Thursday, February 14, 2019

52 Words For Love-One Word-Each Week- For A Year Out Today On iTunes

Andrea Moodie & James Blokland

Stacey Iseman, Taeo Soleil Levine, Philip Lortie
Alastair Martil, Keisha Prince

90 mins

When Alice launches her website '52 Words for Love', posting a new synonym for love each week for a year, she inadvertently sends a ripple through her social network and discovers more about her relationships than she initially anticipated.

Combining documentary interviews with narrative drama, '52 WORDS FOR LOVE' offers a humorous, moving meditation on what it means to grapple with the intricacies and complexities of intimacy.


The movie was filmed in Toronto, ON and written/directed by two Canadians, Andrea Moodie (Emmy-nominated, Canadian Screen Award-winning Property Brothers) and James Blokland (Genie Award-nominated, Nurse. Fighter. Boy)

The film stars many talents including Stacey Iseman, Taeo Soleil Levine, and Philip Lortie and follows the story of Alice (Stacy Iseman) as she launches her website posting one word for love each week for a year. 52 WORDS FOR LOVE offers a humorous, moving meditation focusing on many different types of love across various relationships.

I was sent the film for review and I will have the review for it very soon!
Thank you for reading this.

Upcoming Releases From Darkside Releasing Lonely Hearts---Kyrsya-Tufland and Odissea della Morte Collectors' Series Blu-rays

Horror, Erotica, Docu-Horror | 92 min. | UK | 2018

Today marks the date for Darkside Releasing's new horror film-Lonely Hearts.
Below is information on the film and where you can purchase a copy of the film.

From Darkside Releasing:

A reality TV show has deadly consequences for five single people looking for romance…
The British countryside is anything but idyllic in this spine-chilling and wildly erotic horror offering that will have you on the edge of your seat! Will this be your last date?

Starring Sue Dawes, Chris Mills, Alice Mulholland, Martin W Payne & Tyne Stewart with Sophie Atkinson, Simon Berry. Written & Directed by Jessica Hunt & Sam Mason Bell.Valentine's Day is here, and what a better way for Darkside Releasing to celebrate than the official exclusive Collectors' Series release of LONELY HEARTS! Lonely Hearts is the newest film from Sam Mason Bell (Trash Arts) and Jessica Hunt and producer Hill Burton (HB Films) in the UK – the filmmaking team behind Troma's Industrial Animals and the newest Toxic Schlock and 2017's Taste of Phobia

Lonely Hearts will be making its world market premiere at the Europe Film Market (EFM) at Berlinale in Berlin February 7th via Darkside Releasing.

Following the EFM, the Blu-ray will be released by Darkside Releasing on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th) through the official Darkside Releasing website and Amazon; this Dual-Blu-ray Collectors' Edition will include a glossy full-colour 16-page booklet, outer slipcover, Audio Commentary by the filmmakers, plus an additional 9 short films from director Sam Mason Bell! Shorts include: The Angel of Decay, Attraction, Blackout, Desire, Faith, I’ll be seeing you, Mate!, Numb, and The End.

Check out the Lonely Hearts trailer here:

The Lonely Hearts Blu-ray will be available to order from Feb. 14th, and will also be available at the Darkside Releasing Blu-ray launch party at NETHERWORLD in New Westminster, BC, Feb. 16th; along with two more brand new (pre)releases: Kyrsya-Tufland and Odissea della Morte Collectors' Series Blu-rays, which will be available only at the Netherworld party, only on February 16th, prior to their official Blu-ray retail releases. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

ACE - In Memoriam - 2019

In 2018 we lost a great many editors and this is long overdue in my opinion. Seeing as the Academy is cutting the award for Editing from the show and only showing it online had very many people upset.
They have also cut Cinematography, Makeup, Live Action Short Film as well.

Here is the tribute below for the editors:

ACE - In Memoriam - 2019(click here)

Thank you Molly Shock for creating this beautiful tribute.
Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau