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The Divine Fury Movie Review-Available November 19, 2019 On DVD & Blu Ray(Well Go USA Entertainment)

Well Go USA continues it's great title releases this year, with another one for the books as far as exorcism movies go. I was fortunate enough to receive a DVD of the film for review from Well Go USA, made possible by the great people at Taro PR.

The Divine Fury tells the tale of a young boy-Yong-hu(Park Seo-Jun) who loses his father(a police officer) at a police roadside check. He asks the young man to get out of his car, with that he accelerates, dragging the officer and running him over before fleeing the scene.
Yong-hu continues to practice the faith that he and his father shared, with the priest from their church- they have a few prayer meetings for hope to cure his father of his injuries. His father dies and at his father's memorial he lashes out at the priest, throwing an object and hitting him.

Fast forward and Yong-hu is now a major star in MMA in his country, with a record of 17-0. They also have UFC referee Herb Dean refereeing the match which brings a little more authenticity to the scene for me.
Switching gears to the main focus of the film and that is the priest above Father Ahn played wonderfully by Ahn Sung-ki. He has been appointed by the Pope to rid others of demons, his calm demeanor leads to help to reach Yong-hu and possibly have the young man help him in his quest to save humanity from evil.
Yong-hu wakes up one night to find a mark on his hand, which is also bleeding and we later find out he can use that to heal others. Very interesting storyline for the majority of the film.
Speaking of evil, we are reintroduced to the young man who dragged the officer, running him over and leaving him for dead. Ji-Sin(Do-Hwan Woo) is a slick and convincing evil man here he has others join him in his fight to bring pure evil to the world.
This may sound like a lot of movies before but there is a realm that is different here- somethings are hard to put into words here without really giving away the entire movie. Let me just say that I have seen a lot of movies over the years- horror movies are a big favorite of mine as well, so this really is nothing new here. The difference-maker here is the way it all works out and the delivery of it all.
   The scenes with Ahn Sung-ki and Park Seo-Jun are fantastic, these two actors really make the film believable and they also work really well off of each other.
This exorcism above is really intense and the young actress is really superb in her portrayal of being possessed.
We have had many possession/exorcism movies over the decades, this one has a lot of religion in it, however much like The Exorcist it only relies on it to tell the story and it really is a classic tale of good vs evil.
I am a big fan of this movie and cannot recommend it more, easily one of the best films of the year.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Sunday Night Shuffle-Sunday November 17, 2019-Music From The Orphan The Poet, Jenny Teator, Blane Howard, Pretty Maids, The Flower Kings & More

(Stock Photo Used)

Brand New to Behind The Scenes to replace Friday Night Videos. The name came to me as I am sent so much music and for me to review every artist that comes to me would mean I would have to stay up later than usual.
The words in red before the videos are from the band's bio's
Let's get shuffling!

From FM Music Management comes the band, 
The Orphan The Poet with a very catchy song.
"Queen Cobra"

"The Orphan The Poet wants you to know they are here and not going anywhere. Based out of Columbus, OH, the threesome come bearing their own brand of take-it-or-leave-it alternative tracks and have been rapidly gaining fans thanks to their captivating live show, garnering the attention of Spotify playlists like The New Alt + Apple Music’s Breaking Alternative, SiriusXM’s Alt Nation, & KROQ in Los Angeles. And with the release of the new Queen Cobra EP, The Orphan The Poet have found themselves over the country on festival bills alongside acts like Twenty One Pilots, X Ambassadors, YUNGBLUD, lovelythe-band, and more.

Now comes Remember The Monsters from O'Donnel Media Group & their song "Sink"

"Marking their official emergence in 2016, Remember the Monsters quickly gained significant attention from the release of their single, "The Pieces Remain." The release, to date, has seen over 5MILLION streams across Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube through the promotion of fan-crafted videos and tremendous underground support!

Next comes Jenny Teator from TAG Publicity and her single for "Daughter of the Devil"

Jenny Teator is a St. Louis native who’s made her move to Nashville sharing her soul through her guitar and vocals. Jenny is a nationally-touring & recording artist who’s performed at notable venues and festivals such as: Old Rock House (St. Louis, MO), The Viper Room (Los Angeles, CA), Main-stage at the 2018 Venice Blues Fest (Venice, FL), The Bluebird Cafe (Nashville,TN), Exit-In (Nashville, TN), and many more. She released her debut single, "Surrender," which has surpassed 100,000+ streams on Spotify. The single has received reviews world-wide.

Another one from TAG Publicity is Raven Black and their single for "He Is The One".

"LA-based Theatrical Metal Band RAVEN BLACK revealed the lyric video for their new single, "He is the One, " off of their upcoming third album.

Now to shift gears altogether and go ways of country. music. Blane Howard's song "Promise To Love Her"
from 117 Publicity

 When Arkansas native Blane Howard wrote “Promise to Love Her” it was never meant to be anything more than a simple gift. A gift that Howard surprised his bride, Megan, with on the morning of their wedding. Penning the song was, for him, less about writing a song, and more about translating his love for his wife into something they could always share, and it is one that most people will surely relate with. The song has quickly become his biggest success to date with more than 40 million streams across digital platforms. Shortly after the song’s release, at his fans’ behest, Blane and some friends created a video for the song, which included actual footage from his own wedding. While the original video has garnered more than 7.5 million views online.

From Frontiers Music S.R.L. comes Pretty Maids and their song "Will You Still Kiss Me(If You See Me In Heaven)

"Undress Your Madness” is Pretty Maids’ highly anticipated follow up to 2016's critically and commercially successful release “Kingmaker", a record that continued the “revitalized” path that the band set out upon with the now-classic albums “Pandemonium” and “Motherland."

It's always difficult to follow a successful and inspired record, but “ Undress Your Madness” shows Pretty Maids are still in the freshest and most vital phase of their career since the early ’90s.

Now for fans of Progressive Rock comes The Flower Kings from Inside Out Music and their song
"Black Flag"

"After 2018’s much-lauded solo effort ‘Manifesto of an Alchemist’ from Roine Stolt (Transatlantic, The Sea Within, Anderson/Stolt etc.) and highly successful FLOWER KINGS REVISITED shows, THE FLOWER KINGS now return with a revamped line-up and stunning new album!

Switching gears again here is rapper Ruudawakening 
from Independent Music Promotions and his song 

Careful or this one will go over your head. RuudAwakening is that rare rapper who brings a complete subversive level to his rhymes, using sarcasm and brutal honesty to deliver atypical messages over hard modern trap/rap music. Much like fellow Floridian rapper Denzel Curry or Flatbush duo The Underachievers, you may hear a 'flossing' lyric or 'flexing' lyric mixed with the politic, but to dismiss this as typical trap/rap music would be a significant oversight. RA has a lot to say over a sprawling 10 tracks; no guests, just one man's passion.

From Metal Blade Records we have Tribulation and one of the best songs I have heard this year!
                 "Strange Gateways Beckon"

"Tribulation in the flesh. Live on stage. In front of a seated audience. At one of Stockholm’s oldest and most storied venues. Normally, this would be unceremonious, but for Alive & Dead at Södra Teatern, Tribulation’s first live album, it was an event to behold, for the monsters were let out of their cages to run wild as the Swedes imparted death metal of distinction across two fearsome sets. Invited by ex-Nirvana 2002 vocalist and curator Orvar Säfström, who also bedeviled the audience as master of ceremonies, Tribulation treated their besuited Swedish legions to unrivaled dark magic at their first-ever Södra Teatern (Southern Theatre) main hall gig.

“Södra Teatern is an old establishment,” guitarist Adam Zaars says. “We’ve been there as guests and even played there a few times before, but before this we never had the pleasure and privilege of playing the beautiful, and in ways haunting, the main hall. We’ve played many different kinds of venues and locations, from playing on the floor in small rundown bars to playing the big festival stages and we’ve enjoyed all of it, but playing at Södra Teatern truly felt like Tribulation, a kind of place where we in a sense belong. At least at the moment. We’re glad we could capture it in the way we did!”

Thank you for joining me on this Sunday Shuffle.

Nashline Country Video Interview With Billy Ray Cyrus

This week's guest on Nashline Country is Billy Ray Cyrus.

Fresh off of winning a CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year with Lil NasX for "Old Town Road" we caught up with Billy Ray Cyrus at a Tennessee Titans game before his special halftime performance featuring the Voices of Service.

Music Reviews - Nocturnalia III Winter--Available Now(The Sign Records)


There is always music, it means many different things to every person that hears it. An artist can spend many hours, days, weeks even years getting that perfect sound across to us, the listener -how we feel about it again comes down to each listener.
There is nothing flashy here, just some great music all around, this is easily one of the best albums of the year. Here is the video for the current song I am listening too.

"Spell of the Night"
With one great song after another, great rhythms throughout-vocals clean and clear just is great to hear good music and there is a lot out there folks, turn off the radios and try and find something different that might not get played on the radio.
Here is a lyric video for their song 
"Beyond The White"

They have a haunting song/ballad that is easily my favorite song on the album "Come Alive", just Linus singing with a guitar for the opening of the track then the rest of the band comes in and really backs up Linus's vocals, hitting high notes and really just keeping the album interesting musically, not a dull track on the album.
From the band's bio:
The spiritual aspect of their music has also been an important part of the songwriting as well as their intense and fiery live performances, where they encourage the audience to let go of habitual structures and allow the music to resonate in higher levels of the consciousness. Nocturnalia lets creativeness take form on its own premises and puts meaning free from words into music.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The John Wayne Gacy Murders-Life & Death In Chicago: A John Borowski Film--GoFundMe Campaign

I have known John for a good number of years now and I have also reviewed a few of his movies. I appreciate the work that goes into each film he makes and he is currently raising funds for his current title
The John Wayne Gacy Murders.
He has a large group of films and books that he has released and with your help, he can hopefully get funding for the next couple of films he wishes to finish, but for now, he is working on getting funding for this one.
Below is the press release he has sent me and included is the link for the GoFundMe page for the film.

(Waterfront Productions) – John Wayne Gacy Murdered 33 young men in Chicago from 1972 to 1978. The production of a feature documentary film titled The John Wayne Gacy Murders: Life and Death in Chicago has been announced by filmmaker
John Borowski (H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer).
An online fundraiser has been created for Borowski’s next 4 serial killer films
focusing on John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and Jesse Pomeroy, with Gacy being the first film made: gofundme/borowskifilms. The fundraiser has no end date until all of the four films are complete.
The film focuses on serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s time in Chicago and includes information about Gacy’s childhood and pre-Chicago years.
Chicago-centric, The film illustrates how Gacy avoided detection through his cunning nature and con man techniques. Filmmaker/author Borowski stated: “Gacy’s story is important in the history
of serial killers as well as the history of Chicago.” Having made a film on America’s First Serial Killer, H.H. Holmes, who operated in Chicago during
the 1893 Columbian Exposition, Borowski’s film on Gacy is an important film in his repertoire of films and books on some of history’s most fascinating
serial killer such as Albert Fish and Carl Panzram.
Production of The Gacy Murders is underway with Borowski leading the helm as producer, writer, and director. Casting is underway for actors to portray
Gacy at three different points in his life as a boy, young adult, and adult as well as Gacy’s victims. Borowski is also seeking locations to film which fit the 50’s and 70’s looks.
For more information, or to contact Borowski, view his website at:
John Borowski, Filmmaker/author
1751D W. Howard Street #262

Chicago, IL 60626

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Press Release: My Girlfriend The Serial Killer Indigogo Campaign

Felissa Rose and an epic cast bring you My Girlfriend The Serial Killer

Director Samantha Marie and co-writer Jonathan A. Moody are hard at work at their first feature film, “My Girlfriend The Serial Killer”

This film is still in the funding stages. It has 7 days left on the Indiegogo campaign. They have raised $10,000 so far and are looking to raise another $5,000.
You can see the campaign video with 2 teaser trailers on the bottom.
Tom Proctor is no longer involved in the movie, he had something come up and he can't do it anymore.

Cast in the film so far are Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp)-above, Nick Gomez (The Walking Dead), Kaylee Williams (Model Hunger, Mrs. Claus)  Christopher Inlow (Volkov, Voorhees), and Samantha Marie (Teacher Shortage, Supernatural Assassins) is set to star as the serial killing female herself… plus many more to come. 

Samantha Marie is executive producing. Derek Huey (Mrs. Claus, Flash Drive) is Producing the film as well as shooting and editing it. Paul A Presenza (Supernatural Assassins) is co-producing.

The film is a modern-day look at a female slasher. And promises to be one of the most blood-soaked and epic thrill rides you will ever see in an indie film. But in order to do that the film needs your support.

Here is the link to the IndieGoGo campaign:

Also, a good way to keep up with what’s going on please check out the official Facebook group for the movie:

Come join #TeamBloodbath

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

Press Release: Whistler Film Festival Rolls Out 2019 Film Lineup and Juries--Festival Runs Dec 4-8, 2019

The Whistler Film Festival announced their festivals lineup today I have added some photos to the Press Release, also here below is the trailer for this year's event.

Below is the Press Release:
23 World Premieres plus 15 awards and $146,500 in cash and prizes

Highlights include Martin Scorsese’s THE IRISHMAN, Canada’s entry to the Oscars ANTIGONE, Chelsea Peretti in her feature film debut SPINSTER, the newly restored version of the classic THE GREY FOX and more.
Whistler, B.C. (November 5, 2019): Returning for its 19th edition from December 4 to 8, the Whistler Film Festival (WFF) has announced its opening night film and full program lineup. Selected from over 800 submissions, festival-goers can look forward to 86 fresh films, comprising of 43 features and 43 shorts from 15 countries. Dedicated to showcasing meaningful stories that spark conversation, WFF is proud to present award season fare and quality Canadian content, with over half of the feature offerings representing World, North American and Canadian premieres. ‘Canada’s coolest film fest’ is also honored to continue to support emerging talent, with the inclusion of 11 first-time feature films, 13 feature films directed by women, and 67% of the program premiering Canadian features - more than any other Canadian film festival this year. In addition, films in competition will compete for 15 film awards and $146,500 in cash and prizing ($31,500 cash and $115,000 in prizes) from juries comprised of leading cinematic talent. 
WFF is set to open this year with the Canadian Premiere of LOST TRANSMISSIONS, directed by Katharine O’Brien starring Simon Pegg and Juno Temple. Pegg (Theo) and Juno (Hannah) shine as LA music scene devotees, each battling their own mental health issues, who decide to abandon their respective medications in their quest for unfettered musical greatness. Simon Pegg, known for STAR TREK, STARS WARS, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and SHAUN OF THE DEAD, simply stuns with his delicate and empathetic performance as a gifted music producer compelled to listen to the voices dancing in his head. First-time director Katharine O’Brien has created a realistic film about mental illness that will ring true to anyone who has dealt closely with these issues, as well as prove unforgettable to those less familiar with mental health struggles. Both Simon Pegg and Katharine O’Brien are expected to be in attendance for opening night. 


Highlights include the Canadian film festival premiere of THE IRISHMAN directed by Martin Scorsese, Canada’s entry in this year’s foreign-language Oscars category ANTIGONE directed by Sophie Deraspe, and Emile Goudreault’s COMPULSIVE LIAR (MENTEUR), the highest-grossing Canadian film of the year with over $6M in domestic box office. In addition, the festival will also screen HOPE GAP directed by William Nicholson with Annette Bening and Bill Nighy, THE AERONAUTS directed by Tom Harper starring Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne, as well as ORDINARY LOVE co-directed by Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn starring Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville and THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS directed by Lone Scherfig starring Zoe Kazan, Jay Baruchel, Caleb Landry Jones and Bill Nighy. 
WFF will also feature the World Premiere of CABARETE, a rare film about an aspiring competitive kite-surfer shot on the scenic beaches of the Dominican Republic, and the North American premiere of LIBERTÉ: A CALL TO SPY, an exciting true story about female spies during WWII. The film is an American movie shot partly in Budapest and produced and written by Sarah Megan Thomas and directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher. Canadian Premieres include LOCUSTS, a gripping film noir shot in the Australian outback. WFF will also screen three American Indies, two of which will be gracing Canadian screens for the first time. These films include the Canadian premieres of THE ARTIST’S WIFE, directed by Tom Dolby starring Bruce Dern and Lena Olin, RANGE RUNNERS directed by newcomer Philip S. Plowden, and the Western Canadian Premiere of VIVARIUM, directed by Lorcan Finnegan starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots. 
Closing the festival is a double-bill of Western Canadian premieres GROSSO’S LOVELETTERS TO CANADA and THE TONY ALVA STORY co-directed by Coan Buddy Nichols & Rick Charnoski. From season 10 of Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding series, GROSSO’S LOVELETTERS TO CANADA showcases some of Canada’s most iconic skate spots and catches up with local luminaries, from Joe Buffalo in Ottawa to Rob Boyce in Vancouver. The episode will premiere right before THE TONY ALVA STORY, which chronicles skate legend Tony Alva’s humble beginnings on the streets of Santa Monica through his journey to become the godfather of modern-day skateboarding. The film features interviews with Stacey Peralta, Gus Van Sant, Josh Brolin, Steve Olson and Jeff Grosso as well as Alva himself who, at 60 years old, is still shredding everyday.
”The Whistler Film Festival has evolved into a premium showcase for exciting new motion pictures not previously shown at other film festivals, with more and more filmmakers from Canada and abroad entrusting us with their new creations. From Canadian gems to American Indies, our 19th edition delivers compelling and entertaining stories from around the world, welcoming both established names and emerging filmmakers. This year’s lineup is full of familiar faces, fresh discoveries, and inspiring insights into critical issues that reflect today’s culture, and we can’t wait to share them with our audience,” states Paul Gratton, WFF Director of Programming.

Programming strands include American Indies, Canadian Vanguard, Discoveries, Doc Bloc, From Overseas, From The Vault, Mountain Culture, New Voices, ShortWork, Special Presentations, Spotlight, and World Premieres. Twenty four of WFF’s forty-three features are Canadian, English Canadian or World Premiere presentations.

Cinematic excellence remains at the heart of the Whistler Film Festival. To recognize the vitality of this art form, films are carefully programmed into seven juried sections. This year, WFF will present 15 film awards, with over $146,500 in cash and prizing ($31,500 cash and $115,000 in prizes) including: 

The Borsos Award for Best Canadian Feature that includes a $15,000 cash prize presented by the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia and $15,000 Post Production Prize sponsored by Encore Vancouver, along with awards for Best Director also presented by the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia, Best Performance, Best Screenplay, and Best Cinematography presented by the International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 669; 
World Documentary Award;
Mountain Culture Award presented by Whistler Blackcomb;
International ShortWork Award;
Canadian ShortWork Award ($1,000 cash award);
BC Student ShortWork Award ($500 cash award);
MPPIA Short Film Award ($15,000 cash award plus up to $100,000 in production services) presented by MPPIA and Creative BC;
The Alliance of Women Female Journalists (AWFJ) EDA Awards for Best Female-Directed Narrative Feature and Best Female-Directed Short Film; 
New BC Directors Award presented by the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia
Audience Award (to be announced on December 9).
To honour the wealth of Canadian filmmaking talent, the 16th annual Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature returns with the country’s second-largest festival prize. This prestigious award is named in honour of Canadian filmmaker Philip Borsos, best known for his inspiring work on the Genie Award-winning films THE GREY FOX (1982) and BETHUNE: THE MAKING OF A HERO (1990). For the past four years, the Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature has been open to all Canadian dramatic features making their Western Canadian Premiere at the festival. WFF is proud to host the World Premiere of the newly restored classic THE GREY FOX as our From the Vault selection, in the presence of producer Peter O’Brian and members of the Borsos family. 
This year, 20 Canadian films will contend for the coveted Borsos award. Titles up for consideration include the World Premieres of CANADIAN STRAIN directed by Geordie Sabbagh, THE CUBAN directed by Sergio Navaretta, FALL BACK DOWN directed by 2018 Women on Top participant Sara Beth Edwards, THE MARIJUANA CONSPIRACY directed by Craig Pryce, PROMISE LAND directed by Kirk Caouette, QUEEN OF THE MORNING CALM directed by 2016 Women on Top award recipient Gloria Ui Young Kim, SPINSTER directed by Andrea Dorfman and starring Chelsea Peretti in her feature film debut, (with Peretti expected to attend), THINGS I DO FOR MONEY directed by Warren P. Sonoda, and THUNDERBIRD directed by Nicholas Treeshin.  

Canadian premieres in the Borsos Competition include Gaurav Seth’s ENTANGLED, Tony Dean Smith’s VOLITION and WE HAD IT COMING directed by Paul Barbeau. English Canadian premieres include Marquise Lepage’s APAPACHO: A CARESS FOR THE SOUL and Onur Karaman’s GUILT (LE COUPABLE).

Western Canadian premieres in the competition include ANTIGONE directed by Sophie Deraspe, BLACK CONFLUX directed by Nicole Dorsey, Melanie Oates’ BODY AND BONES, Bruce McDonald’s DREAMLAND, FROM THE VINE directed by Sean Cisterna and starring Joseph Pantoliano (with Pantoliano expected to attend), and HAMMER directed by Christian Sparkes. The screening of ANTIGONE marks the second year in a row WFF has hosted Canada’s foreign-language submission to the Oscars.
Other Canadian films of note in this year’s lineup include JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF directed by Jeremy LaLonde and THE REST OF US, a stunning first feature directed by Ainsling Chin-Yee with Heather Graham and Jodi Balfour.

In addition to the Western Canadian premiere of the double-bill GROSSO’S LOVE LETTERS TO SKATEBOARDING: CANADA and THE TONY ALVA STORY which will close the festival, other Mountain Culture entries include the double-bill of SKI LEGENDS from Whistler local Lois Neu and ACCIDENTAL CLIMBER directed by Steven Oritt, big budget Chinese mountain epic THE CLIMBERS directed by Daniel Lee, and the Canadian Premiere of the Swiss documentary LOOKING FOR SUNSHINE about Olympic skier Lara Gut directed by Nicolo Castelli.
This year’s Doc Bloc competition features a refreshingly diverse lineup with two BC-based productions - ALONE ACROSS THE ARCTIC directed by Francis Luta and CLOSING THE GAP: HOCKEY IN NORTH KOREA directed by Nigel Edwards - both World Premieres. In addition, we are proud to present NAIL IN THE COFFIN: EL VAMPIRO CANADIENSE directed by Michael Paszt, PANDORA’S BOX: LIFTING THE LID ON MENSTRUATION (Canada) directed by Rebecca Snow and ONCE WERE BROTHERS: ROBBIE ROBERTSON AND THE BAND (Canada) directed by Daniel Roher, the latter having opened this year’s Toronto Film Festival. 

 WFF’s Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature jury is made up of a diverse group of Canadian storytellers, two of whom have had films at our festival. The jury includes one of Canada’s most successful veteran producers Peter O’Brian, responsible for such films as THE GREY FOX, ONE MAGIC CHRISTMAS, and JOHN AND THE MISSUS; award-winning director, screenwriter and producer Robert Budreau, whose film STOCKHOLM won the Borsos Award for Best Screenplay in 2018, and whose feature film BORN TO BE BLUE screened at WFF in 2016; and internationally acclaimed, award-winning Métis Cree Canadian filmmaker, activist and storyteller Loretta Todd, who is the director, co-writer and producer of upcoming feature film MONKEY BEACH, based on the iconic novel by Eden Robinson. 

The World Documentary jury includes Vancouver-based documentarian and teacher Julia Ivanova who was the subject of the Hot Docs Festival's Focus On retrospective in 2019; former NFB producer Tracey Friesen, also the author and founder of Story Money Impact, which produces Good Pitch Vancouver; and former Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Force Four Entertainment, John Ritchie, who has overseen the creation of more than 500 hours of film and television in all genres, including the multiple award-winning feature 65_REDROSES and Peabody Award-winning CBC dramatic mini-series Human Cargo. 

This year’s Mountain Culture jury includes Whistler-born Peter Harvey, an award-winning independent producer committed to quality Canadian storytelling. His first feature film PICTURE DAY starring Tatiana Maslany won the Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature Film in 2012, along with Best Performance for Maslany. He returns this year as the producer of Melanie Oates’ BODY AND BONES. Joining him is Squamish-based filmmaker, environmentalist and snowboarder Tamo Campos, founder of the non-profit Beyond Boarding and co-director of WFF18 title THE RADICALS, and Whisler local Erin Hogue, who has been awarded an X-Games Gold Medal in the competition’s 2017 Zoom Photography contest and selected as an Oprah Magazine Insider as well as a Sony Alpha Female. Erin is a photographer, speaker, writer and a creative director with an impressive client list including Oakley, ESPN, Transworld Snowboarding, Red Bull, Roxy and more. 

The ShortWork Jury includes writer, director and producer Gloria Ui Young Kim who, in addition to being the winner of the WIDC Feature Film Award at the 2016 WFF, will world premiere her debut feature QUEEN OF THE MORNING CALM at this year’s festival; writer, director, producer SB Edwards (known for writing on the Netflix series TRAVELERS) whose debut feature FALL BACK DOWN is also having its world premiere at the festival this year; and director Gaurav Seth (known for PASSAGE TO OTTAWA which won a Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival) whose feature ENTANGLED is having its Canadian premiere at this year’s festival.

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists’ EDA Awards will be presented for Best Female-Directed Narrative Feature and for Best Female-Directed Short Film. Eligible female-directed films are being screened as part of the festival’s regular program, and are nominated for EDA Awards consideration by Whistler Film Festival’s administration and programmers. The Narrative feature jury includes: Jennifer Merin (Chair), Liz Braun, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Susan Wloszczyna and b. The Female-directed Short Award jury includes Marina Antunes (Chair), Betsy Bozdech, Leba Hertz, Lois Alter Mark, and Diana Saenger. 

The 12th annual MPPIA Short Film Award pitch competition presented by MPPIA and Creative BC, and sponsored by Bridge Studios will take place on December 7. Five shortlisted candidates will pitch their projects before a jury of three industry professionals and an audience. The winner will be awarded with $15,000 cash plus $100,000 worth of services in kind from across the industry including mentorship, production services, and equipment supplies enabling them to complete their project. The completed project will have its world premiere at the 2020 Whistler Film Festival. The MPPIA jury includes WFF Alumni Emily Alden, former Vice-President of Pacific Northwest Pictures and producer of Carl Bessai’s features UNNATURAL & ACCIDENTAL and SISTERS & BROTHERS; writer, producer, and educator Doreen Manuel (Secwepemc/Ktunaxa) who is the Director of the Bosa Center for Film and Animation and the founder of the Tricksters and Writers program; and director Francis Luta whose feature ALONE IN THE ARCTIC is having its Canadian premiere at this year's festival.

The new BC Directors Award presented by the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia will recognize the achievements of a BC Director with a feature film at the festival.

All narrative and documentary feature-length films in the Whistler Film Festival are eligible to receive the Audience Award presented by Fisherman’s Friend, which is a non-cash prize. The Festival-going public cast their votes to choose the most popular film in this year’s festival.

From December 4 to 8, the Whistler Film Festival will welcome film fans and filmmakers to experience its 19th edition featuring over 80 fresh films, special guests, epic events, unique industry and talent programs, and time to play in North America’s premier mountain resort. Featuring innovative and thought-provoking films from around the world and opportunities to connect with the people who made them, WFF combines an international film competition with a focused ContentSummit dedicated to the art and business of filmmaking in the digital age. 

WFF’s Content Summit schedule and industry guest lineup are now available at, and will be updated regularly. Honourees and additional guests will be announced on November 12.

The Festival’s online box office at is open for Passes, Ticket Packages and Friends Circle memberships offering advance ticket pre-sales and selection privileges before the public, greater savings and preferred access. Single film tickets go on sale on November 15. The Festival Box Office is open for phone sales (1-877-838-FILM) and on November 29 for walk-up sales. Air travel, ground transportation deals and early bird accommodation rates from WFF’s 20 accommodation partners are available on 

The Whistler Film Festival is funded by the Government of Canada through Telefilm Canada, and by the Province of British Columbia and the Resort Municipality of Whistler through Creative BC and the Resort Municipality Initiative, is supported by the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and the American Friends of Whistler, and is sponsored by Cineplex, Directors Guild of Canada - British Columbia, Encore, Variety, Tourism Whistler, Whistler Blackcomb, Gibbons Whistler and RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate.

The Whistler Film Festival Society is a charitable cultural organization dedicated to furthering the art of film by providing programs that focus on the discovery, development, and promotion of new talent culminating with a must-attend festival for artists, industry, and audiences in Whistler. Find out more at

World Premieres (15):

ALONE ACROSS THE ARCTIC (Canada) Dir. Francis Luta

CABARETE (Dominican Republic) Dir. Ivan Bordas Butler

CANADIAN STRAIN (Canada) Dir. Geordie Sabbagh 


THE CUBAN (Canada) Dir. Sergio Navaretta

FALL BACK DOWN (Canada) Dir. Sara Beth Edwards 

THE GREY FOX (Canada) Dir. Phillip Borsos 


PANDORA’S BOX (Canada) Dir. Rebecca Snow 

PROMISE LAND (Canada) Dir. Kirk Caouette 

QUEEN OF THE MORNING CALM (Canada) Dir. Gloria Ui Young Kim

SKI LEGENDS (Canada) Dir. Lois Neu

SPINSTER (Canada) Dir. Andrea Dorfman

THINGS I DO FOR MONEY (Canada) Dir. Warren P. Sonoda 

THUNDERBIRD (Canada) Dir. Nicholas Treeshin 

North American Premiere: (1)

LIBERTÉ: A CALL TO SPY (United Kingdom) Dir. Lydia Dean Pilcher

Canadian Premieres (11):

ACCIDENTAL CLIMBER (United States) Dir. Steven Oritt


ENTANGLED (Canada) Dir. Gaurav Seth

THE IRISHMAN (USA) Dir. Martin Scorsese 

THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS (Denmark) Dir. Lone Scherfig 

LOCUSTS (Australia) Dir. Heath Davis

LOOKING FOR SUNSHINE (Switzerland) Dir. Nicolo Castelli 


RANGE RUNNERS (USA) Dir. Philip S Plowden 

VOLITION (Canada) Dir. Tony Dean Smith

WE HAD IT COMING (Canada) Dir. Paul Barbeau

English Canadian Premieres (2):

APAPACHO: A CARESS FOR THE SOUL (Canada) Dir. Marquise Lepage

GUILT (LE COUPABLE) (Canada) Dir. Onur Karaman 

Western Canadian Premieres (14):

THE AERONAUTS (United Kingdom & USA) Dir. Tom Harper

ANTIGONE (Canada) Dir. Sophie Deraspe

BLACK CONFLUX (Canada) Dir. Nicole Dorsey 

BODY AND BONES (Canada) Dir. Melanie Oates

COMPULSIVE LIAR (MENTEUR) (Canada) Dir. Emile Goudreault

DREAMLAND (Canada) Dir. Bruce McDonald 

FROM THE VINE (Canada) Dir. Sean Cisterna 

GROSSO’S LOVE LETTER TO CANADA (Canada) Dir. Coan Buddy Nichols & Rick Charnoski

HAMMER (Canada) Dir. Christian Sparkes

HOPE GAP (United States) Dir. William Nicholson


ORDINARY LOVE (United Kingdom) Dir. Lisa Barros D'Sa & Glenn Leyburn

THE TONY ALVA STORY (United States) Dir. Coan Buddy Nichols & Rick Charnoski

VIVARIUM (United States) Dir. Lorcan Finnegan

British Columbia Premieres (2):
JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF (Canada) Dir. Jeremy LaLonde 

THE REST OF US (Canada) Dir. Ainsling Chin-Yee 

Whistler Premieres (2):

THE CLIMBERS (China) Dir. Daniel Lee



American Indies: (3)

RANGE RUNNERS (USA) Dir. Philip S Plowden 
VIVARIUM (United States) Dir. Lorcan Finnegan

Canadian Vanguard (5):

DREAMLAND (Canada) Dir. Bruce McDonald 

ENTANGLED (Canada) Dir. Gaurav Seth

HAMMER (Canada) Dir. Christian Sparkes

JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF (Canada) Dir. Jeremy LaLonde 
VOLITION (Canada) Dir. Tony Dean Smith

Closing Night Film (1): 
GROSSO’S LOVE LETTERS TO SKATEBOARDING: CANADA (Canada) Dir. Buddy Nichols & THE TONY ALVA STORY (United States) Double bill - Dir. Coan Buddy Nichols & Rick Charnoski

Discoveries (5):

APAPACHO: A CARESS FOR THE SOUL (Canada) Dir. Marquise Lepage

BLACK CONFLUX (Canada) Dir. Nicole Dorsey 

FROM THE VINE (Canada) Dir. Sean Cisterna 

GUILT (LE COUPABLE) (Canada) Dir. Onur Karaman 

WE HAD IT COMING (Canada) Dir. Paul Barbeau

Doc Bloc (5):

ALONE ACROSS THE ARCTIC (Canada) Dir. Francis Luta



From Overseas (5):

THE AERONAUTS (United Kingdom & USA) Dir. Tom Harper

CABARETE (Dominican Republic) Dir. Ivan Bordas Butler

THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS (Denmark) Dir. Lone Scherfig

LOCUSTS (Australia) Dir. Heath Davis

ORDINARY LOVE (United Kingdom) Dir. Lisa Barros D'Sa & Glenn Leyburn

From The Vault (1):

THE GREY FOX (Canada) Dir. Phillip Borsos

Mountain Culture (4):

SKI LEGENDS (Canada) Dir. Lois Neu & ACCIDENTAL CLIMBER (United States) Dir. Steven Oritt

THE CLIMBERS (China) Dir. Daniel Lee

GROSSO’S LOVE LETTER TO CANADA (Canada) Dir. Buddy Nichols & THE TONY ALVA STORY (United States) Dir. Coan Buddy Nichols & Rick Charnoski

LOOKING FOR SUNSHINE (Switzerland) Dir. Nicolo Castelli 

New Voices (5):

BODY AND BONES (Canada) Dir. Melanie Oates

FALL BACK DOWN (Canada) Dir. Sara Beth Edwards 

QUEEN OF THE MORNING CALM (Canada) Dir. Gloria Ui Young Kim

THE REST OF US (Canada) Dir. Ainsling Chin-Yee

THUNDERBIRD (Canada) Dir. Nicholas Treeshin 

Opening Night Film: (1)


Special Presentations (3): 
LIBERTÉ: A CALL TO SPY (United Kingdom) Dir. Lydia Dean Pilcher

SPINSTER (Canada) Directed by Andrea Dorfman

THE IRISHMAN (USA) Dir. Martin Scorsese 

Spotlight (3): 

ANTIGONE (Canada) Dir. Sophie Deraspe

COMPULSIVE LIAR (MENTEUR) (Canada) Dir. Emile Goudreault

HOPE GAP (United States) Dir. William Nicholson

World Premieres (5):

CANADIAN STRAIN (Canada) Dir. Geordie Sabbagh 

THE CUBAN (Canada) Dir. Sergio Navaretta


PROMISELAND (Canada) Dir. Kirk Caouette 

THINGS I DO FOR MONEY (Canada) Dir. Warren P. Sonoda 

WFF 2019 Feature Films Eligible for the Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature:






















World Premiere (8):

B-SIDE (Canada) Dir Alayna Silverberg
THE BEAR AND THE BEEKEEPER (Canada) Dir Kristina Mileska 

CALL ME CRAZY (Canada) Dir Andrea Wing

IN LOVING MEMORY (Canada) Dir Mayumi Yoshida, Diana Bang

MIDNIGHT MAIL (Canada) Dir Ciaran Davis - McGregor

THE PARTY (Canada) Dir Gabriel Souza Nunes

THE STATION (Canada/United States) Dir Angus Borsos, Simon Mendes

WHEN I GROW UP (Canada) Dir Mark Milburn, Michael Decker

Canadian Premiere (4):

DOG (Canada) Dir Pascal Sanchez

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN (Canada) Dir Chris Benchetler, Tyler Hamlet

THE ART OF FLAWSOME (Canada) Dir Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto

THE CHEF (United States) Dir Hao Zheng

Western Canadian Premiere (12):

BALAKRISHNA (Canada) Dir Colin MacKenzie, Aparna Kapur
COMING HOME - AG TEACHT ABHAILE (United States/Ireland) Dir Ryan Scura, Dylan Ladds

DAUGHTER (Czech Republic) Dir Daria Kashcheeva

DON’T WORRY, DON’T WATCH (Canada) Dir Benjamin McGregor

MONSTER GOD (Argentina) Dir Agustina San Martín

SHIN-CHI’S CANOE (Canada) Dir Allan Hopkins

SISTERS OF SORROW (Canada) Dir Jordan Waunch

THE HIDDEN RIVER OF MY LIFE (Canada) Dir Kate Woodward

THIS IS NOT A DRILL (Canada) Dir Ravi Steve
MUDPOTS (United States) Dir Cate Smierciak

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN (Canada) Dir Katrina Saville

WATERMELON JUICE (Spain) Dir Irene Moray

British Columbia Premiere (9):

BREAKAWAY (Canada) Dir Jenny Lee-Gilmore

EXAM (Iran) Dir Sonia K. Hadad

NEBULA (Canada) Dir Jay Trusler 

OFF WORLD (Canada) Dir Joshua Vanderlinden

STANDSTILL (Canada) Dir Katia Shannon

TIPPED (Canada) Dir Alysse Leite-Rogers

WHY SLUGS HAVE NO LEGS (Switzerland) Dir Aline Höchli

WITH ME (Canada) Dir Weyni Mengesha

YANDERE (France) Dir William Laboury

Whistler Premiere (6):

#NOFILTER (Canada) Dir Daniel Roque, Kassandra Voss

BRAISED PORK BELLY (Canada) Dir Helen Liu

DZUNUKWA (Canada) Dir Richie Hemphill, Ryan Haché

IDOLS NEVER DIE (Canada) Dir Jeremy Yoo


NEW WASHING MACHINE (Canada) Dir Mitch Huttema