Hard Live Free
03 - On Your Knees
04 - Metal Soldiers
05 - Fall From The Sky
06 - Wings Are For Angels
07 - Land Of The Rising Sun
08 - Take Me Back
09 - Messiah
10 - Angel Eyes
11 - Metal Warrior
12 - Thundersteel
13 - Fight Or Fall
14 - Sign Of The Crimson Storm
15 - Flight Of The Warrior
16 - On Wings Of Eagles
17 - Johnny’s Back
18 - Bloodstreets
19 - Run For Your Life
20 - Buried Alive
21 - Road Racin’
22 - Swords And Tequila 23 - Warrior

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

Monday, August 26, 2019

Upcoming Films--Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker(December 20, 2019)

This new poster was revealed this past weekend at D23 which is an Expo for all things Star Wars.
While the poster and the brand new trailer show Rey & Kylo Ren face off on what could be the remains of the Death Star. What has me concerned and somewhat dismayed is the color of Rey's lightsaber.
In the poster her saber is blue, but at the end of the trailer she has a double saber and it is red and then she snaps it into place emulating that of Darth Mauls.
I have a link for below to better describe the use of the colors but if you don't care to read it all, here is a piece from it.

"Although the use of the lightsaber is the mark of a Jedi, it is also used by their sworn enemies, the Sith. Typically, a Jedi’s lightsaber blade is colored green or blue. Other colors are rare but possible, most notably seen with Jedi Master Mace Windu’s purple blade. Sith uniformly use red-bladed lightsabers -- an intense, aggressive color that represents their view of the Force."

So for me, it may be that the Emperor may be fortunate enough to have turned Rey to the Dark Side as we heard his sinister laughter at the end of the teaser trailer for the film.

Here it is below if you have not seen the teaser, I will show the new full trailer at the end of this article.

Does she join Kylo on his quest to rule the galaxy? Something that Luke totally despised and rejected from both his father and the Emperor in previous films before.
I guess we the fans will only know come December 20th. My anticipation for this one far succeeds my curiosity of the others. I know I am somewhat alone in my thoughts of it, but I actually liked The Last Jedi more than most of what has happened in the Star Wars world since Disney bought it from George Lucas. I personally wish he has never sold it, kept it and had produced some of the films. But that's just my opinion.
So here is the brand new trailer. It was released this morning.
Leave a comment on what you think of it if you like.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau