Wednesday, March 6, 2019


In what seems something out of a fantasy --One singular film that screened on only one screen beat out all of the competition this past weekend!

Below is from October Coast:
Opened on March 1st, 2050, which stars an ensemble cast that includes Dean Cain (Supergirl, Lois & Clark) has been playing on just the one single screen (AMC Atlantic Times Square 14) in Los Angeles. By Sunday, the film’s ticket sales were rivaling studio releases and Oscar-nominated films including Tyler Perry’s Madea, Greta, and How to Train Your Dragon, and on Sunday, outside of the latter film, 2050 had outperformed them all. AMC wasted no time and immediately held the film over until at least the 14th of March. The film will open in Baltimore at AMC’s Owings Mills 17 on March 15th.

Says executive producer Henry Hewes, “By Sunday we beat all of the big guys. At one point, the theater told us we were neck and neck with How to Train Your Dragon on Sunday night. That's just crazy.”

2050, is about a family man struggling to hold it all together who discovers a warehouse that may hold the solution…sexbots. Premiering at sci-fi film festivals around the world including Berlin, Austin, and Boston, the film has taken home over 11 awards.

2050, distributed theatrically by ANERKE, it will expand into other major markets over the spring via theater chains that include AMC and others.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Behind The Scenes You Tube Channel-New Movie Reviews & More!

So I have had a YouTube channel since 2009 and have mostly had it for interviews with musicians and people in the movie industry.
I am now starting some videos where I will be doing movie reviews on and on the first video I give thank you's to all the studios and filmmakers that have sent me movies since I first started my blog back in 2011.
In future videos, I will be reviewing movies on an individual basis.
At the top of this page on the right side in a box will be my new videos each time that I have a new one to share. As shown in the picture above.
For the first one I am going to share it here and if you like what you see and hear then please subscribe to my channel and then you will get my updates as they happen.
For each new video that I post I will be changing the picture to go with the review. I will be doing singular reviews for movies to start off with and then maybe more at a time. I would like to just focus on one movie, to begin with.

In this first video, I thank the studios and Independent Filmmakers for sending me their movies over the years. More of those to come as well.

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